A short thunderstorm has cooled the night air, so you turn off the a/c and put the windows down. The breeze blowing through the car is charged with ozone and fragrant with the desert perfume of creosote and mesquite. Traffic is light, and moonlight illuminates palo verde trees and saguaros as we speed along a seemingly endless stretch of I-10. Restless, I fiddle with the radio until I find some smooth jazz, then lean my head back against the seat, closing my eyes. I spread my legs slightly, and raise my skirt high on my thighs, savoring the cooling breeze.

You move one hand off the steering wheel to my bare knee and begin a slow, lazy ascent up my thigh, making little circles with your warm fingertips. As your hand travels higher, I shift in my seat, angling myself to face you slightly. Your fingers reach the place where my legs meet and stop, as if surprised to find no panties to impede their progress. You take your eyes off the road long enough to look at my face; my eyes are still closed, but you can tell by the little smile starting on my lips that I’m not asleep. I twitch my hips, encouraging your fingers to continue their journey. They resume their travels, teasing and tugging at my pubic curls. Almost as if by accident, an errant finger brushes lightly against my clit, causing it to spring to attention. A tiny sigh escapes me, nearly inaudible beneath Anita Baker’s soulful voice. Your chuckle is slightly louder, and I raise my skirt higher as your finger dips down into my pussy.

"You must be really warm, you’re perspiring," you say, pulling your moistened finger over my rigid clit. "Yes, it’s getting pretty hot," I respond, "but the breeze is nice." I raise my knee up against the back of the seat, opening myself fully to the desert wind and your wandering fingers. My musky aroma mingles with the desert air as you dip into my juices, using my natural wetness to lubricate your fingers before swirling them around my clit. Up and down, around, tugging gently, you vary your play between my swollen pussy lips and my clit. My breath comes a bit faster, and I begin to squirm slightly as you tentatively insert your finger into my waiting pussy. I squeeze your finger as if to say "Hi!" and you chuckle again.

You pull out to caress my clit again, then quickly plunge two fingers into me, causing me to gasp in pleasure. With your thumb rubbing insistently on my clit, you fuck me with your fingers, curling them to massage my G-spot. I begin to moan softly, then a bit louder as I move my hips to meet your thrusting hand. "Do you want to cum, baby?" you ask, knowing the answer. I put both hands between my legs, holding my pussy lips apart and rubbing my clit as your hand moves faster. Your pinky finger presses gently against my asshole, and I cry out in orgasm, shuddering as my juices flow over your hand. You hold your hand against me, feeling the spasms as I cum.

"I bet you taste good," you say as you lick my honey off one of your fingers before offering one to me. My salty flavor reminds me of the sea, and I caress your finger with my tongue.

"I bet you do too," I reply. Sitting up, I lean over and run my tongue around your ear, tugging the lobe gently between my teeth. "Can you keep driving while I find out?" I fondle the growing bulge in your jeans, then unzip your pants. You put on the cruise control, and raise up a bit to allow me to tug your jeans and briefs down, releasing your stiffening cock.

I run my fingertips lightly up and down your cock, teasing you just a bit. A drop of pre-cum appears, and I rub it over your engorged head. I roll your cock between my two hands, your heat in stark contrast to my cool fingers. "Umm, that feels so good," you murmur. "Wait, it gets better," and I move closer. You move your seat back and raise the steering wheel, then lift your arm to allow me to get under it and at your beautiful cock. I tease the head with my tongue, tasting your sweet pre-cum, rubbing it against my lips. I nibble my way slowly down the shaft, cradling your balls in my hand and tugging gently. Then I run my tongue strongly up the underside, rimming your little "eye" and pushing my tongue in before wrapping my lips around you. I swirl my tongue around as I move down on you, taking almost all of your cock into my mouth before pulling back, sucking as I go. You entwine your free hand in my hair, tugging gently as my head moves up and down, my mouth sucking and nibbling your hot cock, one hand fondling your balls while the other squeezes the base of your dick. Your hips begin to move, thrusting your dick down my throat.

Suddenly the car swerves and a horn honks. "I’d better pull over before I kill us both." I don’t stop sucking you as you maneuver to the shoulder of the road. You put the car in park, then lean your head back and watch me as I suck and squeeze your dick. Your hand on my head pushes me down more, and I move my hand from your balls to rub that sensitive place between your cock and your ass. You begin to groan, and I press my finger against your asshole, slipping in a bit when your throbbing cock tells me you’re ready. You moan loudly and shoot your hot cum into my waiting mouth, your cock pulsing and pumping as I swallow your sweet juice. You take a deep shuddering breath, then pull my head up to kiss me, licking your essence from my lips. I start to smile at you, when I notice the red and blue lights behind us! I sit up and straighten my skirt while you zip up just before the flashlight shines in the window. "Is everything alright here?" "Everything’s fine, officer. We, uh, just pulled over to use the car phone." The light shines on your face, then lingers on mine before sweeping the front seat. "OK, you folks drive carefully, and next time, get completely off the highway." "Thank you, we will." We both hold our breath as he returns to his car. His headlights illuminate us as I face you and say, "That was close." You look at me and start to laugh, reaching up to wipe the big drop of cum off my chin.

Copyright 1999 Neanderfem

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