The Stranger's Surprise

By Dennis
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You see, I can also be quite submissive sometimes. Just as I was when I first met Danny.

He appeared in the forest while Simon was photographing me. He watched from a distance and we carried on while letting him know we knew he was there. Then I realised he had taken his cock out and was slowly rubbing it to its full size. I go so turned on I had stripped completely and was lying on the grass with my legs wide open and masturbating in front of him.

Once he came over to us [still stroking his huge cock] he stood over me and shot his load over my face without saying a word. Then he leant forward, pulled me into his crutch my by hair and ordered me to suck him clean. His cock just got hard again and then he turned to Simon and told him "now I'm going to fuck the dirty slut". Simon just smiled at me and took his cock out as well.

Danny put me on my hands and knees and rubbed his length against my arse. I felt so dirty with his first cum load still dripping off my chin and I was groaning for him to fuck me. Danny got a sachet of oil out of his pocket and began to pour it between my cheeks and then slid a finger into my anus to get me lubricated. I was scared of his size but I knew what he was going to do and before I could stop him, I felt the knob end of his cock slipping in me while he just gave me a few inches to open me and I was ready to scream. I nearly did when he slid the full length in but Simon stuffed his cock in my mouth at the same time so I was gagging. Then I just lost it completely while they both roasted me.

I've been sodomized before but never outdoors. Danny asked Simon if I took arse to mouth. Simon said of course I would. Danny kept fucking my arse and got faster and deeper until he suddenly slid out of me, pulled me back by the hair again, swung me around and forced his cock right into my mouth. I could taste the lubricant and my bum juices on his cock and then he exploded in my mouth. There seemed like gallons of it and I was choking as I tried to swallow it. Then Simon shoved his cock into my mouth and I took another load. There was so much it was pouring out of my mouth and down my chin onto my chest.

I felt so used and degraded I didn't even try to stop them when Danny said he thought they should help me wash the cum off as he stood astride me and gave me a golden shower.

On another occasion I met a guy called Dave in a public toilet, itís a very popular cottage. It's down an alleyway just off a main road but it isn't well lit around there and Quite easy to sneak in without anyone seeing if you're careful. They don't lock
It at night but they turn off the lighting after about it's very dark
And it takes a few minutes to really get to see who's in there.

Its quite smelly and when I lit a match there were pools of cum on the floor and in the urinal but we were on our own. I told him it was disgusting but he just shoved me up against the wall and took my cock out, I was JUST wearing a long black coat and heelsí so getting at me wasnít too difficult! Dave pulled his cock out and ordered me to get down on it. The Combination of being in such a filthy place, where anyone might walk in, half Naked and being ordered to suck his cock was an incredible turn on.

There are two cubicles and he pushed me into one of them and told me to shut
The door, strip and wait. I lit another match and there was a huge blob of cum
Actually dripping down the wall, a couple of used condoms on the floor and a
couple of cum stained pages from a dirty mag by the loo. The loo didn't have a
seat and was just made of cold metal. I didn't know what I was doing in such a
filthy place, smelling of piss and sweat, but I was getting very turned on. I
took off my coat, sat on the cold metal seat [it was slippy and then I realised
there was cum on the seat as well] I heard footsteps outside and there was some shuffling about and some muttering. I stayed where I was and then, after a few minutes I heard a guy groaning and saying things like "Oh yeah, suck on it baby"
I decided I wanted to know just what was going on and opened the door a little
way to see three guys all sucking and touching each other with. One of them was a very young guy who was clearly excited and was panting while he bent over and offered a lovely tight bum to Dave, almost begging to be fucked. I slid out of the cubicle and joined in.

Everyone could see fairly well by now and I didn't want to scare them so I sank
to my knees in front of the youngest guy and started to suck him. The other guy
obviously couldn't believe what was happening but I soon paid him some
attention as well and it took no time for both of the strangers to get there
hands on me. It was suggested that i needed a good fucking.

The younger guy was very clean and had a lovely body but the other guy was older
and quite dirty. He had obviously been in the pub before dropping in for his
late night wanking session and still had his work clothes on. From the smell of
them and the state of his hands he was probably a builder and he was very rough
with me. His cock wasn't very long but it was as thick as my wrist and I had
trouble getting it into my mouth. As one point Dave and I got into a little
"double licking" trick on him and he loved that.

Dave bent me over the urinal and offered me to the young guy first. He slid into
me with one long stroke and started to pump me hard and fast. I was whimpering
and Mark told me to keep the noise down. The builder pushed in front of me and
told Dave "this'll shut him up" as he forced his cock into my mouth. Dave went
and pushed the outside door shut to try to discourage passers by - god knows
what would have happened if someone had walked in by then.

They just turned the whole toilet into a fuck pit and I wound up on the filthy
floor while the builder took me as roughly as I thought he would. Dave told the
young guy to bend over my head so I could suck him and then I felt the guy
almost fall on top of me as Dave slid into his arse and began to fuck him. I
can't remember who started to cum first but someone shouted for them to soak me and there were cocks shooting all over me in no time.

I knew just how excited I had got about the golden shower from Danny so I moved so that I was sitting up against the urinal. I spread my arms out so they were trailing in the water trough then I asked the guys if they needed to piss after cumming. Dave then stood in front of me and began to shoot hot piss all over my face and chest. Then the others joined in.

When they had finished Dave dragged me to my feet - ordered me to get my coat and then pushed me out into the alley, still drenched in cum and piss. When I got home he refused to let me clean up but stripped me in the hall, laid me on the floor and lifted my legs up high. He fucked my wet cum filled arse again while he licked my face and nipples calling me every kind of whore. I felt totally degraded by the whole experience I finished off the evening by taking it arse to mouth again.


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