Letter #6
The Aethean

Gene darling..

Well you don't need to appologise for being horny with me, or for
me...believe me I like the attention..and reading your messages this
morning is a relief seeing as how horny I am myself this morning...could
really use a nice fresh piece of prime meat for breakfast!!! Got any
lying around for my use darling?

Well personally I enjoy cock at anytime during the day, but a nice
healthy helping in the morning is always nice...I would love to wake up before you and wake you up with your cock deeply imbedded in my mouth...have you prop yourself up and look down at me...the pleasure already running through your body,..now that would be fun. I could just glance up with your cock buried in my throat, sucking and licking on you, my eyes shining with the smile that would be plastered on my face if it weren't for this cock in my mouth!! I love you darling...and care for you and everything else...love you baby..talk to you soon...today is a busy day, but I will check back in when I can!!! =)