On The Road

By Melissa Carmicheal
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This story is based on true experiences I have had as a musician.

I was back in my hotel room after the show. I had just had a bath and I was sitting on the bed with just a towel round my waist, drying my long dark hair. Suddenly there was a knock on my door. I went to see who it was and to my surprise it was Jamie, the guitar player from the support group.

"I've got some uppers," he said, "do you want some?"
"Sure," I replied, feeling excited. He came in and we
both sat on the bed and took the stuff.
Jamie was nice looking, about nineteen, with long
blonde wavy hair and a sort of feminine face, big blue
eyes with long lashes, and a soft pouty mouth. Quite
pretty really for a boy. He was wearing a lacy white
shirt and black satin pants.

We sat on the bed talking and I felt the pills
working. I felt bold and a bit randy, a strange tingly
sexy feeling.

He said he liked me straight away because he felt I
was like him a lot.
"I love your long dark hair Chris," he said and he ran
his fingers through my hair. As I looked at him I
noticed how slender he was. He was built like a girl.
I thought he was a girl when I saw him on stage, on
the first concert.
"I love your shirt," I said, "it's sort of
"It's a girl's shirt," he replied. "My girlfriend's
actually. We're the same size."
"It's lovely, I wish I had one like that," I said
"You like it? Here, you can try it on if you like.
It'll probably fit you, you're as skinny as me."
He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. I noticed his
smooth chest and pretty little brown nipples. I
started to get strange feelings.
He looked at me as I tried his shirt on.
"It fits you! Looks good on you too," he said.
I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror.
Suddenly my towel fell off and I was standing there
with Jamie's shirt on and nothing else.
"Oops!" I said, then I noticed my tiny naked cock in
the mirror.
"Wow, the pills made my cock shrink, look," Feeling
bold from the uppers, I took my cock in my hand and
showed it to him.
"I know, look at mine," Jamie replied. He unzipped his
pants and slipped them way down his legs. I saw his
cute little penis, nestling in soft curly pubic hairs
between his pretty thighs. He looked gorgeous, almost
completely naked, his fluffy blonde hair falling down
over his soft girly shoulders.
"You have a beautiful body," I said.
"Do you think so?" he said. "I was thinking the same
about you."
He looked at me with his sexy blue eyes.
"I feel like getting all naked," he added, and he
quickly took the rest of his clothes off. He was
completely nude, his body was slender and very
feminine with small shoulders and chest and a tiny
waist. He had rounded curvy hips and long smooth legs.
I looked at his lovely body and I have to admit I
fancied him, I wanted to touch his gorgeous body.
He spread his slender arms over his head and laid back
on the bed.
"Ooh, I feel great, I love having nothing on, don't
you?" he said. He looked beautiful with no clothes on.
His skin was as smooth as a girl's and he had no hair
anywhere except his little pubic patch.
He sat up and looked at me, his long wavy blonde hair
falling down prettily over his shoulders. "Don't you
want to be naked, like me?"
"Yes," I said, my heart racing, and I slipped his
shirt off my shoulders and let it fall on the floor.
Now I had nothing on either and I didn't care, I felt
so horny from the pills.
"Ooh! we're both naked," he said, his eyes running
slowly over me, looking at my nude body. "You look
lovely with nothing on."
I walked over to the bed and sat down next to him.
My thigh touched his and I felt a tingle go through
me. I knew he must be feeling sexy tingles too.
"You have such a nice body," I said, and I reached
over and touched his shoulder with my fingertips. I
caressed his soft skin lightly, barely touching him.
He didn't stop me and I started to stroke his arm,
lightly running my fingers up and down his smooth
"Ooh, this is lovely," he said, leaning gently against
me. "You're so gentle."
I felt his hand on my leg. He was touching me ever so
gently, stroking the inside of my naked thigh.
"Ooh yes," I whispered, "that feels incredible." I
turned towards him and kissed his cheek lightly. I
rested my head on his shoulder and our long hair
mingled together. I moved my hand down to his waist
and stroked his tummy softly. My fingertips were
touching the top of his pubic hairs.
"Mmm," he said as he felt my thigh, "your legs feel so
He turned his pretty face to me, his mouth open.
"You're so girly," he said to me, "I love you." He
kissed me on the lips. Our mouths touched softly, two
boys kissing tenderly, naked together on the bed.
"I wanted to do this since I first saw you," I said
when we finally stopped kissing. "I love your mouth."
I kissed him again. "You kiss like a girl."
"So do you," said Jamie, flicking his blonde hair back
over one sexy bare shoulder. "You look like a girl
too." We kissed each other on the lips for about ten
minutes, gently, touching our soft wet mouths
together. It was so sexy. I felt tingles all through
my body. I started playing with his pubic hairs as we
were kissing, running my fingers through the soft
curly light brown hairs, I touched his little cock
with my fingers and he gave a gasp. He let his pretty
legs fall open and I played with his cock, taking it
gently in my fingers, feeling his soft manhood. It was
so sexy to play with another boy's cock.
"The pills make it difficult to get a hard on," he
said. Then he leaned towards me and whispered in my
ear, "but it feels fantastic when you touch me. I love
it when you play with my cock." He kissed my neck and
my shoulder with those delicious lips of his. I
shivered with sexy pleasure.
"Think of something sexy." I said, softly fondling his
cock, "and see if you can get a hard on. Imagine I'm a
really sexy girl." I gently stroked his smooth naked
thighs and played with his cock, delicately like a
girl would.
"You are just like a girl," he said and kissed my lips
again, my pretty boy, all naked and soft and lovely.
"A girl with a cock," he added, and he reached over
and put his hand on my cock. I gasped with ecstasy as
I felt his fingers touch my cock and then begin
stroking it. I have never felt such a sexy feeling as
having another boy play with my penis on uppers. He
kissed me again on the lips, his mouth open, and he
touched his tongue lightly against mine.
"I love your little rosebud mouth," he said, "You
really look like a girl. I could kiss you forever."
"Kiss me all over," I said, leaning back on the bed
with my arms over my head. I had nothing on at all and
it felt deliciously sexy to be naked so close to
another naked boy.
He bent over me and his long blonde hair fell over me,
tickling my chest. I could feel his soft lips
touching my little boy's nipple. He kissed my chest
softly all over with his pretty mouth. He kissed my
left nipple, opening his mouth so my nipple slipped
between his soft wet lips.
"Pretty boy kissing my nipples. I love to watch you,"
I said.
He started kissing my tummy and soon he was kissing
the tops of my legs.
"I love your mouth," I breathed, as I watched him kiss
my thighs. I opened my legs and I sighed softly as I
felt his lips touch my cock. I watched him open his
mouth and take my little soft cock between his wet
lips. My cock slipped into his lovely wet warm mouth.
It felt absolutely fantastically sexy.
"Oh, Jamie," I cried softly, "you sexy boy, my cock's
in your mouth," I whispered. He let my cock slip out
of his mouth and then let it slip in again, It was so
sexy watching my cock slide in and out of his boy's
mouth. He looked up at me, his lips in a pretty pout,
full and red.
"Do I feel like a girl?" he asked, his soft lips
shining wetly.
"You're sexier than most girls," I said. I pulled his
skinny body towards me and I hugged him tenderly. We
looked in each other's eyes and he kissed me on the
lips. I put my hand between his legs and began to feel
the insides of his thigh, stroking his soft naked skin
gently. He sighed as I touched his cock. He moaned
"Chrissie, I love your touch," he whispered. I loved
the way he called me Chrissie.

To be continued...if you like it...


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