by Marc Eiland
Violent waves from an angry ocean, crash upon the sands at the base of a small beach house which sits precariously on the edge of a shoreline. A dangerous storm which has moved into the area batters down strong winds, menacing lightning, and destructive waves onto this delicate domicile. Inside this questionable shelter are two people who, after becoming stranded on this beach, decided to take refuge. Two strangers thrown together, either by fate or coincidence, who would embrace each other through desperation and the desire to hold someone in a time of crisis.
The first of the two is a young woman, somewhere in her twenties, who was jogging when the brunt of the storm caught her on the beach. Her hair, though drenched, was almost black, her skin barely tan. She wore a drenched sweat suit which clung closely to her fit body.
The other was a young man in his late twenties who was out in the ocean doing some snorkeling. He became so engrossed in it, that he swam about a quarter of a mile from his own beach house. The lightning and winds became so intense that he decided to hold up here until they calmed enough for him to make it home. All he wore were some boxers in which he swam, which were of course soaked.
It had been several hours that the two had been held up in this house. The storm had grown progressively worse since they had fled into someone else's home. Whoever owned the place hadn't come home and considering the force of the storm probably would not soon. It was mid-morning when these two accidental strangers met, relatively clear, though now, it was nearly black outside. With the exception of the many flashes of lightning. In this time period together, the two hadn't really spoke, aside from the man telling, coaxing her into this house which was not his.
The power had been out since the two had entered the house, and they had candles and flashlights in use. Since the storm had gotten worse, the house quickly became littered with soft, flickering, yellow light from the many candles they had lit. Each had hoped silently that the storm would have subsided by this time, and they would be home. Now, however, with the storm worsening, fear of not escaping this crisis was quickly bringing them together. The young woman, who had been pacing incessantly for the past twenty minutes finally broke the silence between them.
"It's beginning to look like the storm is never gonna go away." Her soft voice was clearly tainted with fear and concern, "this may have been my final jog. I spent years staying in shape, waiting for mister right to come and sweep me off my feet, and what happens...?" With her hands, she gestures at her body, "this beautifully, fit body goes to waste in a storm because I was jogging instead of watching the Weather Channel."
The young man looked her over and tried to lift her spirits by joking, "it's not a total waste... at least when they find our bodies, the coroner that takes possession of yours will be envied by his undertaking friends."
It was clear by her gaze that she was not amused. "Is that all you can do? Sit there and make fun of me when we're about to die. I've never been truly romanced in my life. And in my last moments on Earth, I'm stuck with some kid who would rather make jokes about me, than to make love to me."
"I would give my life to have you. It's just hard to believe that someone with your beauty could possibly be a virgin."
"I never said I was a virgin, I said I've never been romanced. Never met a man who could satisfy me emotionally or sexually. And now it seems I will never know what it's like to be touched both emotionally and physically. Life's a beach, and that's where you die."
"I can touch your heart and I would love to touch your body. I just didn't think that you would be able to appreciate me. I mean, I'm no Mel Gibson."
"Well, if you could touch my heart, you would be better."
His eyes met hers and a moment of silent thoughts echoed between them, while outside the storm raged on. And for a moment, the two saw some good from this storm.
"Oh, by the way, my name is Marc... it's a pleasure to meet you," he said as he put out his hand.
She shook his hand as she replied, "and you. I am Marianne. So... keeping in mind this could be our last moment to touch someone, will you take me?"
Without speaking, Marc nodded his head and put his arms around her waist. "We should really get out of these wet clothes. We wouldn't want to catch a cold."
"Yeah... if I'm gonna die, I want to die healthy."
The moment had finally lightened between them as they both shared a laugh. Marianne put his hands at the tail of her sweat shirt and asked him to help her pull it off. Marc did so willingly and watched it slide over her small firm breasts, his eyes widened as her firm nipples snapped as the tight clothing slid past them. She smiled at his reaction and stifled a giggle.
Marianne then put his hands on her hips and with her head gestured at her sweat pants. He knelt before her and gently pulled them down her slim hips, past her knees, and finally over her petite feet one by one. As he sat on his knees, his eyes were level with her womanhood and he leaned in slowly, placing the side of his face against her tuft.
Again a smile etched over her lips, and this time she placed her hands on his head and stroked his hair with her fingers. Some how or another, she was sure that this would be his first time. And with that in mind, she knew that it would be an experience for her as well.
She decided that she might have to talk him through the first few moments. "Now, Marc, lift me in your arms and carry me into the next room. Then gently lay me on the floor near the candles."
Marc did as she asked and carried her into the den, and lovingly placed her gently on the floor. As this was about to be his first time, and that he had never touched a woman before, he wanted so much just to feel every inch of her skin. Just to run his hands and fingers over every contour. Just to feel in his heart as well as his palms what a woman was like. But she would probably think that's weird and tried to put it out of his mind.
Seeing the curiosity in his eyes, she smiled lightly, "what do you want to do? I know this is your first time. Do it, no matter what it is. Tell me."
Though the candles only put forth a minimal amount of light, she clearly saw his face flush red. His voice became vulnerable and timid, "I want to touch you, but not just your breasts or... your womanhood. I just want to run my hands over every inch of your skin. To feel every muscle, every contour. Your body is just so beautiful, I want to appreciate it in every way."
Inside her, she could feel not only excitement, but she was flattered by his honesty and his desire to experience her the way that she always wanted a man to. Marc was definitely not only amazed, but also fascinated with her, and this was the ultimate aphrodisiac for her. "Then please do." Marianne took his hands in hers and placed his palms against her stomach. "Feel every inch of me. Touch me anywhere that you wish. I want you to know desire, because once you know it, we can embrace it together."
Marc's hands slowly moved from her stomach, to her breasts, gently caressing them and with his fingertips fondling her nipples. Slowly and reluctantly he moved back down towards her stomach, over it and into the sparse hairs which covered her womanhood. Marianne felt erotic sensations within her as his fingers teased her lips and rubbed over her clit. However, his hands then moved to her hips, feeling as much of her cheeks that weren't touching the floor. Then on down her legs he moved, slowly feeling and touching them. When reaching her feet, he gently caressed them and placed them against the sides of his face.
For a few moments his kissed the bottoms of her feet, his tongue playing over the wrinkles as her feet curled with anticipation. As much as she was enjoying his curiosity, she wished Marc would pay more attention to other parts of her body. And almost as if he'd heard her thoughts, he began to move up the insides of her legs, placing kisses barely inches apart.
Perhaps she could speed him up by telling him how to take her. 'Nah,' she thought. Of all the men she'd had, this was the first who actually spent time exploring her body. The others were in and out, getting what they wanted and pushing her aside when they were done. Finally she would experience passion as it was meant to be. Though the storm raged relentlessly outside, its rains resounding through the roof, for the moment, her only thoughts were on the pleasure which was building within her.
Marianne embraced her feelings as she felt his smooth wet tongue moving up the inside of her legs. Slowly moving past her knees, up her thighs, and finally reaching her eager womanhood, which was barely wet in anticipation. Her eyes rolled into the backs of her eyelids as he gently slid it between her lips and could feel as he swirled around her clit. As he probed her with his tongue, he also inserted his right fore finger and gently probed within her. As her back began to arch she placed her fingers on either side of her lips and spread them open so that he could dip deeper within her womanhood.
And plunge deeper he did, till soon his mouth was in full embrace with her womanhood. Her lips touching his, the sweet nectar of her flower enticing his appetite for her. Her tiny hairs caressing his face as it undulated with the movement of his tongue. Where had he been all her life, why had no other brought her this close to true passion. Though years older than he, she felt as if she were experiencing her youth once more. Feeling desire as it was meant to be felt, holding on to each second, savoring every sensation. Drinking in every ounce of pleasure which flowed from within his being. Of all those who had made love to her before, none other had truly made her feel the love which she felt now.
Marc discovered new sensations within her that even she had yet to find. His tongue licking over the rim of her lips, plunging between them, his lips engulfing hers and sucking them for every drop of juice within her. Tasting at her, savoring her, partaking of this fruit of passion, devouring every inch of her flesh. She was the only morsel of food that could satisfy his hunger. And he hadn't even begun to experience all that was part of her buffet of love.
Soon, no matter how much he devoured of her, he became more and more hungry for her. And his tongue licked up over the corner between her lips, through her forest of hairs, over her firm stomach, around the rims of her breasts till it reached the tips of her nipples. Marianne quivered as she felt his lips massaging her breasts and nipples, his gentle touch bringing her to the edge of climax, and yet she had only experienced his inexperience. It was his curiosity that had taken her beyond what she perceived as passion. Since he didn't know what she wanted or exactly what to do, he did everything that he could think to do. And it was that which was so enticing to her.
Marianne watched not only in anticipation but also smiled supportively as his body loomed over hers. His hands at her sides, his arms supporting his body, his waist lowered and his bottom resting on his heels which were between her legs. She could feel his manhood resting within the fibers covering her womanhood. It wasn't erect, but she could feel it pulsating faster and faster as his heartbeat raced. She could feel tiny strands of saliva streaming along the edges of her small but firm breasts, as he engulfed them within his mouth. How much more could he do, she thought, would he ever grow tired of her. She hoped that his curiosity would go until her last breath.
As he continued to feel her small firm breasts, she began to run her hands through his hair. Gently she stroked his hair, urging to stroke him, and let him find that which he has never found. Show him the path to desire, the door to passion, and the shelter of love. And fate willing, if they were to survive the storm outside, she could have him again and again.
But for now she would take him to new heights, and hopefully she would feel new depths. Within her rose the intensity of an orgasm, his touches of exploration had almost delivered her something she had never truly experienced with a man. He would soon give her a gift that no other man had given her. Not only was that gift his virginity, but the fact that no man had given her this type of orgasm. Every other man had only inspired one, one that she had to give herself after they had gotten and gone. But not this time. Marc was still here, and he hadn't even dipped the length of his manhood within her sweet womanhood. And yet, the orgasm was here.
Marianne wanted Marc to feel it with her, to embrace him as it filled her heart and soul. So quickly, as it welled up within her, she took his face within her hands and plunged his lips down to meet hers. Juices flowing from both her mouth and her womanhood. And within his throat he could feel her moans as they echoed between. Within himself he could feel more desire, more hunger, and in his mouth he could taste satisfaction. As he encountered her tongue, it danced about his mouth, his joined it's orgasmic frolic and his hands surged over her face. His fingers just behind her ears, as he leaned deeper into her kiss.
"Ohhh... you've given me more than you know... now... let me take you... show you things you never thought existed... mmm...?" Marianne's body lifted from the floor, her back arched and her breasts projecting her large nipples into the midst of candlelight which surrounded them. She gently nudged him backwards till he was laying on his back. And though, as his body went back and she felt his manhood barely peer between her lips, she decided to show him the same courtesy that he showed her.
Her hands reached down to his manhood, and stroked it gently till it was at its peak. Placing one hand under his sack, she lowered her head and began to tease his tip with her tongue. Playing around it's rim, wetting it with her tongue before engulfing it. Slowly her tongue licked the side of his shaft, slowly down one side and quickly up the other. Then with her hands, she gently spread her liquids over it, a few strokes to temp it, before devouring him.
Marc's body surged with sensations he'd never known before, his back arched a little as her lips wrapped around his rod. He could feel the warm skin of her lips and their soft pressure massaging him with each stroke. At first she started slow, just fast enough to keep his attention. This being his first time with a woman, she knew that he couldn't handle a fast pace. She would ease him into desire, and push him beyond the threshold of pleasure. With one hand at the base of his manhood as she began to increase her pace, while the other hand gripped tightly at his sack. His large testicles subsiding from the light pressure of her fingers as she rolled them around their home.
Within moments she could feel his body getting tense, she knew as she had known many times before, he was on the verge of his orgasm. But it was too soon, what if he really was like the others. Once he cums he rolls over and goes to sleep. So, out of fear of fleeting passion, she pulled away, his manhood throbbing, eagerly awaiting its release. Her mouth moved over his rippled stomach and over his smooth, hairless chest. She took his nipples in her mouth, played with them with her tongue, and nibbled at them with her teeth.
After several minutes of licking his chest she ran her tongue up his neck, over his chin, and slid it between his tightly pressed lips. Although she did not place her lips on his, he appreciated how experienced she was. Her tongue played over his lips, she could taste her own flavor over their surfaces. Marc smiled at her as their eyes met, a smile which she returned. He was ready. They had selflessly primed each other, and now they were both ready to experience each other.
Though she knew that he probably wouldn't last more than a few moments, she figured that if she were on top, that she could go until she wanted to stop. And that he would let her.
Marianne grasped his manhood with one hand and with her other balanced herself as she slid him within her gates of flesh. She could feel him pulsing within, even before she began to stroke. For a moment, she sat there, just sharing the moment with him, letting his manhood throb within her. Of all the men she had been with, she had never had the opportunity to actually feel them pulsing within her. They were so concerned with getting it and getting out, that she never got to feel the pleasure of not doing anything.
Marianne's body leaned forward, her small breasts surging forward as she took a deep breath, "now I'm gonna start out real slow. So you can last a little longer. You probably won't last than a few minutes, if that... but that's natural... if you're willing, and I hope you will be... after you've shot your last strand within me... you will allow me to keep going... believe me, you won't regret it..."
Marc said nothing, as the moment was too overwhelming for him, just nodded.
"Here we go..."
Marianne placed her hands on his chest and Marc watched with delight as her hips surged forward. He could feel himself going deeper with her, and felt her breath as she released a deep sigh. "While I stroke, I want to feel your hands over my body... anywhere you want to put them..."
Marianne was an angel, she had taken him to heaven and delivered him to paradise. He watched with excitement as she stroked at his manhood. His eyes caressed her form, and his hands frolicked over her contours. His eyes closed and his mind concentrated on the feeling which he had never known before. Her warm wet flesh and muscles gently devouring him, bathing him in orgasmic waters which washed away his virginity as he swam deep within their seas of passion.
Marianne's breasts began to bob as she stroked a little faster, she could tell he was about to cross the line. His eyes closed and his back began to arch. She could feel his fingertips closing tightly around her breasts. Her nipples suffocating from the pressure, flushing deep red. Pain, but once he came, the pain would pass... for the moment.
From his mouth sounded a moan, it was involuntary, and he couldn't stop it. She could feel his liquids, as the force from the pressure of thirteen years of celibacy thrust them deep within her. And she felt his manhood growing softer and softer. Marianne hoped that it wouldn't take long for him to recuperate, for she knew that it would take him much longer to reach a second orgasm.
With her hand she removed him from her womanhood and watched as tiny strands of white liquid dribbled from its head. It slowly pulsed, and for the moment it didn't seem as though he would recover. This was his first time, she thought, 'I was too much for him.'
Her body still straddled his and when he looked at her to complement her, he saw streams of liquid hanging from between her lips. Marianne watched in delight as his manhood began to surge once more. Her fingers wrapped around it and she felt it grow until it filled her hand. Her eyes sought out his for approval, and he gently nodded, and she smiled as his head dropped back to the floor. Soft yellow candlelight reflected from the sheets of sweat which covered them. On the walls, silhouettes of their bodies danced about as the candles flickered, for soon they would burn out.
Outside, the storm raged on, the rain splashing on the windows, the flashes of lightning lighting the room as she was to once more embrace her new love. Once more was he fully erect, and she parted her lips with his manhood. This time, however, she started out at her pace. Marc watched, though tired, was still aroused at the undulations of her hips. Each thrust was both long and short, each equal to the one before. For the moment, he belonged to her, and he was willing to be taken.
Never before with any other man, had she ever been in control. It felt very liberating. And it was in that alone that her desires flowed deeper than ever before. Marc wasn't being submissive, nor did she want him to be. Their feelings were mutual, the only difference was that she could do it how she wanted, and because he wanted to please her, she knew he would.
As she stroked at him, she rubbed her clit with her fingers, taking her over the top of ecstasy. If she continued at this pace, and in this manner, she wouldn't be able to last. But the moment was so intense, that she couldn't stop. She had become so used to pleasuring herself, and knowing how good it felt, and now she did it in conjunction with a man. Her appetite grew, her hunger for Marc expanded, and her pleasure intensified as she neared her climax. However, she would go until Marc could no longer.
Marc's body was tired, and even though he could feel her thrusting faster and harder, he could feel his arousal heightening beyond what it was the first time he came. Reluctantly his arms responded to his desires to feel her body as she took what he offered to her. His hands flat against her stomach, moved up and down her chest with each stroke. He could feel her nipples against his palms as they passed over her smooth breasts. They were no more than a handful, but that's all that he wanted. If nothing else, just being able to stare at her perfect breasts, would push him to strive to be everything that she needed.
Quickly he realized that she was near her next climax, as not only did her pace increase, but he could feel her fingernails as they dug into his chest. The moans and coos slowly became audible as she approached it. But as she neared, he became so enthralled in pleasing her, that his desire to overtake the situation became overwhelming.
Marc quickly but gently rolled her to her back, her legs spread and her knees resting on her breasts. His body now atop hers, his arms at her sides providing the needed balance as he plunged deep within her, driven by carnal desires. His eyes focused on her breasts as they rippled with each thrust of his manhood. And in a moment, he could feel her liquids erupting from within and his flowing from between her lips and him.
Seeing the pleasure in her eyes, he pushed on, even past her orgasm. "are you willing to go farther... I hope so, because I really want to..."
Marianne nodded, realizing that she had finally found the man of her dreams. The man who desired to please her at every turn. His thrusts were fast and deep, and he could feel her womanhood tightening around him. Its wet texture arousing him even more, and she could feel him grow yet even harder.
Both of them began to moan, almost rhythmically, each one singing carnal choruses up to the fates which brought them together. And as they each reached their final orgasms, they could hear the storm gently subsiding, the rain drops becoming more infrequent, thunder falling off into the distance, and the light of the sun peering curiously through the dark clouds down upon them through the window. And just as their bodies relaxed they felt the warm rays on their sweating naked bodies.
Together, hand in hand, they stood, tiny strands of love dripping from each of their bodies, dangling precariously as they walked towards the sliding door which faces the ocean. They stared out upon the fierce clouds as they fled towards the horizon, knowing that with every storm it could return. And knowing that the storm of passion could also rain over them, once again bathing them in the desire to please each other.
They smiled at each other, realizing that the storm had brought them together, and that now, each had found what they were each seeking before they met. Marc was seeking something to pass his time, and now had someone to pass eternity with. Marianne was seeking someone who would please her with the same drive as she had, yet found one who was driven by curiosity and exceeded that which she sought.
And now each had someone, to share life with, to share the experience of ultimate pleasure. Each generous enough to seek to pleasure the other, and that alone would keep them together. So when they departed from this house, they walked along the weather beaten sands beneath their feet towards their destiny with each other. When they met, each was one, now they are two who have become one... one which will never be two again.