One Day at Work

By Don


Being a Monday I, of course, was going to the office. The feeling was such a drag. It really sucked. Thinking of just sitting in there and going though the same crap again and again. I started thinking of what I would like to be doing and started fantasying.

Lying on a secluded beach with beautiful clear water, soft surf and lush green foliage. Lying next to you. You were so beautiful, on your towel with your sunglasses and great smile. I could not believe it was true. You handed me some sunscreen and said with a smile, “Would you be a dear and spread this on my back”. You turned over onto your stomach and I couldn’t help but notice how sexy your nice tight backside looked. “Mmmmmm your butt looks really nice to me”. You told me to undo the top of your suit so I could spread the sunscreen evenly over your back. I replied, “ What about your legs and butt? You turned to face me and with a big smile said,” You want to take my bottoms off too, don’t you?” “ Oh most definitely, I would love to spread this stuff all over you”. I said with a big smile. You lifted your mid-section and I slowly slid your bathing suit down your legs revealing your gorgeous posterior. I leaned down and kissed the nape of your neck and you moaned but said, “Don’t start that now, just spread the sunscreen”. I could hardly take my eyes from your beautiful elegant rear. I notice your smile as you looked at my bulging bathing suit. Your hand reached out and patted my bulge with the comment,” Just spread the sunscreen and I’ll take care of this little thing in a while”. I squeezed lotion on your shoulders and began spreading it over your arms and back, working down to the small of your back. I squeezed some more over your bottom and slowly massaged the lotion over each of your nice buns and then carefully down the crevice of your buttocks. You turned to me and said,” Don’t start playing down there, just spread the lotion”. So I continued to spread the lotion over your bottom and legs and then you snickered and said,” Would you like to spread it over the front of me also”. With out hesitation I said, “That my dear would be a privilege”. You turned over revealing your beautiful breasts and hair surrounding your lustrous mound and sweet lips. I couldn’t help myself, I had to bend down and kiss your sweet lips on top of your lustrous mound. “Ok, spread the lotion on my arms, stomach and legs before you get too carried away with that”. I hurried to cover your body with lotion and then kissed your velvety lips, you responded passionately by pushing your tongue into my mouth and I gently sucked. Your hand played over my bulge, gently rubbing up and down. I gently kissed and nibbled from your neck down to your breasts and as I was kissing them you said. “Go ahead and suck on them for awhile, that feels absolutely blissful”. As I kissed and sucked on your breasts, I could tell you were warming; you were spreading your legs and beginning to moan softly. I slowly took my time kissing and nibbling down around your stomach and waist, then around your hips and slowly over to your luscious mound outlining it with my tongue and kissing and nibbling your lips. I moved my body between your legs and you placed them over my shoulders resting them on my back as I continued nibbling and gently teasingly eating your vagina with my lips and tongue. I then enclosed your clitoris with my lips. Your moaning became louder and your body rhythmically pushed into my face as I continued gently sucking and stroking your clitoris with my lips and tongue. Your rhythm increased to your developing orgasm. Your hands pushed my face into your vagina as your body contracted and stiffen, washing my face with your orgasm. Your body contracted again as you moaned softly, “ Oooooooo how good….” You lifted your legs down and relaxed, savoring your moment of sexual exhaustion.

You sat up looking at me and said, “ Ok my dear, take your bathing suit off and come lay down beside me so you can hug me and I can feel your hardness next to me”. I promptly complied with taking my suit off and laid down on your towel next to you pushing my hardness into your hip. You turned onto your side pushing your backside into me. I could feel my hardness slide between your slippery buttocks. My left arm went under you and my hand grasped your breast, my other arm went over your body and my fingers started gently rubbing your vagina. You slowly pushed back and forth with your butt. The lotion made my dick slide easily between your buns making my excitement mount. You then rolled onto your stomach with me on top and pushed your butt into me harder. You turned to me smiling and said, “ I couldn’t help but notice how well you liked my butt. You do like my petty little butt don’t you?” “O’yes I really do”, I replied. “If you’re nice to me and kiss my little booty a bit I might just let you have a little. I haven’t had my back door opened by a big dick for quite awhile”. I couldn’t help but get more excited. I couldn’t believe what she suggested. I was ready to do anything now.

I straddled her back facing her butt. I grasped her buns and spread them to reveal her nice little back hole. What a nice little glittering inviting hole. She wiggled her ass a little, which was so sexual that it took my breath away. I lay down on her back and excitedly kissed her little booty hole. My lips traced her pink outline and I plunged my tongue into her nice little delicious back door. I could hear her moan.

 “Mmmmmmmmm that feels soooo good”, she said, “Do me some more love, play with it”. She reached around and handed me the bottle of lotion saying, “Use a lot of this, I want you to get into my ass. Spread me. I’ve forgotten how good it can feel”. I squeezed lotion over my hands and fingers and slowly slid my middle finger into her pouting little asshole. She moaned again as I slid my finger in and out. I felt her muscle relax and slowly slid and pushed another finger into her. Then slowly pushed in a third finger. She moaned louder,” Ohhhhh. That’s soooooo good. You’ll have to fill my little ass. Spread my hole. Give me some more”. I pushed harder, pushing all of my fingers into her eager little boot. She pushed back and loudly moaned as I felt my hand sink slowly deeper into her butt, being enveloped by her round tight muscle. I couldn’t contain myself much longer. If I didn’t get my dick in her soon I was going to cum without getting any of her butt. I slowly pulled my hand out of her butt and she moan loudly saying, “You emptied my butt, I feel so empty. You have to get something back into it”.

I turned around with my body between her legs pushing the head of my throbbing hard dick onto her luscious buns, ready to plunge into her inviting hole. I spread her buns and slowly pushed the head of my dick into her tight little asshole. She loudly moaned, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh push it into me. Put that big dick into my little asshole”. As she pushed her butt at me my dick slid deep into her ass. She flinched but then pushed harder and we started rhythmically pushing into each other. Very shortly I could feel myself swelling. I grabbed her hips and thrusted deeply, holding her to me. She tighten her ass muscles as my cum exploded into her. Exhausted I laid down on top of her back and we both got our breath back.

It felt soooo good to lie there on top of her relaxing with my dick still in her tight little back door. She turned her face to me and whispered, “ When we recover a bit it will be my turn to fuck you”. “What do you mean”, I questioned. “You’ll find out in a few minutes. You better agree to try it or you’ll never have a piece of my ass or pussy again”, she laughed. “I’ll try anything with you, my beautiful, I’ll try it several times, just for you. But I don’t know how good I’ll be, being that I’m so limp”, I replied. “You don’t have to worry about being limp. You’ll just have to lie there. I’ll take care of the rest”.

After a few minutes she rolled me off her back and reached into her bag. She said, “Lay on your stomach, close your eyes and relax. I’m going to spread some lotion on your back side”. “Ok, that sounds good to me”. I felt the lotion as she squeezed some on my back. I felt very relaxed as she massaged over my back, my bottom and down my legs. I then felt her hands back on my butt. Massaging my buns felt very good. She put more lotion on me and I felt it spill into my butt cleavage. She whispered in my ear,” Hey sweetie, spread your legs a little so I can get some lotion between your legs”. Her fingers gently pushed the lotion between my legs. She pushed my legs further apart. As her fingers came back up spreading the lotion between my buns she pushed lightly over my butt hole. She spread my buns and I sort of tighten a bit. She felt me tighten and said, “ Relax baby, just relax, relax. You have a nice look-in little button hole. I think if you relax you’ll enjoy what I going to do immensely”. So I relaxed and as she massaged my little hole it became even more relaxed and feeling very sexual. She then asked,” How does that feel sweetie?”. “Very good, love, very relaxing and sexy”, I replied. I felt more lotion being poured over my hole and then I felt her finger gently pushing at the rim of my little button. Then she pushed and her finger was in my hole, my first reaction was to tighten my ass but I then relaxed and she gently pushed in deeper. I began to understand that she was doing what I was doing to her earlier but I wondered what else she had planned. I felt her other fingers pushing into my enlarged hole filling me up.

She worked her fingers in and out pushing them deeper into my butt. She then pulled them completely out and I felt empty all of a sudden. I then felt her behind me, between my legs, spreading my buns. She pulled on my buns indicating to me to raise my ass up into the air. After I had it up I felt my ass being probed and pushed at by something hard. I looked around and saw she was wearing a strap-on dick and she was shoving it at my ass to get it up my hole. It looked awful big and I wondered if it could fit up my small hole. She saw the look on my face and smiled,” Don’t worry, I’ll go slowly so it won’t hurt. You did say you’d try it. But it doesn’t really matter, dear; I’m going shove it all the way up your tight little ass anyway. I know you can take it”. She put some more lotion on the dick and slowly began pushing and shoving it into my little round hole a little harder each time. My ass was slowly filling up with her big cock and when I didn’t think I could take anymore I felt her hips push against my buns. That big dildo was shoved all the way up my ass. “Now that wasn’t so bad was it? When I get though you’ll want me to do you again”. As her hands were pushing and pulling my hips and she pumped her big cock in and out of my ass, she said, “Damm, it makes me feel good to be on top fucking. It feels good to be able to put a big dick in your tight little ass. I love watching my cock go in and out of that little asshole of yours too. This is fun”. As she was shoving her cock in and out of me I began moving with the rhythm of her thrusts. I pushed back at her thrust, feeling and wanting her to dominate, wanting her cock in me, wanting her to fuck me harder. Her hand reached around and found my hard dick. As she stroked, I felt like I was fucking and getting fucked at the same time. I couldn’t hold any longer, as she felt my dick swell, she said, ”Cum babe cum… I’m fucking you good”. I exploded. I lay down exhausted and she laid down on top of me with her big cock still pushed up my butt. “Damn that is a big dick in my ass. When are you taking it out?” “ Hey babe I could tell you were sure getting into me butt fucking you. Your butt hole is a bit looser then before. And I’ll take my big dick out of your tight little ass when I want too. That was fun, packing your ass with my dick. Plowing your ass as they say”. She laughed. Her domination was sort of fun. Oooooooo man, her dick is sure big in my ass, I guess I’ll just have to wait until she wants to take it out………….Its feeling bigger all the time……. I think my asshole will be sore for quite awhile after this if she doesn’t want to take it out pretty soon……damn its big……… She slowly pulled it out and it felt as if my ass was being pulled out. I felted completely open and empty. “Now babe, turn over onto your back. I want you to lick and suck me clean. I’m going to put my ass and pussy right onto your face. Hurry up”. I turned over and she hovered her pussy over my face and slowly lowered it onto my mouth. She moaned as I sucked on her clitoris.

She lifted her butt up and then reached around grasping each bun and spread her cheeks. I admired her pink round little puckered asshole as she pushed it onto my mouth. “Eat my booty hole babe, put your tongue into it like you mean it, sweetie, and then kiss and lick it clean”. I started kissing and licking her hole. I pushed my tongue as hard as I could into her butt. I could feel her wrinkled little ass hole part as my tongue plunged into her. As she moaned I went faster. I wanted to please her very badly. “ That’s it babe, that’s it. You’re making me feel good. Your making my little hole feel real good. Just keep doing it. Keep pushing your nice wet tongue up my hole. That’s goooood, yeah, very good. Your very good sweetie, You’re being very good”. She moved to the side on her knees with her butt in the air. She looked at me and said, “Spread my booty buns and get at it again, love”. She laid her head on the trowel with her legs spread her back bent and ass pointed up in the air. I spread her buns and pushed my tongue deep into her glistening wet little hole. She moaned and pushed her butt at me harder. She looked back at me and said, “ That’s a good boy, and I’m going to enjoy having you around. You're going to be mine and do just what I want from now on”.

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