by Janus10
John arrived home the next day to find Lana attired in the latest addition to her wardrobe. The French maid's costume she wore showed the curves of her body nicely, the simple but somehow elegant straps were all that covered her breasts and straining nipples, exposing the taut even delicate flesh on each side. The lacy outfit provided John with a view of her body that aroused him while allowing his mind to roam. She spun to afford him a view of black thong panties that served to display the sensual globes of her ass. Sheer black silk seamed stockings attached to a stunningly beautiful black garter belt with red embroidery and matching four inch black heels completed the outfit. After allowing him a glimpse of what lay beneath, Lana placed the tiny white apron the over the ensemble before serving the appetizer of erotic berries and fruits.
John's eyes could not help glancing the length of her body as she brought out the meal placing it on the table in front of him, afterward seating herself next to him affording a view of her exquisite body. John ate his meal of potatoes and roast beef as Lana savored the banana she had peeled, placing it to her lips slowly nibbling up and down its sides at first, then gently returning to its tip. Her tongue then wickedly slid over the top of it before her mouth encircled it sensually sliding it past her lips as if it was his cock. Throughout dinner her hand casually wandered up and down the length of his thigh as she playfully swallowed the banana, sliding it in and out, eyes closed in delight. After consuming the banana, she placed a peach to her mouth biting softly, its gleaming juices trailing over her lips and chin then gently trickling down her neck to the pale soft skin above her breasts. Lana's tongue licked at the sweet tasting liquid then she nibbled at the peach until only the pit remained, passing it over her lips and slowly sucking the remaining juices from it as she stared into his eyes. John had never known his wife to be this provocative until his recent discovery of the toys she secretly had hidden from him, gifts from a former lover. That evening proved to be a turning point in their sexual relationship, changing her from the demure woman he had married to the enchantress at his side.
After dinner she led him to the living room asking that he wait there while she changed her attire to something more suitable for the evening's pleasures. Lana handed him a chilled white wine and headed toward the bedroom slowly peeling clothes off as she went, finally tossing the thong panties to him as she exited the room. John drank his wine while inhaling the musky fragrance of her panties, awaiting the signal for his entry into the bedroom. He sat for what seemed like forever lost in the erotism of the evening, wondering just what her mind had conjured when he heard her calling.
He walked up the stairs into the dimly lit room to find Lana now dressed in a sheer red lace teddy that molded to her body's sensual curves. John looked to her downcast eyes then to the hands clasped firmly behind her, the teddy plunging to expose creamy white breasts. Reaching in front of her, she picked up the blindfold at her feet and handed it to him with a look of desire. He took the sash and tied it securely over her eyes to prevent sight, allowing only the sensations of touch and sound to guide her. Once again her hands slipped behind her in a submissive fashion, to clench firmly at the small of her back affording him a view of her exquisite asscheeks covered only in diaphanous red lace. She begged him to be gentle as he walked slowly around her body and reached for one of the items she had placed on the bed.
Lana's body tensed at the feel of cold steel as handcuffs encircled her wrists, pinning her hands at the lower back. She stifled a gasp as her ankles where then bound one over the other restrained by soft velvet rope allowing her virtually no chance at movement while lewdly spreading her knees, opening the tender petals of her moistening pussy. Lana's body reacted to the sensations of his hands as they lightly caressed her back, fluttering like soft feathers to her shoulders before converging at her breasts, slowly manipulating her nipples into fiery hot embers of desire. She winced as he attached the nipple clamps to her hardening nubs, although that look was soon replaced with one of lust as a smile appeared on her face and her tongue seductively flicked across her lips. Lana seemed to glow from the sensations flowing through her body until his fingers tugged gently at the chain between the clamps causing her to whimper in ecstasy.
John walked behind her to unsnap the teddy at its crotch while reaching for the anal vibrator that lay on the bed, sliding it along the lips of her moistened pussy eliciting a murmur of anticipation before placing it to her tender rosebud. A moan escaped her lips as he turned the new toy on then slowly inserted it deeply into her ass causing her to tremble from the sensations of the sudden intense pleasure. John circled her once more and slid the tip of his cock enticingly along her tender wet lips as he gently ran his hands through her hair. Lana responded quickly by snaking her tongue around the sensitive underside of his cock licking the pre cum from it then rhythmically circling the object of her desire. The soft touches of her tongue to his manhood awakened her hunger as she formed an O around the head and gradually slid down to the base of his swelling cock. John groaned from the insistent action of her tongue as it wrapped tenderly around his cock teasing it in her warm, wet mouth. His fingers twisted in her hair as his hips bucked, surrendering to the intense pleasures of her tongue and mouth. The sight of the beautiful woman bound in front of him a slave to his desires, combined with the sensations her mouth and tongue created caused him to shake as he came suddenly, moaning in pleasure. Lana greedily swallowed his seed continuing to lick slow delicate circles around the tip of his cock all the while mewling as the salty come rolled over her tongue to her tastebuds. She teased his cock slowly and sensually using her tongue to once again harden him, sighing as he withdrew from her mouth to walk behind her. John stroked her asscheeks as he nimbly withdrew the vibrator, causing her to pant with desire. Lana felt the soft gentle probing of his cock as her sphincter muscles dilated to allow him to gradually enter her warm tight ass, teasing it with each forward thrust. Lust flooded over her as John reached around placing his finger teasingly over her clit while gradually increasing the pace of his thrusts. She suddenly came from the duel sensations of his cock buried deep in her ass while his finger and thumb gently pulled her clit, making her orgasm last for what seemed like an eternity. John again sped up the movements of his cock while his fingers now lightly feathered her clit, making her beg him for it as they violently came together, falling to the floor. John carefully removed the nipple clamps, then the blindfold allowing Lana the pleasure of sight again, kissing her softly before releasing the cuffs from her wrists. Lana reached up to him and kissed his lips softly thanking him for another evening of lust, all the while planning their next adventure into the realm of domination and submission. John bathed in the pleasure of the kisses they exchanged as his mind began to wonder what this ravishing woman would as an encore to an evening like this, realizing fully that this was just the beginning of the fantasies they would share.

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