Letter #19
The Aethean

Gene darling,

      Well since that soccer girl let you down by not running around
nude after they won...I will strip down and run around the house nude for you darling, would you like that??? =)

      Why don't you bring Mr. Happy and his "friends" up near my head
darling,  I think I have something that will do them some good...like my nice hot mouth..think they would enjoy that darling?  I was thinking that they just might, but you never know, eh darling? =)        

      I will just lay back and let you play with my breasts while I suck
and nibble, bite, and swallow your cock and balls darling.  I think you
would enjoy that a whole lot wouldn't you darling?,  I have a feeling
so. =).  I just want to feast on them for hours and hours darling,  is
that a problem for you, or should I let them rest?  Well actually I am
not going to give you the choice.  I will just keep you here where I can have your cock and balls for as long as I want them, what do you think of that darling?

      Just keep playing with my breasts like that darling, that feels so
great, I love it when you play with me like that, I love it!!!         

      Well darling..as for my new 'puter..it has a lot..faster modem,
faster drives, more memory. I got a great printer for cheap with it, and a free scanner, so its doing well so far. Its got Windows 98 on it, and I think I like it a lot so far, even better than windows 95. I just love
the whole system.. it even has a microphone and a recording system, so maybe once I get it rehooked up to the internet up at my apartment I might be able to send you a couple of sound bites, what do you think darling? =)

      Anyway sweets, keep that cock and those balls close by, I am
feeling quite hungry tonight..and that is all I am craving!!! =)

      Love you darling, cum back to me when you can baby!!
~your Sandi girl~