Letter #17
The Aethean

Subject: Re: Two is Company... 

Gene darling,
Yes I do think we are connected in some way, even in a psychic way, for we pick up on each others needs, wants, and such.

Well darling, you are tied up, and I am supposed to torture you, and you do know that most women can control their lusting urges and can calm them...so I enjoy seeing you this way darling...all tied up and not a thing you can do about it right now.  I'll just have to run my finger ever so lightly around the base, never actually touching your cock...just the very base...the point where everything starts, its almost giving you some relief, but not enough...I smile down at you...You realize that I am not going to be untying you anytime in
the very near future, so you are just going to have to take what I give you darling...  

I get up and leave the room, the movie still playing and your cock just as hard as ever...you watch after me, wondering what I am doing.  I come back a few minutes later and look down at you..."Just had to make a phone call darling, but I am back now, how are
you doing baby?". 

You groan at me and tell me to untie you, and I just frown and ask you why, don't you like being tied up anymore? I smile and crawl onto the bed with you...I tell you to close your eyes, which you do reluctantly.  I gently step over you and am straddling you, and quickly I grab your cock and I hold it in place so that I can slide my hot pussy down on you. You groan in pure pleasure and I squeeze your cock with my pussy muscles, milking it with just my muscles right now. I tell you to open your eyes, and you do, our gazes meeting one anothers' right away.  

You smile at me and thank me... I smile and slide all the way up your cock and then all the way back down. The pleasure it is giving me is just as good as your's,  just not as needed!

I moan loudly...and watch you as you try to thrust your hips up more...you're moaning and groaning is increasing so I know you are getting close.

I knew it wouldn't take long after all that teasing...so I pull off of you quicky and change positions and start sucking on your cock urgently, wanting the thing that you can give me...I moan around your cock and then deep throat it, and thats all it takes as you start to shoot your cum deep in my throat. Your back arches, and you strain against your ties, but you keep cumming and I keep sucking and swallowing it all... 

When I you are done cumming, I clean your cock and then lift off of you, smiling at you as I clean my lips off with my tongue...I lay on top of you and kiss your lips gently, but you try to kiss me more urgently, needfully, and I let you... moaning loudly as our lips and tongues dance with one another. While we are kissing I reach up and undo your ties quickly, your hands falling behind your head...

  Well darling, what do you think? Did you like that? I hope so, it is quite fun to see you all tied up  darling, quite fun!!!

Cum back to me soon darling, I love you so!
~your sweet sandi girl~