A Day in the Park



Winding up an early afternoon relaxed on a sunny patch of grass in a secluded corner of the park.  I reach up and touch your face, loving the way you feel under my fingertips. You turn your head and press your lips into my palm, your eyes heavy-lidded.   Slowly, you lick.  I feel your touch all the way to the apex of my thighs.   I lower my hand to your neck and pull your face to mine. My tongue slips slowly past  my lips...and teases yours.  Our breath mingles and our lips meet. Both of us drowning in each other, desire racing thru our veins.  I pull back slowly, as I do you hear me whisper under my breath, "God, I want you." Then you lean over and very slowly begin to unbutton my blouse.  I catch my breath, and my hand slips to the nape of your neck.  "We can't....not here, this is a public park" I whisper. "And we have this corner of it all too ourselves," you murmur huskily.   When my blouse is unbuttoned to my waist, you open it slowly and bend to trail your fingers along the lace cup of my bra.  The front fastening gives way at your touch, and your mouth pushes the material aside.

I close my eyes and bite back a whimper at the unbearable ache when you tease my tightening nipples with tiny flicks of your tongue.  You are always able  to awaken my desire swiftly, but out here with thick grass beneath my back and the sunlight warming my flesh, the hunger you ignite is me is instantaneous and overpowering.

"Someone could find us here," I murmur, but even then I am coping with the buttons on your shirt, opening it
up so that I can slide my fingers thru the thick mat of hair on your chest and explore your hardness.  "We could be arrested."

You reach down and catch the hem of my skirt, drawing it up as you shape my bare leg, until the material is gathered at my waist.

I can't believe how incredibly sensual it feels to lie here on the sun-warmed grass, my clothing open or pushed out of the way but not discarded.  Nothing is discarded except my panties, and when you strip them d own my bare legs, I can only make a shaky sound of need and part my thighs for your touch.

God, I am so wanton, so completely and utterly abandon when you touch me, that nothing matters except feeling your hands on me, and your mouth, and aching because I have to have you inside me.  I probably wouldn't notice if anyone had strolled by because all I can see or hear or think or feel is you....

You shrug out of your shirt, but your pants and shorts are shoved down only as far as necessary, and when you enter me, sheathing yourself in my pulsing heat, I cry out and tighten my legs to draw you in even deeper.

Neither of us are capable of prolonging our coupling. We are both driven wildly toward release, our bodies mindless in need, caught up in the raw, primitive act of mating.   On the sweet smelling grass and underneath the boundless canopy of a clear blue sky, we give ourselves and take each other with a passion that is absolute.

When its over, when our hearts have stopped pounding and our breathing has steadied, when our disarranged
clothing is put back into place, we are both completely silent. I chuckle to myself..wondering how in the world I'd explain this one.

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