by Janus10
Lana wished she could go back in time as she laid on the bed in bondage, blindfolded and captive.  This was going to be hard to explain to her husband of just four months.  While dressing for the late dinner they had planned, she was left alone in her thoughts.  She had prepared well for the evening, wearing a black silk bra with matching black silk garter and seamed stockings to show off her beautiful legs.  To top off her outfit she put on a g-string of black silk that barely covered her newly shaved crotch.
This night would definately be memorable for John as he had all but pleaded she shave for him. She gazed in the mirror to find herself captivated by the woman she had become, her breasts upturned by the bra, her flat stomach and luscious ass had made her feel like a seductress.
She had never told him of her darker desires of the captured slave, afraid he might see her in a less than favorable light as the topic had never been brought up.  Lana had hinted many times by rubbing herself against him during movies that featured bound women, yet he had never made the connection. 
She went to the cupboard to reach for the tall red high heels he so loved her to wear, pausing to remember the toys she had kept from a prior relationship filled with erotic excitement.  Her hands reached for the shoe box that contained the toys with the thought of recreating those stolen moments of bondage she missed so much.
Instinctively she laid on the bed and bound her ankles to its corners then sat up to place the blindfold over her eyes as the soft touch of the red silk cloth brought back memories and reawakened desires she had tried to hide.  Laying down slowly as she had done in the past, she carefully slid the handcuffs through the brass headboard as she had done so many times in the past. After cuffing herself securely, she realized that the key had somehow fallen from its slot, leaving her helpless and at the mercy of a husband whom she had not told of these fantasies.
Little time was left for her to wonder what his response would be, however since he had planned to surprise her by coming home earlier than anticipated.  A mixture of fear from his unknown response and the heights to which her own desires had overwhelmed her in the passing of the hour had left her extremely aroused.
John entered the house as always through the garage and she felt the anxiety of the moment as she heard him call out to her from the entryway.  She heard his footsteps ascending the staircase to the bedroom as she writhed in her bonds awaiting his touch, her desire continuing to mount as her fears of being found this way shadowed her pleasures of restraint.
The door opened slowly as he entered the room and saw her bound to the bed not knowing what to make of the situation. She told him she could explain it all, as he sat by her side beginning to remove the blindfold.  When he had taken it off, he saw tears flowing down her cheeks as she told him what had led to her being found this way. He smiled at her and told her he had known of her toys all along,and figured when she was ready she would tell him why she held onto them.
He then slowly kissed her lips as his hands began to caress her body ever so slowly,stopping just long enough to tie the blindfold over her eyes once more as she moaned in delight.
Lana lay still as the blindfold was replaced to futher heighten her senses, her hands bound firmly of her own doing and herankles snugly bound to the corner posts of the bed.  His tongue trailed delicately down her stomach to her naval and slowly circled it, causing her to jump toward him.  She moaned as he dropped still lower to her thighs as his tongue softly grazed the upper thighs of both her legs, she felt herself close to coming, a strong need welling inside her.
John's tongue deftly moved toward its final destination,as he pulled the g-string to the side to lick her clit slowly as she screamed out in pleasure needing to feel him in her.  Through her gasps she begged him to take her as he slowly mounted her, setting a gentle rythym with his gentle movements.  Lana worked hard against the bonds she had created for herself, feeling the soft caress of the ropes and cuffs knowing that the feeling of being bound freed her to be the submissive lover she craved to be.
John sped up his tempo and knowing he was ready to come as she felt her orgasm approaching quickly. A  scream of pleasure came from her lips as she bucked and writhed in her bonds totally spent from a passionate night of lovemaking she had only dreamt about until today.
They fell asleep in each others arms after he untied her ankles and thn found the key to her cuffs, freeing her to hold him.  The next morning a note was beside the bed with $500 from John the note read "last night was so wonderful my love buy more toys" and it was signed by John with P.S. underneath "cant wait for tonight"

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