Letter #18
The Aethean

Subject: Re: hi sweet cheeks!! 

Gene darling,
That banana split was wonderful darling, you really do know what I like...and I love watching your reactions to me darling, there may be other men looking at me, and wishing I was with them, but I only
look at you darling, you are the only important one in my life baby!!

Yes, lets get out of here darling, I'll just slide out of the chair here...oops, my dress pulled up a little <evil grin> hey, they got the show, lets give them a little more tease, they will see us leaving together and know that you are one lucky guy!! =)   This is such a nice quiet neighborhood darling, this street always so peaceful, and the people around here so nice, always saying hello as we walk down the street hand in hand darling! But that park on the other end of the neighborhood is a good spot, some nice out of the way benches that could cum (hehe) handy for us darling, and it is on our
way home!!

You know I think these bright streetlights expose me through
this dress even more than the parlor lights, so if anyone is looking out
their windows tonight they are definitely getting an eye full, but then
again darling, they don't have the handful like you do!!

We stop every once in a while to steal a kiss or a grope..but you never let me touch your cock as you are too close to just about exploding all over the place, you want to wait, you want to feed me.

But sooner than we expected we are at the park, no one is around, it is getting a little too late for the others to be out and about...I'll
just lead you to this bench that I saw one day while out walking that is hidden really from the path, and the play equipment, that over looks the small man made pond here in the park. 

You just sit right there darling, you are definitely going to feed me first, I gave up that fresh cream at the ice cream parlor for
your rich cum.  I think if any other female tried your fresh cum they
would find that its richer, and much better than any of the other males there!  You have the only fresh cum that I want darling! Just sit right there and relax...I'll just get down on my knees here before you
darling, undo your pants with my teeth slowly, teasingly...making you
squirm with need and desire. Licking at your cock through your
underwear, sucking gently through your underwear before I finally reach in and take our Mr. Happy... now he is truly happy, and I can even feel him hardening even more darling --   boy you are excited tonight darling!! 

I smile up at you as I lick across the tip lightly, barely touching your skin. rubbing the edge of my teeth over the top of your cock, wanting you to feel every single touch and scrape of my mouth
and teeth and tongue. I love teasing you like this darling, you are the
best. I look up at you, my eyes shining as I quickly suck on the head of
your cock, my tongue playing with your foreskin, bending it to and fro
with my tongue, working my mouth ever harder on the head of your cock, sucking and licking at it like a sucker. I take more and more of your cock into my mouth, sliding my lips down your shaft farther and farther, so that the head hits the back of my throat, and I slip back up again, this time as I slide down your shaft I use my teeth lightly instead of my lips, scraping down your shaft and up again with the edges of my teeth. 

Do you like that darling?, it sounds as if you do, you are definitely enjoying this. Your eyes are closed as I begin to suck and lick harder and faster, up and down your shaft my lips and tongue move
quickly...up and down your entire shaft. I reach up with one hand and grip the base of your cock, squeezing gently, but firmly as I continue to lick and suck on your cock, sending wonderful sensations up and down your shaft.  Sucking and licking, I glance up at you and see your eyes closed, hearing your moaning and groaning, enjoying giving you this much pleasure. One of your hands moves to the back of my head, and I know you're going to cum soon, while the other hand grips at the bench...You start moving your hips thrusting into my mouth more..I take you deep in my mouth and suck and swallow your cock down, deep throating you, wanting to draw out that wonderful fresh cum of yours. You groan loudly and start cumming, your hips lifting off of the bench. i moan around your cock and suck and swallow each and every drop you feed to me.  When you finally relax and finish cumming, I lick and suck on your cock to clean it all up, sucking out the last drops of your cum, emptying you for now. I finally let your cock slip out of my mouth and look up at you smiling, you look down at me and smile back and pull me up as we kiss passionately...  

Well darling, what do you think, did you enjoy that?? Cum back soon
darling, this is only beginning we have the whole night ahead of us

Oh, and by the way, Boyo says hi, he just jumped up on the table while I was typing, tried to walk across my keyboard, he obviously wanted to say something to you!! =)  love you darling,
write soon!!!
~your sweet sandi girl~