Letter #3
The Aethean

Darling Gene...

read your last messages and decided that a little story of me
surprising you would be good...

You are standing in the kitchen doing something, I suppose
getting something ready for our dinner when I come home from shopping and my day out and about! I throw my bags on the couch in the living room and walk up behind you and wrap my arms around you, standing on the tips of my toes and kissing the back of your neck. You moan softly and say hello in a whisper..I just kiss the back of your neck again as my hands slide down to your crotch and rub your cock through the fabric of your pants. you moan again and push yourself around and face me, with my hands still around you. I smile up at you and you wrap your own arms around me and I look up at you and kiss you hard on the lips and rub my hands up and down your back and over your ass and I press my body to yours very suggestively. You pull away slightly and look down at me with
amusement in your eyes and smile and ask.."What has gotten into you..you weren't gone that long!!"

I just smile up at you kiss your lips again quickly and slowly sink down infront of you, my hands sliding down your chest, over your stomach and down to the zipper of your pants, you look down at me and
then slowly lean against the counter now knowing what I am going to do and getting more relaxed at the thought. I kiss your cock through your pants as my fingers work their way undoing your pants. You moan softly into the air as the warm heat from my breath reaches through the fabric and starts to excite your member..and a slight bulge starts growing underneath. I finally get the button undone and slowly slide the zipper down, my hands slowly rubbing against the bulge as the zipper eases down to the bottom. I feel your whole body relaxing as I work my magic, I move you forward slightly, just enough to slide your pants down, your underwear too, freeing your ever growing bulge. I help you step out of your pants and then I slowly slide my hands up your legs, letting my fingertips lightly dance on your skin, you shiver as a little tingle runs up your spine and I look up at you and smile, my lips now a mere inch from the tip of your erect cock. You smile down at me and watch as I take hold of your cock and slowly slide the tip in between my velvet lips, letting the sensation talk for itself. You moan more loudly this time and I smile with my mouth wrapped around your cock. I slide your cock out of my mouth and swirl my tongue around the head a couple of times, then slide the tip in again and give it a nice little suck and then remove it once more..letting the cool air play against the wetness!
I run my tongue down the shaft and then slide my tongue down and
lick and lap at your hanging balls, my hand stroking your cock lightly,
not too strong, want to save the best for my mouth...but I take your
balls into my mouth one at a time and suck gently and then a litle more harshly! Letting my teeth scrape and grind against your balls, you moan and sigh as the pleasure hits you, my tongue and mouth working the real magic now. I lower your cock again to my lips and tease the tip with the wetness of my lips and then I flick my tongue against it quickly. Your body jerks slightly in response and I finally slide the tip into my mouth and suck gently, letting my tongue work against the underside of your cock hard, tasting and testing every inch of your wonderful cock. I start inching my mouth farther and farther down on your cock, pretty soon you can feel the back of my throat with the tip of your cock and you think I am going to stop, but I loosen up and take a breath and soon my nose is pressed against your groin and my mouth has total engulfed your long cock, my throat wrapping tightly around your cock and working it much in the same way as my tight pussy would...I let my tongue work agains the shaft and then slowly start to slide your cock out of my throat, letting my teeth drag and scrape along the whole shaft as I remove your cock from my mouth, I lick up and down the shaft before putting it back into my mouth..I quickly deep throat you again and again, many times right in a row, letting my throat muscles work against
your wonderful cock. I then concentrate on the head of your cock,
letting my tongue spear into it and my teeth scrape and grind against the soft tissue there, your moans echoing in the kitchen, one of your hands on the back of my head, keeping me close to you and the other hand holding tight to the counter as if it were going to fall away if you didn't hold it up. I deep throat you once more after spending a little time on just the head and as my throat constricts around the cock and starts working on it I hear you moan loudly and feel the first rush of your cum slide down the back of my throat, I slowly start to slide your cock from my mouth, careful not to let it fall completely from my lips but I start to suck and lick, and lap up the cup that is spraying from your hard cock...lapping every drop that forms on the tip...swallowing everything...spilling and wasting none of the wonderful treat you feed me so well. Your orgasm subsides and I hear your heavy breathing from above, I look up at you with my face still buried in your crotch and you smile down at me and I slowly clean off your cock from the orgasm and and slide your softening cock from my lips and let is hang loose as your hand guides me up and you pull me to you and kiss me deep, your tongue exploring my mouth deep, almost as if it is trying to go as deep as your cock was in my little mouth, tasting the flavor of your cum on my lips and tongue. I moan into your mouth and we stand like that for what seemed like an eternity!!

Darling Gene, how was that, did I please you darling? I hope so
because just typing this letter has made me hot, and very moist I must add!! I do hope that you enjoyed it darling...because it pleases me to please you so much!! =)

I have a little more packing that I am going to go and do so I
will write you before I leave, hope to hear from you before then