Letter #8
The Aethean

Gene darling...

Well that's okay that you didn't write until later darling...I
actually was more tired than I thought and actually fell asleep on one of our couches, my roommate Dawn had to wake me up at 1 AM to send me to bed...oh well the life of a college student I guess.

A picnic eh? well I know the prefect spot around here...well in
the cities actually..its called Mystic Falls...there is a path that you
can go down that leads to another path that travels along the creek that the falls creates. This is the same place we are protesting to save...but the trail is very private and there are many places where people can go to be alone...But I know the perfect spot for us
darling...It is a little side trail that leads to a small clearing and a
little pool from the creek puddles there from an underground source, the trees are thick and send down a shimmering of sunlight...its so
beautiful...My friend once told me that when I stand in a certain spot I
look like and angel with the glow of the natural light...so I have
always liked this place...Would you join me there darling...I will pack
a basket of goodies, cook you a wonderful meal and we can enjoy each others  company while we eat and then share each other for dessert baby? Would you please?