Letter #4
The Aethean

Darling Gene,

=A0=A0 I am meeting fewer and fewer people my age who enjoy giving a good blow job, but they are also too shy to let their mate eat them either.

My friend was telling me that she had her first oral experiences not too long ago and that surprised me because she lost her virginity earlier than I did...guess I also kind of thought that just about any guy would try and get his girlfriend to give him a blow job...guess not though!!

Darling Gene...you can take my body anywhere you wish it to go
darling..it is yours, much in the same way that you allow me access to
your cock when ever I feel it neccessary! I would be happy to feed you darling...to feel your cock filling my pussy again, it fits so nice and
snug in my little pussy, love the feeling of it so much. Feeling your
cock sliding inbetween my tits, they are large enough to make a very
nice hole for your cock darling..I just love watching your cock work
baby...so beautiful, so interesting darling. I would love for you to
fuck my tits baby and spray your cum all over my neck, face and such darling...just so I can watch it spasm up close darling..and then you can get a spoon and feed me the sweet cum you have left for me darling.

I too have read that cum has nutrients that can actually help the body and nurse the body back to health, I have read that there are also certain vitamins that help the skin, (the glow that people get after a good fuck session I suppose) but I have read of women who will actually help their husbands/boyfriends cum on their skin many times over just so that they can spread it into their skin for the healing effects and then after it has dried they take a shower and rinse it off...I have never personally tried this but have heard of many who feel cum is better for the skin than any cleanser you can buy in the stores!!

Darling gene, come back to me baby....let me read your words and travel into a land of pleasure darling..