Letter #5
The Aethean

Gene darling..
I am so glad you wrote, I missed you so much!! My wonderful Gene!!

Thank you for the exquisite words of passion from you...Just the thought of being able to just allow you instant access to me everywhere and anywhere you wanted...the passion knowing that I could suck and drink your nectar whenever I wished, as I wake up and get ready for classes, just kneel in front of you between your legs and nurse upon your wonderful cock, drinking and tasting, enjoying every drop!

I love you Gene and I just wanted you to know that!!

I just got home from classes, and I am just sitting around relaxing
before I start reading some rough drafts of english papers for
classmates, its our assignment, we are to read them and mark up the
corrections and ideas to make it a better paper, so I am going to lay
down on my floor and get to work, I have four to read by friday
afternoon! I wish you were here to help me darling, I could just lay on
the floor on my stomach and you could sit over me and give me a nice full body massage as I lay there, you would help to relax me and so I wouldnt' get so frustrated with how horrible some of these papers are!! =)

Well I should probably get to work. Good morning darling...write to me when you can..I miss you and love you so!!
~Your Sandi~