Letter #16
The Aethean

Date: Thu, Jun 10, 1999
Re: Dance for me darling.

Gene darling, Sorry I didn't write last night as I had promised, I got tired and fell asleep, didn't mean to not write. But anyway...my wheels are running fine darling, drove them back and forth from my apartment without a problem. It's so much nicer to have something of my own where I can do what I want with them and not have to worry about getting the car back so my mom or dad can use it or something like that!

But anyway darling...on with the show:
I tell you to sit in the chair I have placed in the living room....and
to turn on the stereo to the station I have programmed it to.

When you tell me that you are seated and I hear the music drifting through the room I appear in the doorway. You smile as you see
me standing there. I am dressed in a tiny little skirt that barely covers anything, and a white blouse through which you can see my black
lace bra. My hair is up in a ponytail, and I have minimal make up on.

You smile and instantly I can tell you are excited. You weren't
expecting this tonight, but you are going to get it!

I walk into the room slowly, my skirt moving slightly, flashing more and more of my thigh as I walk. I walk to the center of the room and slowly I start dancing, swaying my hips to the beat on the radio. My hands moving up and down my sides, following my curves slowly; I start walking around the chair slowly, my fingertips touching your skin
lightly. I lean down and whisper to you to take off your shirt for me. You quickly reach up and undo each button on your shirt and remove it, tossing it across the room. I take your hand and press it against my hip then and I move a bit, your arm coming with me.

You are wondering what I am doing...I take your arm in my hands
and pull it behind the chair slowly, carefully. Suddenly you feel soft
fabric against your wrist, you try and twist in the chair trying to see
what I am doing...you can feel the fabric tightening around your hand...I pull the other arm behind you fast, tying it to your other wrist. Yourhands are now tied to the back of the chair. I walk around you slowly,smiling and licking my lips softly.

My hips are still swaying to the music slowly. I run my hands up
and down the front of my body, paying special attention to my breasts, rubbing and fondling them slowly. My nipples push through my bra and shirt as they harden erect slowly. I giggle with excitement and begin to very carefully undo the buttons on my blouse. Each movement deliberate and slow. When the last button is finally undone I pull the blouse off my body fast and throw it on top of your shirt. My breasts confined in my bra...my body moving and swaying the the hypnotic beats of the radio...my hands moving up and down my body. I run my hands from my neck down my breasts, down my stomach and move my fingertips down my inner thigh, moving them back up slowly, my fingers running and pushing
the skirt up higher as I dance. I only push it up to a certain point
where you think I will be showing you exactly whats underneath -- but then I let it drop and I move closer to you as I dance. I lean forward and brush your lips softly with mine...pressing my body against yours.

As another song comes on the radio..a faster beat I start dancing
faster...I slide my hands up and down my body, pressing and fondling
myself. I move and push my right hand between my thighs, cupping my pussy and rubbing softly, dancing to the beats. I slip my fingers into the waist band of the skirt like I am going to push it down, but then I stop and lift my hands to my  breasts, squeezing and rubbing them. My hips are moving to and fro to the music, never stopping...I turn around and around...and bend over in front of you...looking at you through my parted legs. You can see the pair of white cotton panties I am wearing and you can also see the wet spot forming on them. I wiggle my butt in front of you and smile, licking my lips. I then stand up and pull my skirt high up.showing you my body...I hook my fingers in the waist of my panties and pull them down slowly...turning around and doing it so you can see from behind. I bend over farther to slip them from my feet and show you my whole pussy, glistening with juices and open like a flower.

I start dancing faster again...coming close to you and straddling
you gently, holding you around your neck I start moving my hips to the music over your lap...your cock trying to push against the fabric of your pants. I push my hips down farther, and start moving them again against the tip of your cock, my own juices making a small wet spot on the front of your pants. you moan and I lick my lips in front of your face...I reach behind me and undo my bra...releasing it slowly...squeezing my breasts and slowly unveiling them to your eyes.
You moan with pleasure as I press myself harder against your cock, like I am trying to let it go out through your pants and underwear.

I stand up and straddle you backwards and start rubbing myself
against you that way too...You are moaning softly, groaning to touch me, but you can't since your hands are tied. I laugh softly at your plight..you cock straining against your pants, almost painfully.

I keep dancing though, and soon I am kneeling on the floor in
front of you...I slowly undo your pants and relieve the straining of
your cock, pulling it out of your underwear...I lean down and rub your
cock against my face...making you think I am going to start sucking on it...But I suddenly let go of it and move back a bit...I sit back and
rub my body up and down...Finally I push my hand between my thighs and start rubbing my bare pussy. Harder and harder, rubbing myself...You are groaning to touch yourself as you watch me masturbating myself. I push a finger inside of myself and start moving it in and out to the beat of the music.

I continue to masturbate until finally I cry out with orgasm. You
moan, needing to touch yourself, to relieve the tension in your cock. I
giggle at your plight. I stand up and smile at you, and licking my
lips...I leave the room...You are still tied to the chair with your cock
standing at attention in the living room, the windows wide open, the
curtains open...

You hear the shower start in the bathroom down the hall. You yell
for me..but I leave you there.

A few minutes later I finally come back into the room...I am
wearing a thin robe, you can see through it if you look hard enough, but it does cover me a bit. you yell at me..and I smile, licking my lips in
that way that you know that I am hungry...

I quickly get on my knees before you and lick up and down the
length of your cock. You moan as you feel the touch on your cock. I
lick up and down like on a sucker...tasting and savoring. I wrap my
lips around the head and swirl my tongue fast and deliberate. I start
taking more and more of your cock into my mouth, sucking harder and harder...until I have swallowed your whole cock in my mouth. I reach up and start to squeeze and play with your balls hard, pinching and squeezing them harder and harder. With your cock buried in my throat I suck as hard as I can, swallowing your cock faster and faster. SuddenlyI bite down hard, and you cry out and I start to suck the spot I bit to calm your pain. I start to bob my head up and down along your shaft faster and faster, scraping my teeth along your shaft. You are moaning and crying out, and from the intense tension you have, it only takes a few minutes of this before you are exploding into my mouth, I swallow your cock to make sure that I get every drop. I drink your cum fast as it comes out of you...savoring the taste. I suck every drop from your body and clean your cock off.

Finally I pull off of you and stand up, I look at you and smile...and reach behind you and release your hands... There darling, what do you think? Did you enjoy that? Let me know, ok darling? I want it to be pleasurable as always. 

Love you darling with all my heart, cum back soon darling!!!

~your little sandi girl~