Losing My Virginity    

I was a mere 17 years old and had been dating Jeff for an entire year. Jeff was a year older and was just about to go off to college. I had been on birth control from the start of our relationship but sex was never a question. We both knew the consequences of sex at a young age and we were both virgins.  We were a very close couple. We had fooled around a lot, but had always made sure we were enough in control to stop things before they reached that next level.

The summer before he left for school, right before our one year anniversary we decided that it was to each other that we wanted to lose our virginity to.  He booked us a cabin for the weekend at a lake about 2 hours from where we lived. We had prepared for this special night. Both as nervous as could be had been waiting for this moment all of our lives. I went out and bought a sexy neglige and he later confessed to studying up on all the ways to pleasure a woman. We arrived at the cabin around 5 in the afternoon. Overwhelmed by sexual desires he turned to me once inside the  cabin door and fondled my breasts through my spaghetti strap tank top. I was wearing a strapless bra. Much to his surprise my nipples had already begun to harden and were ready for his touch. 
Just at his touch my pussy began to contract and wetten. We guided each other into the bedroom where he gently raised my tank top over my head. Once off his cool hands reached around my back and unlatched my lucious breasts.  I could see his dick rise a little in his shorts. He groped my large breasts with one hand while his other hand began to unbutton my buttonfly denim shorts.  Before I knew it my shorts were around my ankles and my lace panties were raised with his hand inside.
I reached out for his broad chest and tore off his shirt exposing a gorgeous chest full of nice thick hair. He then grabbed my hand and pulled it down to his manhood and had me unzip his khaki shorts and release him.   His tongue began sucking and biting my swollen nipples and his tongue tantalized my body all the way down to my mound of pure pussy.  He removed  my panties with his teeth and i removed his with my teeth finishing off the process by giving him a blow job.  His dick was so hard and erect that I knew he was about to cum shortly.  We continued the foreplay and just as I knew he was about to cum I pulled him onto the bed on top of me and opened my legs to invite him in.  His huge cock filled my pussy and he squeezed my breasts as i rode him.  Finally, I felt extasy as he released his cum wad into my needing  pussy. I still continued to ride him  until moments later I collapsed. He laid me over and perfomed oral sex on me. I loved him licking my clit..sucking my own juices and tasting some of his in the process. He touched my body in ways it had never thought of being touched before.
Soon after my rest I was up and ready to go again. We made wild passionate love all weekend long.  Never once did we get dressed. He came inside of meover and over again.  That cum was just waiting for a nice pussy like mine to be released in.  I loved eating cum. He shot his wad in my mouth various times as I sucked his cock.   
It was the best weekend of my life.