Letter #1
The Aethean

To: Eugene ,

I am back dear Eugene...back from my weekend...it was fun but I miss my computer when I am away...as I have not a lot of time to write right now I can't write your story yet..but I long to come home to you...taking you in my arms and sliding my soft fingers up and down your body....taking a hold of your wonderful cock...stroking it to
life...digging my nails in softly and then harder....making you squirm
in my arms....to lower my naked body over you and tease the end of your now hard cock with my wonderful pussy lips...and finally lowering myself down upon you...my tight pussy grabbing and holding your hard cock...riding you to ecstacy...to cum there for you...to scream and moan in utter pleasure to be with you one more time...
and when we have both cum that way to lower my mouth around you andtaste the sweetness from your spent cock, making it live again...to suck and suck...to dry you out...to bite and nibble the sensitive skin...to taste your salty juice flowing into my mouth and on my tongue...to feel your balls tensing as you cum, to hear you scream and moan as you cum again...to feel your body moving and writhing under me....

You can never be too explicit for me dear Eugene...actually to be honest one of my greatest fantasies is to be there when a man masturbates in front of me..with no embarrasement...just stroking and pumping himself as if I wasn't there....to watch and for him to know I am watching...not that I could just sit there through the whole thing without doing something myself..but that would be a great fantasy of mine... Eugene I must go for now..but I want to hear from you again soon!!