Letter #13
The Aethean

Subject: Re: Flaming Libidos -R- Us.

Gene darling...

Yes we are snowed in here..and I would rather you keep plugging
away at it also..don't pull out and try again later..lets keep going and see what happens. =)

Just let me slide a little closer darling...let me just sit here on your lap....but you do know that later you are going to have to take the drivers seat...you will have to plug away and see what you can accomplish darling...

But for now.I just want to slide my tight, hot, wet, pussy deep on to that hard cock of yours...all the way in...clenching my pussy up and
down on it...tightening my pussy around your meat...squeezing...and
pumping, and pulling, and milking...I know you like that darling. Faster and harder...reaching behind and under to squeeze and play with your balls...riding your cock like a mad woman...how do you like that darling?

I know you enjoy that ,when I take control darling...really you do don't you...but honest...maybe later if I am so inclined...and you don't pay attention to me, I might have to take you over my knee and make your bottom a little red...how would you feel about that darling?

Anyway baby...sorry it took me so long to get back to you...I fell asleep so early last night and just woke up...I think I spent a little too much time out with friends and got little to no sleep. But hey...what is being young for! =)

I will talk to you soon I hope though..thanks darling!! cum back when you get the chance..love ya baby !!

~your little Sandi girl~