Hot Day

By Don


It was a hot and blistery day, it was so hot that you could see the heat rising from the sidewalks and roads. When I did make it into the cool building I saw you walking down the hall making me feel a lot hotter of course in a sexy way. I did enjoy the view of your beautiful rear, which looked so nice and sexy. Wow, I really did enjoy viewing your sexy butt. I decided that it would be nice to catch up to you before you got away. I do enjoy talking with you as well as watching your sexy butt going down the hall.

“Hey Janet what’s going on” I said as I approached you. You turned around with one of your big beautiful smiles, “ Hey, I’m about the same, same ole same ole. The shit is always there. How about you?”
“Not bad. Not bad at all after running into you. You always brighten my day. It’s always nice to talk to a beautiful woman”, I responded.

“Yeah, Yeah you just want something. But I’m always open for suggestions after hearing the truth about people”, you said laughingly. Laying your hand on my arm, you gave me a sly smile. Then kissing the air between us you whispered, “I can think of a lot of things that would be fun. We may just have to explore some. But are you broad mined enough for all of what I may want?” you said as your laughter continued.

“Well, you may just have to teach me, being that I’m just a dumb back woods boy. Hey Janet why don’t you go out and have a beer with me tonight. I think you may be avoiding me. You just don’t seem interested in me anymore”.

“ I’ve just been busy. You do appeal to my horny side and I do like you. A beer does sound sooo good after all the shit I’ve been putting up with at home and work. Besides I’m getting aroused just thinking about it. Ok, where do you want to go? How about just you and me somewhere?”

“That sounds good to me. I’ll meet you by your car after work and follow you.”

I was excited and anxious the rest of the day just thinking of you. I felt a thrill in anticipation of your soft lips and body next to me. Kissing your beautiful face. Caressing your sexy body.

At five I was next to your car waiting. As I saw you crossing the street I thought of how sexy you looked. How I would love to have you slowly and gently lower your sexy body onto my face so I could smell your sweet sex. I felt light hearted. You did lead me to a nice shade tree in the county. As you got into my truck you had another beautiful smile on your face. As I handed you a beer I leaned over and kissed your soft lips. We took a few sips of beer between kisses. We finished most of the beer, but our pluses were beginning to beat harder and you could tell of my arousal by the bulge of my pants. Your hand rested on top of it as you said laughingly, “Mmmmm that feels like your glad to see me”. My hands were gently caressing your beasts and I could see the enjoyment on your face. I dropped one of my hands down to between your legs and gently rubbed.

You put your other hand on my chest and rubbed softly “You know what I want you to do? I want you to finish what you were doing the other night when I had my feet up in the air. I didn’t have time to enjoy it with all the people running around the parking lot”.
I smiled at you saying, “ That is exactly what I was thinking of doing”.

You slid down on the seat and I gently pushed your skirt up over your hips. I leaned over and kissed your stomach and over your panties. As I slowly pushed your panties down my tongue found your luscious mound. My tongue moved over your inviting lips teasing your hidden delightful clitoris. I pushed your panties off and you lifted your legs into the air. You placed your hands on my head pushing my face lower. I felt your wetness as I plunged my tongue into you. I continued kissing down around your beautiful buttocks teasingly passing my tongue by your back hole and then back to your front. You squirmed with passionate lust. I could feel your body stiffen as my lips enclosed your clitoris with gentle sucking and my tongue embraced and teased. Your body stiffened as your orgasm over came you, pushing your lusty mound into me, spreading your wetness over my face.

“Oooooo that was good, soooo good, I wish I could feel those moments of ecstasy everyday. Now I want you to have yours”. You pushed your skirt down and reached over to find the zipper of my pants. Unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants freed and exposed my harden desire. I pushed my pants down and your hands caressed around my desire while your lips kissed my lips. “ Now I’m going to suck on you. I’m going to put your hard dick in my mouth. I’m going to finish what I started the other night on you”, you whispered in my ear. You lowed your face and enclosed your mouth around my dick, slowly sliding your lips up and down. You could feel my excitement rise as my hips responded to your sliding lips and lustful sucking. “That feels soooo good love mmmmmmm you are so good” I said. As my feverish response quicken to your caressing mouth you could feel my hardness swelling and then my explosion was freed to you filling your mouth with my cum.

“Aaaaaa that was sooooo good”. I moaned. We both got a beer and enjoyed the after glow of our feelings. “That felt sooooo good Janet. You’re great”.

After talking a little and drinking two more beers you rubbed between my legs and asked, “ Do you think you may be able to get it up again I could sure go for some more”.

“Well if you rub it and play with it some more I’m sure it will response with something”, I said. You smiled and responded with, “ Ok dear, you sit and I’ll work on you and you better respond or I will get irritated with you”. I saw you push your finger into your pussy and pulling it out glistening with your wetness. Then you lowered you face and encircled my soft dick with your mouth. I felt your hand reach under my butt and your finger softly probe my asshole. Slowly you pushed your finger into my rectum and you could feel my dick suddenly getting larger. You looked back up smiling at me and said,” You may be all right yet. It looks like I may have pushed into the hole and you feel like it may go another round”. You laughed.

When my cock harden again you rose up and we kissed exchanging each other’s feverish tongues. “ You’ve got me all hot again Janet, I would sure like to eat you again”. “No you aren’t. I’m going to get on top of you. I want you in me”. You straddled me with your knees and slowly lowered yourself onto me and placed your hands on my shoulders. I lifted your blouse and my mouth gently sucked and nibbled on your breasts as you slowly began raising yourself up and down on my hard dick. I held your nice soft buttocks in my hands as my hips responded to the rhythm of your body. You pushed your breast into my mouth as your body quicken to the rhythm and thrush of my hips. Suddenly I felt your body stiffen as an orgasm took you. As you relaxed with me still in you, you looked at me and smiled saying, “ You didn’t cum yet did you?” “No, I didn’t. I’m still hot. I’m want to eat you now. I would like you to sit on my face”. “Ok with me, love”. We kissed feverishly and I lay down on the seat while you slowly straddled my face and with your hands on my chest you lowered your glistening wet vagina and beautiful soft buttocks onto my face. My tongue circled your lips and then plunged into your wetness. You laid on my chest and encircled my dick with your mouth while my lips kissed and nibbled around your mound and buttocks. You moved your buttocks lower and reached around with your hands spreading your buns, wiggling your ass with your little back door next to my face, you said, “You don’t have a problem with giving my back door a little love too do you?” I lifted my face to your boot hole and kissed along its rim and then pushed the tip of my tongue into your boot and you moaned some more.
You moaned with desire as my mouth move to encircled and gently sucked on your clitoris. Madden by lust, our bodies trembled to release our build up desires. I thrust and stiffened my hips as I released myself. I could feel your release as you pushed your pussy and buttocks into my face.

We rose and kissed feverishly again as we felt and caressed each other in the after glow of our released tensions.

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