Letter #11
The Aethean

Gene darling...
   I finally got back on the computer today, sorry I haven't written
sooner again..been busy..ended up going to a party after the hockey game last night and didn't get home until really early this morning..and then I had to sleep and by the time I woke up I needed to work on my english paper that is due tomorrow...finally got it done..and had to fix it and all that...wouldn't allow myself any fun until it was over..so finally its over and I get to relax and have some fun...so I thought I would write to you and say hi!!

   Well darling, how was your day? Any better than mine, probably
since you didn't have to write an english paper!! =) I hope you and your cat are doing well, I miss my guys lots!!

   Darling though I am very hungry...after I finally get my paper
all printed out and ready to hand in I walk into the room where you are sitting. I   walk over to you and kneel down in front of you....you just look down at me..wondering what I am up to. I quickly run my hands over your cock through your pants, rubbing and fondeling you...your eyes just look down into mine as I look up at you, my little fingers playing with your cock through the fabric. Moving them up to your waist and undoing the button to your pants, and then very slowly lowering the zipper...allthe way down...placing my hands on the side of your hips and patting them slightly. Taking the cue you lift your butt from the couch slightly, just enough to let me slide the pants down over your ass, and down your legs. I look back up at you and reach out again...rubbing your now hardening cock through your underwear.

      Leaning forward I run my tongue up over your underwear...leaving a little trail of my saliva on the fabric. You moan
softly, I know you enjoy the feeling of me licking, sucking, biting, and
playing with your cock through your underwear. I reach up with my hands and slowly begin to trace the outline of your cock through your underwear with my fingernails...barely touching, a light tickle
almost..I feel your body shiver..I smile up at you as I lower my head
and take the end of your cock between my lips and sucking hard, letting you feel my teeth as my fingernails continue to trace your cock. You moan and watch me as I watch you..I love seeing your face as I play with you. I start to kiss and suck through the fabric, trying to tear through it to get to the flesh beneath. My teeth start to dig into your skin and you moan and close your eyes for a second, reopening them again to look me in the eye. I am still looking up at you as I suck and chew on your meat.

      After a long time doing this you finally start to beg me to really suck your cock, telling me to put it between my lips. I wait another few minutes before motioning for you to lift up again and slide your underwear down your legs...freeing your straining cock finally. You
moan and reach down, placing your palm on the back of my head and bringing it forward....'suck it' you tell me. I kiss the tip, wrapping a
hand around it and slowly begin to stroke it up and down. Kissing and suckling on the very tip of your cock, looking up at your eyes, seeing them smiling...knowing you are enjoying yourself. I finally take the head between my lips and suckle it like a child...letting my teeth
scrape against it..biting and gnawing at it...almost like I am trying to
eat a long sausage...bit by bit. Taking the head and sliding it back
around my mouth and placing it between my molars and biting
down...letting the intense pain rush through you...you close your eyes
and cry out...I let go and kiss the area I bit...sucking it back to health. You look down into my eyes again and you can see the intense
passion there. You watch as I suddenly take your whole cock down my throat..you see my nose push into your groin...feel my chin pressing
against your balls...knowing that your cock is stuffed down my little
throat!! I moan and you can feel the vibrations float along your cock.
I start to suck and swallow, tightening my throat around your cock,
sliding my mouth up and down, fuckign my throat with your cock...your hands petting down the length of my hair, your fingers combing their way through the silky strands. I moan and press harder, sucking and licking at your cock harder and faster...wanting as much as you need to release. I start to suck as hard as I can my teeth clenching around your meat...my cheeks caving in with the pressure of my sucking. I moan and shove your cock down my throat one more time....and suddenly you hold my head there and I feel your cock jerking and throbbing inside my tight throat. You continue to hold my head against you, I bite down suddenly you cry out...I bite down hard, holding your cum inside you..I feel you start to squirm as the cum is building powerfully, as you were ready to cum just then!! Finally I let your cock go and suck once more...tightening my throat around you and your hips thrust up into my throat...your eyes looking straight into mine as your cum shoots hard agains the back of my throat...I start to pull you out some and let you fill my mouth with your hot liquid. I swallow, but keep some....getting up and kissing you hard on the lips...opening your mouth to recieve my tongue you are greeted with the taste of your own cum, you allow me to feed you some of the cum, and you take it...swallowing it down. I pull away from you after a long passionate kiss and smile at you...I get down
and clean off your cock with my lips and tongue and then glance up at you and say "thank you darling, just what I needed!" I get up and leave the room, disappearing into the bathroom, you hear the shower start.

   Darling Gene I needed that thank you!! Been awhile since I have
been able to do that!! Just as a thought, I know it costs money and all that..but maybe sometime soon we could talk on the phone again..I miss your voice..I miss hearing you...I love talking to you and I look forward to hearing you again soon! Whenever is good for you would probably be ok for me too...but let me know what you think darling. I should go now and eat some real dinner, haven't had any yet!! Love you darling, miss you!!