Letter # 2
The Aethean

Gene darling..

You are such a beautiful person darling..more majestic than I
could have ever asked for. You words so eloquent and your thoughts so pure..I love you darling..and that thought shall never fade. You light up my day, make me smile and laugh..you open my eyes to a whole new world...a world filled with joy and love.

I would love to spend the day with my Gene in our fountain
garden, to see all there is to see. I would love to sit and hold you, if
nothing else..to feel your heart beating with mine, as one we are
together. To feel your flesh with my fingertips, to kiss your sweet,
tender lips with softness. To kiss your cheeks, your nose, your eyelids,
a gift of love and caring. Gene darling, you mean the world to me and I could never forget you, never...even when I am old and gray may I never forget the love I found with you...may I never forget the times we shared, the friendship we shared...

Good morning darling...I woke up early, but that means I read
your message early, and now I am ready for my day with a smile in place and my heart filled with pure love. thank you baby, I love you so!!

I need to go now..but I hope to hear from you soon!! I love you
darling and may that never fade away and fill my heart with emptiness.