Letter #15
The Aethean

Re: Je t' aime, before all others...
Gene darling,

Of course I will dance for you in my birthday suit sometime
darling, you just have to ask, or wait until I come up with the idea
myself..but since you asked, and I am feeling kind of naughty
today...how bout a little dance....
now you just sit right back in that chair there darling, just relax and
enjoy the show....I'll just stand here in front of you and strip out of
these confining jeans and blouse...very slowly...do you like that
darling, do you like seeing me undress for you...swaying my hips,
grinding my hips around and around..just for you darling...here why
don't I get closer while I take off this tight bra...I really do like to
let my breasts loose after a long day in that bra...if this was a
perfect world I would feel better about walking around with no bra at
all..but I just don't feel that comfortable most of the time! Here and
I'll even get closer while I turn around and bend over as I slide my
panties down my legs....my butt up close to you pointing towards
you....my body still bouncing slightly to the music..do you like that
darling, are you enjoying yourself? Then I'll just move foward a bit and
start to really dance for you darling, let the music take control of my
body...swaying and gyrating to the music, my breasts bouncing and
swaying also...are you enjoying this show darling. Here I'll get close
and do a little lap dance for you....my legs on either side of one of
yours...grindng my pussy down into the leg of your pants..can you feel
how wet I am getting for you darling, all that is for you....here I'll
turn around and sit on your lap, swaying my hips still so that I am
grinding on your lap...I can tell you really like that darling...Mr.
Happy is getting very happy!! Here I'll just grind a little more..I am
going to keep going until you can't take it anymore darlng...oh and
isn't that cute...Winn is sitting in the doorway, He takes after his
father so much! A cool cat also. =)

Standing up and really letting the music take control....spinning
and gyrating, and grinding and swaying....I think you are really
enjoying this darling...here why don't we free Mr. Happy a little, he is
probably starting to feel a little confined in there...there we
go...hmmmm..Mr. Happy looks so good...I'll just get on my knees here and rub myself up and down Mr. Happy....maybe put him between my breasts and squeeze them together and slide up and down..what do you think do you like that dear.....and after you get super excited I'll just get up and straddle your lap....sliding my pussy down onto your cock nice and slow..letting you feel how my tight pussy squeezes your wonderful cock..do you like that darling? I hope so...here we go hold on....I will just start riding your wonderful lap darling...riding up and down, so fast and hard...worried about you getting so you can't handle it..but really I need it just as bad now...riding so hard and fast, feeling myself building faster and faster.....oooohh darling you are so wonderful.....harder and faster...trying to get you to that point with me..I feel your cock start to pulse and I know that its close so I build myself..your hands pulling on my nipples..playing with my breasts...we start cumming together..the room filling with our moans of pleasure....mmmm..oh yeah darling yes...your hips thrusting upwards into mine..trying to get deeper as you continue to cum....

When we are through I lay against your chest, my naked, sweat
covered flesh pressing against you...resting with your softening cock
still inside of me.

Wow, darling, did you enjoy that one? I enjoyed dancing for you,
especially if it turns out that way!! Well I should get going for right
now..its lunch time an dmy tummy isn't going to let me forget!! =) But
cum back to me soon darling, I love you and miss you so much!!!
~your Sandi girl~