Letter #12
The Aethean

Gene darling---

Well most of my christmas is over..my sister and her boyfriend and my niece finally just left a few minutes ago and I was helping my parents clean up a little bit darling...I kept wanting to be with you darling..kept thinking of you and wondering how you were doing darling. I love you more than I can ever express to you and I want you to know that darling.

The luminaries had all died out during the night, all but one darling, and that is the one that I believed signified us darling, our love burns forever....I let it burn til it finally faded and extinguished itself...that is how our love is darling...I want it to last as long as it possibly can and then when it must I want it to extinguish itself..I don't ever want to stop it ourselves..if it must happen that our love stops than let it on its own time darling.

I want to be with you so much right now darling, all curled up in front of a warm fire...sipping somme hot chocolate or such...just curled up and enjoying spending time together darling...feeling your arm around me.

I too live in a dream world sometimes darling...I dream my nights away..fall asleep to my dreams and hopes..and most often the dreams are of you darling. I dream of our time together...in so many ways...curled up innocently....naked in our garden...in the many different places that we have traveled and will travel together...that is my dreams of you darling...you are my dream man and you please me more than I can express to you. I feel safe and secure in your arms, safe and loved with you next to me, reasurance from you...I love you darling.

But I must go now darling....my mom wants to call my grandmother
now...but I want to wish you Merry Christmas darling..I will try and be
with you later tonight again...I love you darling...come back to me when you can. I love you sweetheart..and I will definitely talk to you
soon!!! LOVE YOU!!!
~your Sandi Girl~