Missing Emma

By Shasha
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She was my best friend. We had known eachother since we were three and since then were attached at the hip. Unfortunately, we went away to Universities in different cities and grew apart over the years. The last I heard, Emma had dropped out of school and was working as a 'shooter' girl at the local strip club. It had been years since I'd seen her, but I couldn't help but feel sad when I thought of our past relationship.

When I graduated from University, I finally looked her up and invited her over for dinner. She was so happy to hear my voice that she agreed immediately. I took great preparation for Emma's arrival. It had been so long, I wanted to impress her with how much I'd grown up. The years at school had been good to me. My very thin figure blossomed into a curves and my breasts finally grew to be full and round. My naturally blonde hair, once short had grown so long, just past my shoulders. I started going to the tanning salon once in a while to achieve a very subtle glow to my skin. "Emma won't even recognize me" I though to myself.

When the doorbell finally rang, I couldn't believe who was standing in front of me. Emma had certainly grown into a beautiful woman. Her red hair was long and flowing, her tiny waist was accentuated by beautiful hips and long legs. I invited her in and we sat down and talked about old times. I could hardly look away from her and she admitted that she couldn't look away from me either. It felt so good to be with her.

As the night went on and the dinner dishes were already clean and put away, Emma got up to leave. As I walked her to the door I gave her a huge hug, pulling her near me and feeling her rigid nipples through the sheer of her top. I immediately began to get wet. I pushed her away casually and said goodnight. She reluctantly walked through the door and said her goodbyes.

WIth Emma now gone, I felt an undeniable heat pulsating between my legs. I quickly walked to my bedroom and began to undress with the full intention of giving it a little rub. As I slid off my black dress, I noticed my breasts were bulging out of my black lace bra. My nipples were rock hard and the tips were slightly swollen. I hadn't felt that aroused in a long time. As I slowly slid my hand down and then underneath my lace panties, i could feel how hot and moist I was. I suddenly, despite my curtains being open and my perfect stance in front of my mirror started to slide my finger in and out of my now steaming wet pussy. I felt waves of pleasure ripple up my body and into my breasts. I started to sway back and forth, arching my back, allowing my breasts to stick way out into the cold, night air. I began to go faster and faster causing me to gasp and squeak in pure pleasure. I must have been pretty loud because I didn't hear the door open. Suddenly, Emma was standing behind me. Her green eyes large with excitement. I wasnt embarassed at all. If anything, i was excited. She looked at me for only a second and then, as if knowing, she began to undo her blouse one button at a time. AS she did so, her perfectly round breasts fell softly out landing on top of her. Her nipples were large and swollen.
I closed my eyes for a moment because the excitement was too much for me to handle. I opened them as soon as I felt her warm hand cupping my wet pussy. She held it there only for a minute before she began rolling my clit in between her fingers. Her nipples were piercing into my back and I could feel the soft tuft of her pussy hair brushing against the small of my back. Her fingers were now rolling at an incredible speed. I could barely contain myself.
Finally, i turned around to face her and took one of her breasts in my hand. I then leaned down and started to lick the nipple softly with my tongue. Emma let out a groan. With little ease, I pushed her onto the bed behind her. I spread open her legs and began licking her dripping sweet pussy. Her cunt juices were now flowing down the sides of her legs. She began rocking back and forth as if face fucking me. Just as she was about to climax, she pushed me off and got on top of me.
She started to rub her soaked muff against mine. I could feel our lips parting and then closing again on top of eachothers. My clit was rubbing against hers and the sensations were getting more and more intense. Her breasts were slamming against mine as she had both of my buttocks in her hands. I could feel her nails digging in. I felt the insides of her labia as they were grinding against mine.
Finally, after I couldn't handle anymore I came.I could feel myself ejaculating all over her pussy and down her legs. She, in turn, was orgasming continually on top of me. I could feel her body shudder over and over. Then she slumped, lifeless on the bed beside me.
With a kiss, she fell asleep. And I lay there, wet and exhausted wanting more.


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