Touching You
A sensual interlude between two women.

By Wicked Lady
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How I long to feel your touch; to hold your body next to mine, naked before the dying sun. I fall upon my knees at your feet, my lips pressed against your cool flesh. My arms coil around your long slender legs, soft sensual kisses moving upward. Soon my lips find that wondrous mound, a different wetness against my cheek; your swollen bud beckoning me, eager for my hunger. Your eyes lock upon mine, the warm waters swirling around us as we are each lost in our own ecstasy.

My hands slowly trace the contours of your body, my mouth moving to your breast. Searching. I find and enclose one nipple, feeling its hardness grow. My tongue tracing around each breast and down your chest slowly across your belly. My mouth moves to your hip and I slowly kiss your soft skin down to your inner thighs. My lips graze the soft skin of your thighs; I trail my tongue across your belly. Moving slowly down, down towards that beautiful place between your thighs I find your clitoris. I gently twirl my tongue around it, sucking it into my mouth. I hear you moaning; your hips moving closer.

I place my fingers between your lips and gently ease them apart, exposing your inviting wetness. I place my tongue to your opening and gently plunge it deep within you. My body is aching for you. Tasting your sweet juices drives me to the brink. I shift my mouth, covering your lips with mine, our tongues intertwined. You taste your sweetness on my lips. My fingers move to where my mouth was just at, stroking you slowly. Feeling you throb against my finger tips, I suck your tongue into my mouth.

Your moan of pleasure making me more excited. Your fingers trail down my belly and find my wetness. Your fingers begin to work their magic. Each of us moaning softly as we bring one another to explosive heights. Our bodies wrapped tightly together, hearts pounding in time. My tongue traces the softness of your neck, stopping briefly so I might nibble. Your skin is so sweet, your fingers driving me crazy as they move lightly over my clit. I moan against your neck, moving together in magical rhythm. Soft moans from each other intensify the feelings. I move you so you're above me, so I can devour your sweetness again and again, pulling you down so the tip of my tongue traces along your glistening lips. I feel you tremble as my tongue licks gently back and forth, savoring the sweet taste of you.

Feeling you tremble against my tongue, as it parts your lips searching for the source of your pleasure. Finding it, feeling you throb against my mouth. My tongue caresses it, teasing the tip. I hear you moan, your fingers rubbing lightly across my nipples as I suck your throbbing clit into my mouth. I hear your gasp of pleasure as I suck gently before increasing the pressure; my tongue sliding all around it as I suck harder. Your hips make love to my mouth in a slow motion rhythm. My hands running softly over your ass pull you down on my mouth.

My tongue plunges deep in you. I can feel you tighten up as my tongue plunges repeatedly in your pussy. Your sweet juices trail down my tongue, increasing my hunger for you. Holding you tighter, my tongue probing deeper, I canít get enough of your sweetness. I can feel your excitement building. Holding your ass with both my hands, so tight to my face I stroke my tongue in and out of you. Sliding out only to run it across your trembling clit. Feeling it get harder, and then plunging back into you again and again hearing you begging for release. Your moans getting louder, I stop. Pulling my mouth back, I take my fingers and gently spread your lips. I want to see you throbbing, your pussy glistening from your juices. My tongue tenderly caresses the tip of you're clit, driving you closer to madness. I can feel your lips trailing kisses across my belly, your hands gripping my thighs as you spread my legs. Your tongue slides down, discovering how wet you have made me. As I plunge my tongue back into your sweet pussy, your lips wrap around my clit sucking it hard into your mouth.

I drive my tongue in and out of you with urgency. I want you to explode on me. Wanting your sweet juices running down my tongue. Your mouth sucks harder on my clit, your tongue moving all around it. My fingers grip your ass tighter, pulling you harder on my tongue. I feel you slide a finger inside me, my pussy dripping with wetness as I grip your finger, moving my hips so I can feel you deeper in me. Moving my mouth back to your clit, I wrap my lips tight around it. Itís so hot, youíre throbbing harder. I feel your excitement as my mouth works to bring you over the edge. Your tongue licks around my clit, my pussy moving faster against your sweet mouth. I slide my finger back into your pussy, driving it in deeper. Feeling you tremble, then sliding it up against your ass gently. Moving it in you, I feel you gasp as I enter your tight ass. Your pussy quivers against my mouth as I move slowly, and then faster, begging you to cum. You're so tight on my clit, licking and sucking me harder. My finger increasing the pace, you moan against my clit that youíre going to explode.

I feel my own excitement rising. Pulling you tighter to my mouth. I feel your body start to shake and wither as your sweetness explodes all over my mouth. Youíre mouth sucking harder on my clit as you cum hard. I moan as I let my self go. Your tongue plunging in to my shaking pussy, I explode all over it. My pussy grips your tongue as my cum drips down your face, eagerly licking your sweet juices up as you cum harder. I want every drop of your sweet juice. Our bodies trembling against each other, we continue cumming more intensely together. Moving so we are lying face to face, I run my tongue around your sweet mouth, tasting myself on your lips. I feel your tongue doing the same to me, your sweet juices still on my lips as our mouths open against each others to share a deep loving kiss. Turning over so my back is against you, your legs wrapped around me, I pull your arms tightly around me, lying so close and tight together. We drift off to sleep, your lips against my neck, my arms wrapped around yours. Sighing softly as sleep overtakes us, soft smiles grace our faces.


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