Letter #14
The Aethean

Subject: Re: Greater love I could not have...

Gene darling,
    Got the homework that needed to get done, done, and now I
have an hour until I need to leave for my other class today, and after
that I am done for the day, though I know I have some studying to do when I get home, some things that are due tomarrow...so I will be
working on those...

    Yes I am sure that frost (that has probably already melted) was terrible darling, maybe I will take a picture of what I am dealing with to send to you sometime darling...

     My pussy is here for you always darling, for you to have whenever you want it..I think the sunshine lately has really been helping my little depression problem, because I am feeling a lot more like myself lately!! I feel like my sexual self and that is wonderful!! I want you to just dive into my hot, wet pussy darling, I will open my legs wide for you and let you have your way with me..I am here for you darling, and when you are ready to nibble on some very succulent breasts
darling I will open my shirt and take off my bra and let you suck and
nibble on mine all you want!! I know you like them darling, and I am
glad that you do!! =)

     I am going to go and eat lunch, too bad you aren't here to give me some dessert!! But I will try and write later tonight when I get
all my homework done and the sort!! Love you sweets, talk ot you soon!!
~your sandi girl~