By Ski-bob
Dear Candace,
Thinking about me? I've been thinking about you.I've been thinking about April 24th. I'll start by kissing your face. Light kisses across your forehead. My lips will brush your eyebrows, then down to your eyes. I'll linger there to work you into a frenzy. Your cheeks will be next to feel my lips. Finally, your lips. Can you feel my tongue against yours? I think your tongue feels great as it dances against mine. My tongue leaves your mouth for your neck. My mouth sucking on your sweet neck, my tongue finding your pulse feeling your heartbeat rise.
I work lower, my hands unbuttoning your blouse. I'm kissing each new area of exposed flesh. No more buttons. I enjoy kissing your belly. All those crunches have made it so sexy, firm. Your belly button attracts my tongue. I stab in and out trying to excite you. I kiss my way back up to your stomach to your bra. How did you know I love bras that snap in front? I think that makes you more desirable.I unsnap your bra, but do not expose your breasts. Not yet, I have somthing special planned.
I turn you around. I lift your hair to kiss the back of your neck. I slip your blouse of your arms and it falls to the floor. My tongue leaves a trail from your neck to your shoulder. My lipps begin to kiss their way down your spine. My hands move in front to cup your breasts. They feel hot, burning, my hands squeeze and caress. I finally slide your bra off. I continue to trail kisses down your spine. My hands must continue down to your stomach, then to your hips.
My lips settle in the small of your back. I lower the zipper in the back of your skirt. Your skirt joins your clothes on the floor. I love your panties. White lace that hides nothing at all. You might as well not have bothered, but they make your ass sexier. I rain kisses across the exposed places. I have to hold you're hips because you keep squirming.
Suddenly, I stand up. I grab your hair to pull your head back and kiss your neck. Your head turns so I can taste your tongue. Our tongues twirl against each other. Can you feel how my cock presses against your ass? Can you feel how it throbs? How it has its own pulse? My other hand reaches into your panties. My fingers run through your pubic hair. I reach lower and feel your wettness and heat. I begin to rub your pussy trying to make you wetter. My tongue stabs faster into your mouth trying to match the tempo of my fingers. Your panties tear, there isn't enough room for my hand caressing your pussy. They fall to the growing pile of clothes on the floor.
I force you to bend over, your hands flat on the bed. I spread your legs apart. I kiss the back of your thighs. My tongue coming closer to your pussy. I smell your need, I want to taste you. I plunge my tongue into your pussy. You taste so sweet, better than chocolate.I cover you with my mouth, sucking and licking. I start to rub your clit with one hand, sucking and licking harder. My other hand caresses your ass, my thumb working between the cheeks. My thumb begins to circle your anus, teasing it. I rub your clit harder, trying to suck the juices out of you. My thumb starts to penetrate. I begin to lick , suck, rub your clit, and pump your ass at the same time. I go faster, I start to lose hold of you, your orgasm overpowers me. You collapse forward on the bed.
YOU TOLD ME YOU WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR SOMEONE THAT WOULD KISS YOUR EYES. What will you do? I will be home Tuesday, all day, no roommate. Let me know what you will do. I'll check my mail Tuesday when I get home from work at 7:00AM. Tell me then what you want to do. I'll be waiting.