Letter #10
The Aethean

Dearest Gene...

If you are going to threaten me with a spanking I just might neglect all my studies, so what if I fall behind as long as a I get a good spanking from you my darling...I know you enjoy spanking me also, I can feel your cock grow under my belly darling..quite a feeling!! Just kidding though..could never neglect my studies...

Though now that it is friday my mind is at ease...although I am going to be bored later after I have done everything that I need to do. All of my roommates are going to be gone until late and I refuse to go to any parties alone, and so I won't be going anywhere tonight that's for sure!

But my mind is free and open and I thought I would excite you a
little...read a story one time and thought I would tell you about it and see what you thought about the idea:

The story was about a woman who gone away for a weekend and this guy was going to abduct her for his own pleasure and what not...but when he tried to bring pain to her to keep her submissive to him he found that she was aroused by the pain, and he soon found her little secret...she had a whole suitcase filled with all kinds of interesting toys...and they soon found joy in using the toys together.

The story takes a turn when the other secret comes out...the woman's friend comes to the cabin and the guy is surprised to find out that the woman and her female friend retreat to the cabin to play sub/dom games together...they get excited by playing these games.

So the second day that the guy is there he makes these two women his slaves -- both of the women get really turned on by pain and such so he is having a lot of fun. Then they all go to bed and when the guy awakes in the morning he is handcuffed to the bed and unable to move an inch. Soon the women return from the bathroom and undo his restraints but make it perfectly clear that he is going to be their slave for the day, with the promise that they would return to being his slaves the next day again.

So after they have dressed they decide that they want to go for a walk and decide to take the guy with them...only he is completely naked...All the while the guy is trying to figure out how he is going to get away from them...but the women solve this and tie a rope around his balls tightly, so that when they walk they actually lead him around by the leash tied at his balls, and he describes it as hurting way to much to think about escaping! So they go for the walk and half way through it the women are really horny so they strip down and use his cock for pleasing themselves. I think they even used a cock ring or something to make sure he stayed hard until they were pleasured enough!

Then the women got dressed again and led their slave back to the cabin where the guy saw a board on support stands in the middle of the room. He wondered what it was for and tried to think of another way to get free...but the women pushed him ontop of the board, sliding his cock and balls through a little hole. The guy decided this was going to be the best chance to get away...there was nothing for him to be restrained to here and so he figured he would be left free.

Unfortunately for him, what he could not see through the board was that the women had everything figured out..so that he couldn't get away they had rigged up and little contraption... and the guy soon felt another rope being tied around his balls, only this one seemed a little heavier, he tried to raise himself up but the pain was worse. The women laughed and explained to him that they had tied a five pound weight to the rope, and everytime he moved he was lifting the five pound weight with his balls. The guy decided he was not going to try and get away right now.

The hole in the board was big enough and yet small enough that it worked like a cock ring and kept him all hard. Soon the women were using him to please themselves however they wanted...and with the hole was tight around his hard cock so he could also not cum -- so everytime they used him, the cum was building up inside of him. And soon it was getting too painful and he started begging for them to let him cum...they looked at each other and agreed so soon they were undoing the weight.

Then they let him fuck the hole in the board, as they lay under the
hand-made table and watched...When he finally came, which was quickly, the cum sprayed all over the womens' bodies and they made him lick all of it off of them...make them all clean again...

Well that was most of the story after that it got really boring and I
didn't finish it...All I know is that the women went back to being
slaves to the guy...but I thought that I would like to know what you
thought about what the women did to the guy in the story!!
Anyway...talk to you soon baby. I have an errand I need to run before my roommate leaves for work and so I am going to run for now...but come back soon darling!!