Weekend Retreat

By Anon


The car stopped at an old cottage with white washed walls and pink rambling roses scrambling up its high fence. The country lane was soft dirt and the house surrounded by green fields. Was it really here? She wondered. “Is this the one love?” the cabby asked, “yep, I think so.” She replied looking at the piece of paper in her hand. She jumped out and the cab driver removed her case from the back. “20 quid love” he said and was gone while she stood in the sunshine.

Once the car was out of sight the gate opened. A tall man with shoulder length dark hair stepped out. He smiled pleasantly, “Hello, you must be Ms Meadows”, “Yes” she replied shyly. “I am Matthew, come inside,” Matthew was wearing a softly fitted black T-shirt and supple black leather trousers, with the addition of a codpiece made like an erect cock in tightly stretched black leather.

Matthew carried her case inside the cool stone kitchen door. “I’ll be showing you to your room and explaining what goes on here.” He said, smiling and gesturing for her to follow up the steep wooden stairs. “ This will be your bedroom” The door opened onto an oldfashioned that was nestled under the roof of the old farm house. There was a giant four poster bed and other furniture in dark wood, the extravagant curtains and bed linen were pale blue. “We have given you the blue room,” he smiled, “The bathroom is through here.”

He closed the door behind them, removed her coat and hung it up. “Please sit down” She complied, sitting on the edge of the bed. “ So Ms Meadows, you will be exploring the delights of anal sex with us this weekend.” She nodded, looking down. “ Have you ever been penetrated anally?” “No” she whispered, “I like to be licked down there though.” “hmmm” his eyes were warm and kind, “ We will go slowly and test your capacity up here before we allow you to go down to any of the communal rooms. Please take off your clothes, I will bathe you.” He went to the bathroom and started to run water into the tub. She began to remove her deep green suit-dress. He drew breath when he returned to find her in black ruched net, bra, knickers and stockings. “Just take off your knickers” He said grasping her shoulders. Oh how she ached to see that arched black leather cock infornt of her. He slid down the straps of her bra and jerked her nipples out. Mmmmmm he sucked on her warm pink teats. Her pussy was moistening her thighs, slipping gently together as she swayed with pleasure. He pushed her back on the bed and began to lick her clit and engorged lips. “Oh, yessss.” She hissed. He pulled back, “Finger yourself honey lamb, while I get the enema, you need to be cleaned out first. Come into the bathroom.” He bent her over the edge of the bath as she furiously slid her finger back and forth over her pert clit. He inserted the tip of the tube into her anus and let the water flow up her ass. “Crouch over the plug hole” Hot mucky water oozed out of her tight hole. “ All done gorgeous, hop in the bath.” “ohhh she gasped “ Im nearly there, but I need to piss.” “Well into the water for you, you can piss in there” “Really” she looked startled but hopped into the deep hot bath . As she lay back he stood behind her and stroked her arms, shoulders, neck and breasts. He played with her erect nipples and siddled around to the side of the bath to insert his black leather codpiece in her mouth. Oh how she wanted to suck up his cock, the taught leather felt sexily smooth in her mouth, she ran her toungue around it. “Now sweetheart, piss.” She felt the sweet let down in her stomach as the yellow clouds filled the bath. Mmmmmmmmm she gurgled on his cock, as her pussy beat out an orgasm like anenome tentacles.

He helped her out of the bath and wrapped her in a large fluffy towel. “Good for the skin.” He laughed. They went back into the bedroom and Matthew rang a bell. “ We need the attendant for the next bit.” They were kissing luxuriously on the lips as the door opened. A woman with her hair in a bun entered with a silver tray. She was wearing a corset that cupped her breasts in cut out semicircles ( exposing her pierced nipples) and split at the crotch to hold her lips apart. She smiled, “I am Diane” . The tray held lubricant, a small jar of ointment and a vibrating double ended dildo. “ Lye on your back Ms Meadows.” Diane straddled her and began masturbating, Ms M’s pussy grew warm again at the sight of her gyrating. Matthew began to pull gently on the nipple rings from behind and caress her neck. “ Oh Matthew I need something in my ass!” “ Don’t worry, Ms Meadows is going to use you as rimming practice my dear.” Diane lay on her stomach legs crouched up with her haunches quivering. She still madly fingered her clit. “ So Ms Meadows, would you like to lick her arsehole? Tasty isn’t it” “ Oh yes, let me do it to her.” Ms M crouched behind Diane and began licking her pink tasty ring. Tiny feather licks at first, descending down to taste her salty hot pussy lips and returning to the pink doughnut of flesh. “Oh fuck yes darling, stretch me.” Diane cried . Ms M held apart her cheeks and ran her pointed tongue around the edge. Diane opened up like a camera appeture, the soft wet and shockingly pink inside of her arse revealed. Ms M’s tongue swirled around and entered Diane’s asshole. She stuck her tongue in as far as she could until her whole face was smothered.

Matthew was looking at all this with a grin on his face. He had unfastened his pants under his codpiece and pulled his cock from his pants. He now had two shining hard cocks on his groin. He leasiurely stroked the pink one. “Ms Meadows, your pussy is dripping onto the bedsheets, I think you need some stimulation.” The only reply was a groan. He approached her crouched body and delicately licked her arse with his tongue, “Ohhhhhhhh, ysssss.” He inserted his cock into her hot pink vagina, “ ughh uhha deeper.” He reached for the lubricant and spread it onto his black leather codpiece. Ms Meadows could feel the heads of two cocks on her and she cried out “fuck me, yes.” And kept on with her frenzied rimming of Diane, she put her finger in her ass as well , “take this gorgeous.” Said Matthew and handed her the dildo. She set it running and vibrated half of it’s double ended length down her arsehole, Diane was grunting and panting as Ms M licked her stretched hole.

Matthew reached for the little pot of ointment and spread some on Ms M’s ring. “ This is to take away the sting” he said. The ointment was strong peppermint and burned hot and cold on Ms M’s arse. He withdrew from fucking her pussy and teased both her holes with the tips of his cocks. Gently he started to insert just the tip in each tunnel. Ms M cried out with pleasure, slurping onto Diane’s arse being penetrated by the dildo. He gently went in a bit more, Ms M tensed, “relax” he said, she relaxed her bowels and he slid in. He began fucking her in each hole steadily and gently. “ Oh yessss”, she cried. “Stuff me like a roast chicken.” He reached his hand around and started caressing her clit.

Diane was shaking now, so close to coming. She grabbed a towel from next to the bed and put it under her. Ms M felt her hot piss stream from her pussy as Diane orgasmed, spasming and groaning under her tongue. Matthew withdrew from Ms M. “Crouch on all fours back to back. I want you fucking each other.” He rammed the other end of the dildo up Ms M. She felt it vibrate up the whole inside of her. He lay down underneath her and licked her clit, she could suck on his cock and she felt complete. Fucked in every hole and the huge wave of an orgasm washed over her.

Diane took charge and made Matthew kneel with his legs apart. Ms M lubricated his cute little ass and inserted the dildo. “Oh yeah baby, the whole way up, that’s right.” She licked around his dilated ass. Diane sucked on his pink cock until he came. He flopped onto the bed exhausted, and cradled them both under his arms. “ Well Ms M, delicious today. I think tomorrow the arse stretching and then maybe the day after you can go down to the common room.”


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