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Karen stood up and looked Melanie up and down from white panties to nearly black nipples, “Mmmmm mmmmm! Damn girl! Turn around.”

Melanie turned around. Karen began to get moist, as she looked at her nice dark ass. The white strip of the thong disappeared into the crack of Melanie’s ass thrilled Karen.

“Can I get dressed?” Melanie laughed.

“If you insist, go ahead.”

Melanie picked up her bra from the sink counter. She laid the cups flat against her belly with the cups up side down and, in side out, then slid the cups around to her back and fastened the hooks over her belly. She rotated the bra around so the cups were positioned underneath her breasts. She reached under the bra, flipped the cups up over her tits, and slid her arms one by one under the shoulder straps. Melanie reached inside the left cup and repositioned her tit, then reached inside the right cup and resituated that one. She was just able to fit her hand inside each of the cups. She looked up at Karen, “I bought a B I thought it would look better.” She put her hands down at her sides.

Karen was stunned, even though she knew she had worn the bra. Her mouth quivered slightly. Melanie’s nipples stood out prominently through the holes in the bra. The white of the bra spectacularly highlighted the blackness of her nipples. Her nipples stood erect.

Melanie started tweaking Karen’s erect nipples. Karen recovered from her awe and rubbed the palms of her hands over Melanie’s hard nipples. Melanie covered Karen’s hands with her own over her tits and began pressing them into her tits. “Call me ANY time.” She reached over to the sink counter and picked up her shirt and skirt. She finished dressing. “Thanks for letting me use your shower. I hope mine is fixed soon.”

Karen walked Melanie to the door. They hugged tightly. “Can I kiss you?”
Melanie laid her dark full lips on Karen’s. Karen felt the rare sensation of touching lips that were smooth, gracious, soft, moist, and on a non-abrasive face. Karen felt the fullness of Melanie’s dark lips. Karen ran her tongue along Melanie’s top lip and back across her lower lip, then across her smooth teeth. Karen pulled away first, “If we don’t stop I’m going to have to ask you to fuck me.”

“I’d like that.”

Karen unlocked the door and pulled it open, “Thank you very much.”

Melanie smiled, “Happy Birthday. Did you get your birthday spanking?” She joked.”

“No, Tom failed to get that done before he left on business.”

Melanie put her hand on Karen’s and closed the door, “Assume the position.”
Karen bent over and placed her hands on the door.

“How much?” Melanie asked.

“Thrill me.”

Melanie positioned her self to Karen’s right next to the off peach color wall. “Here you go.” She swung her right arm back and gave Karen a good swat on the ass.
Karen groaned. Her pussy swelled. Melanie let another strong arm swing go. Karen groaned again. Her pussy began to get wet. Melanie ran off three quick hard hits.
Karen’s behind began to take a light pink shade.

“Nice color,” Melanie said.

“Don’t stop,” Karen whispered.

Melanie brought her arm back and swung with some strength her hand landed flat across Karen’s pink ass. “You’ll have to explain that,” Melanie said. She reached under Karen’s ass and slid two fingers up Karen’s soaking wet cunt. She scooped up some of her love juice and licked her fingers clean. She reached under and scooped more cum.

“Ooooooo. I need to be screwed, - fucked badly,” Karen moaned.

Melanie offered her juicy fingers to Karen. Karen licked them clean.

“I really have to go now.” Melanie rubbed Karen’s quickly reddening ass.

“No please don’t,” Karen moaned.

Melanie smiled, “Why not?”

“I want you.”

“You want me for what?”

“Please Melanie?!” Karen begged, still with her red ass in the prone position.

“I said for what?” Melanie’s hand came down hard on Karen’s ass.

Karen jumped. “I want you to take me. I want you to lick me. I want you to do things to me that haven’t been done to me by another girl EVER.”

“You haven’t explained to me why yet,” Melanie said as her brown hand crashed down over Karen’s red ass.

Karen bowed her head and pleaded, “It’s my birthday and I want you for a present. I want you so badly.”

Melanie swiftly removed her clothes and moved closer to Karen and slid her curly kinky bush up and down Karen’s tingling ass. She felt the softness of the white ass rubbing gently up and down her thighs. Melanie’s loins were flowing with juice. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Karen.

Karen felt the roughness tingle up and down her scorched ass. She moaned loudly. She felt the soft arms wrap around her. She looked down at the brown hands that slowly and tenderly caress her breasts. She closed her eyes and felt the entire sensation. Her thoughts of the brown hands controlling her brought her near orgasm. Karen tried to turn.

Melanie felt Karen try to turn and relented. Karen had perhaps the greatest set of tits she had had her hands on. She would enjoy doing this woman. Melanie let Karen loose.

Karen stood on her toes placed her hands behind Melanie’s head and pulled her full lips to her own. Karen slid her tongue into Melanie’s mouth. She felt the warm love of her first encounter with another woman fully. Karen ran her tongue over Melanie’s tongue. She felt Melanie force her tongue back into her own mouth. She loved the gentleness that she had never gotten from Tom when they kissed this passionately.

Melanie slid her tongue over Karen’s teeth and along her lower lip. She licked Karnes closed lips. She liked this very much. Melanie pulled Karen to the bed. Karen fell back on the bed. She spread her legs, her mound glistened in love. Karen slid her hands down her sides as Melanie watched.

Melanie stood over Karen and waited and watched. She was ready to take what they both wanted. She watched Karen’s slowly trek down her taught breasts, over her stomach, across her clean hairless mound, and with her fingers she spread her lips and slid a finger in and began to slowly and carefully play with herself. Karen closed her eyes and waited while she grew hotter.

Watching Karen play Melanie slid her fingers into her own heat and felt the rage of ecstasy. Melanie kneeled before this greatest of offerings and slid her anxious tongue up Karen’s thigh. She barely heard Karen moan as she drove her wet tongue up the other thigh. Melanie caressed the sweet mound, at her beck and call, with her palm as she made the dive into Karen’s full and anguished box. Melanie tasted the bitter sweet juices, she licked them and enjoyed them in near rapture. She began flicking gingerly at Karen’s clit with her tongue. She felt the stiffness. Karen raised her legs and rested them softly on Melanie’s shoulders. She wanted so much to squeeze her tighter. She felt the soft cheeks against her inner thighs. She leaned up and pressed Melanie’s head tighter against her pussy. Karen’s moaned loudly. She began to come as Melanie prodded her clit with her tongue. “FUCK ME!” Karen yelled. She felt Melanie rise; she let her feet go down to the floor. She felt Melanie lift her carefully up by her quietly tingling ass and carefully slid her further back on the bed. Karen felt Melanie’s weight on the bed. Karen spread legs and pleaded, “TAKE ME. TAKE ME, PLEASE??!!”

Melanie lay back on the bed and spread a leg across Karen’s and slid one underneath the other. She slid up to Karen. She felt the firmness of Karen’s pussy against her own. Melanie grabbed the bedding and forced herself against Karen’s eager pussy.

Melanie and Karen began to make passionate love, twisting, vibrating, groaning, and moaning with each other pussy to pussy. Their juices mixed and mingled as did their moans and groans.

Karen cried for more. “YES, YES.” Melanie whispered as felt the softness of Karen’s hairless love against her own and cried for more.

Karen screamed and came like thunder crashing in her pussy and building intensity to roaring that traveled outward from her soul through out her whole body. She lay back and quivered.

Melanie grabbed the bedding in a tight fist and clenched her teeth as her black pussy lips meshed with the white lips of Karen. She felt the stinging sensation of passion tremble through her body in waves that over took her and left her weakened and panting. She felt her nipples stretching tight, as she came. She rubbed against Karen one last time.

Breathing hard herself, with what little strength she had left, Karen crawled on top of a panting Melanie, “Thank you very much,” she whispered and hugged Melanie. She watched Melanie slowly open her eyes and wondered at the depth of the darkness in her eyes. She was awed by the feeling she saw there. Melanie opened her eyes and looked into a pair of gorgeous blue eyes for the first time that close and with that much love and intoxication.

“Happy Birthday, I hope I made it better,” she whispered back and put her arms around Melanie.

“It was a great first time. There couldn’t have been a better one.”

They kissed gently and rested.


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