First Anniversary
by RS

It's our first anniversary  and my lover (spouse) and I plan a day of adventure at a local motel. We drove there separately each having a "bag of tricks" and lots of naughty ideas on how to spend the day.

I arrived at the motel before him.  I put some George Winston in the CD player enhance the mood.

I go into the bathroom to slip into the lingerie number that I just bought. It's a teal blue silk gown with a front slit all the way to my crotch.

It feels so sexy against my body that I begin to caress my breast.  I turned myself on.  I almost began to finger my pussy when. There is a knock on the door.  I check the peep hole to make sure it's him and then I open the door.

He puts down the bag he is carrying, and looks me over with delight. I can see that the lingerie was well worth the money.   His look of approval the fact that his cock is already straining against his jeans made all the difference..

He says, I will be right back.  The way you are looking for me today I'm going to give you pleasure like you've never had before." He goes to and brings in another bag from the car.   He pulls out a bottle of wine and two glasses. He pours me a glass and asks me to go
wait in the bathroom until he comes to get me.

I do as he asks and wonders what are in store for me. A few minutes go by, then he opens the door and comes in with a scarf to tie around my eyes. He places the scarf over my eyes and ties it so that I am unable to see. He takes me by the hand and sets me down on the bed. I smell the candles and the wine, but now the entire room smells like a garden. I
reach down and touch the sheets. He has covered them with rose petals! He asks me to keep the scarf over my eyes for a little while longer. I tremble with anticipation, wondering what could be next.

He stands up and I can feel him in front of me. I feel the soft, hot, velvety tip of his cock touch my cheek. I open my mouth and my tongue reacts to the nearness of it.

I got into it and massaged his balls. I am is so wet at this point that all I want is engulf his manhood with my feminine delight and feel him deep inside as I rub my juices all over him. He gently pulls my head forward one last time I slowly pull back as he cums right down my chin and to my mouth. I swallow at least four times to get it all.

I notice that he is shaking from the intensity of the orgasm and trying to catch his breath. He tells me that there is a drop of cum my lips, he bends down and kisses it away -- then takes the scarf off  slowly pilling it around my neck and wipes dry my chin.  I take the scarf from
his hand and kiss it then bringing it down to his still throbbing cock gently wipe it dry and tie it around his balls. He takes our wine glasses and goes into the bathroom to run a bath. He calls me in and there are bubbles everywhere. I get in the tub with him and we laugh as
bubbles and water spill onto the floor. We drink our wine and relax for a few minutes, then he turns me to face him. He thanks me for the fantastic blow job and says it's your turn.  He picks up a bottle of some fragrant relaxing soap.   He begins to pour some into  his hands and  lathers the lotion progressing  to lather my back needing my neck muscle until I slump into his lap. Picking up the bottle again he allows the soap to trickle down onto my beast. Then with me lying in his lap reaches his arms around me and starts lathering my beast.  I can feel
his once limp cock begin to swell as the pleasure he receives from the feel of my tits excites himself.  As I lie there in a relaxed ecstasy I contemplate what may to follow.  This is the first time that he has been able to regain an erection after making love.  I can tell by his deep
breathes the he was being excited.   My body lying on his cock, the warm water, and the feel of my breast have brought m to the point where we have long tried to obtain.  He gives me a long deep kiss and says there is more in store for me.  I rise from the water with bubbles dripping from all parts of my body.  I notice his arousal as he watches the bubbles fall from my nipples, and from my moist lower hairs.  He reaches  for the shower head and removes it from its hook warms the water to a comfortable temperature then rinses my body.  As he removes all the soap from my body he stops at my pussy and allows the water to excite me.
Little does he know I have use this method before while he was away and unable to satisfy my desires.  I could see by his still hard erection this turned him on.  I grabbed the shower head from his hand and told him to sit back and watch.  I must have given him a good show as he also reached down and began to stroke his manhood.  The excitement must have overwhelmed him as he suddenly notices I was watching what he was doing,
paying close attention to his technique, that I may use it to please him someday.  I notice his embarrassment to my watching as he stopped what he was doing.  I was a little disappointed as I was so turned on.  I wanted to watch him bring himself to climax and watch as his cum graced his hands.  This will be something we will have to work on later.  He
stood up all of him was up and at attention as he took hold of my arm and brought me close to him we embraced in a long passionate kiss.  He then took control as he lifted my body into his arms (this must have been to regain his maleness) and carried me back to the bedroom.

He lowers me to the bed and cannot wait to slide his once again rock hard cock into my pretty pussy. But before he spreads my legs baring my tender charm.  Slowly he kisses my foot making sure not to miss each toe, while caressing my calf.  I am so wet.  I reach down to feel the juices I want to be ready, my fingers probe my folds I arch my back in delight.  His lips continue down my leg.  I know what is coming.  I cannot wait his teasing drives crazy with anticipation of this special kiss.   His lips finally reach their long awaited target.   I remove my
moisten finger and slide it into his mouth.  His tongue begins its probe.  I have been waiting for this.  I wrap my legs around his head and pull his face into my love cannel. I would smoother him with my special love if I could.  He continues his desire to bring me to climax
by his kiss.  Every inch of my folds he probes until he finds that special spot the send me into an uncontrollable squeal.  He inserts his fingers and continues this kiss as he licks my clitoris and makes his way to my ass and back.  He is driving me wild.  I can not control my
restraints.   I must release.   I must I sit up and grab his head as I begin to cum and hold his face in that most desirable place, slowly I release his head and lie back to the bed.  Breathing heavenly I catch a glimpse of him.   He begins to approach my resting place.   His swollen cock erect and anxious.  My eyes open wide as he spreads my legs and
whispers to me “Allow me to make Love With You."

He penetrates my lips and pulls me to his hips as his cock fills my quivering pussy.  Slowly he thrust himself bringing his cock almost totally out of its warm home, and them slowly deep back in again.  'Oh Now I outburst as I feel the sensation to cum again.  I cum as I never
came before.    Just then I feel the head of his cock swell, as he groans.  I call to him cum please cum, cum on my beast I want to feel your cum land on my tits.  I release, then reach for his throbbing cock as I stroke him and direct his cum to my breast.  I squeeze as the first
pulse cums causing the first spurt to hit me in the face then I bring my beast close as I rub my tits on his head as he cums.  He quivers then falls back in exhaust.  A smile on his tired face as I pull him to me an embrace pressing his love juice to his chest and around mine.
What will We Do Next Year?