Sweet Inspiration


     Its quiet here at the office, most of the staff are out for various reasons.  I've been sitting here going over your fantasy in my mind...thinking of making it a reality....and I've just about come to the conclusion that today would be the perfect  opportunity. I've arranged for the secretary to take an extra long lunch on me...so..we will have the entire office to ourselves. 

     I call your office and ask if you'd like to have an intimate get together with me at lunch. You laugh and say "Sure, don't know how we can have an intimate lunch in Grand Central Station, but I'll be there..what time?"  I laugh as I tell you "Be here by noon..and don't worry...it wont be like Grand Central Station today.  All I ask..is that you keep an open
mind..and lock the office door behind you when you get here."  You chuckle softly, "Like that is it?"   You can hear the smile in my voice when I tell you, "You wont have any complaints."

     As soon as I hang up the phone..I chuckle to myself and murmur, "Who'd said anything about lunch?"  I quickly check to see what condition the conference room is in.  I'm glad to see that the table is clear. I place some sandwiches and sodas in the break room fridge. 

     I then visit the ladies room...and undo a couple of buttons to expose a bit more cleavage.  I grin...as I picture you undoing the rest....I look in the mirror and say, "What the hell!", and undo a couple from the bottom, exposing a nice amount of shapely thigh..I return to my office and wait. 

     At ten minutes before noon, the secretary announces she's leaving for lunch and I head down to the conference room, taking a seat on the edge of the table.   I eagerly await your arrival.  I hear the door chime and wait to hear the lock click..when it does, I call out. "In here!"  You follow my voice and enter to see me sitting casually on the table with my foot slowly swinging and a pump dangling from my toes.  "What are we doing in here?", you ask. "Well," I smilingly say, " I thought we'd fulfill a few fantasies of ours.  We have the whole office to ourselves for the next 90 minutes."  You chuckle, "Just what did you have in mind?"

     I grin wickedly as I pat the chair in front of me.. "Come, sit down".  You sit down in the chair next to me. "Hey babe,come over here."as I indicate the place in front of me.  I let my shoe hit the floor and slide my foot caressingly up your thigh.  "See anything you like?" I whisper as I let my skirt fall open to reveal the tops of my thigh high stockings.
You smile that sexy smile of yours and lean forward and brush your lips across my inner thigh.  You hear me inhale slowly..."nice" I whisper as I grab your tie and pull your face to mine.  My lips teasingly brush yours.  The tip of my tongue teases the corner of your mouth.  You turn your head and our lips meet in a slow sensuous kiss.   Our breath mingles, we both murmur. 

     The tip of my tongue teasingly  parts your lips... gently I draw your bottom lip with my teeth and softly suck on it.  You slowly roll your chair closer....one stocking clad foot on each side of your thighs.  Your hands slide from my ankles, caressingly up my  calves... tracing tiny circles on my knees.  You continue the feather light caress all the way up my thigh...until you reach the obstruction of my dress.  You smile, happy to see that it buttons all the way up the front. You lick my inner thigh as you release the first button.  I gasp...as I feel the tingles your mouth is bringing me.  You move on to the next button and the next moving your mouth along, nibbling, softly stroking, licking occasionally with each button released. 

     You smile when you see I'm wearing your favorite black teddy. "Slide back!", you tell me.  I comply, sliding back so that the back of my knees press against the edge of the table.  I eye you intently as your hand slides up my outer thigh, and you trace the edge of my teddy up over the top of my thigh and down to the sensitive skin of my inner thigh.  You slip
your finger under the edge. "Mmmmm, no panties!" you murmur.  Your finger parts my lips..and gently strokes my clit.  You hear me gasp.   You look at me and whisper, "You like that?"  I smilingly nod my head yes.  You part my legs further, and unsnap my teddy at the crotch.  You lean forward and part my smooth lips, stroking me very deliberately.  I lean back on the table,supporting myself on my hands.  "Oh yes, babe" I wantonly whisper.You lean forward and meaningfully lick my clit.  "Oh, yes" I gasp.  Your hands grab my feet and place them on the arms of your chair.  "Drop
your knees," you huskily tell me. I comply and watch as your hand caresses my thigh again..and teasingly as if in slow motion parts my lips.  "Do you like it when I do this?" you ask as you rub my clit back and forth. "God, yes!" I moan softly.  "And how do you feel when I do this?" you  questioningly ask me, as your mouth gently tugs on my clit.  I inhale deeply at the contact..my hips rise to meet your mouth. "Mmmmm," you murmur.   Our eyes lock, and I watch a thoroughly
wicked look cross your face.  "Well, if you liked that, what do you think of this?" you throatily ask me...as you lean forward and suck my clit gently into your mouth again as your finger delves into my wet pussy.  My hips writhe.   Deliberately you pump your finger, in and out, one, then two; while your tongue licks and your mouth sucks my clit.  I feel the tension build, you stroke in and out voluptuously.  I feel my body tighten and explode in pleasure. I  somehow manage to keep from locking my legs around your head. 

     I sit up slowly as the tremors gradually start to subside.   My lips part slowly, and a soft sigh escapes as you caress my face.  Your hand trails lower, outlining my bottom lip a single time.  Seemingly of its own volition, my tongue sneaks forward.  You rest your fingertip  on my tongue, and I gently close my mouth.  I curl my tongue around you, sucking your
fingertip deeper into my mouth. Mmmm..I taste me on you.  Lightly, I outline my upper lip with the tip of my tongue.  I know your intent and surrender.  Our lips meet; I draw in your scent, inhaling the scent of you. Your kiss tastes of promise, lasting a long long  time. Your tongue dances with mine, a slow enticing waltz.   I sway forward, allowing you to support my weight.  Reaching up I tangle my fingers in your hair, holding on when the tempo changes. Your pelvis pressed
against mine in timing with your more sensual assault. Enticing gives way to erotic.   You deepen the kiss, your hands sliding down my spine.  With your palm on my behind, you nudge me closer.  My nipples tighten into knots, and I feel warmth flow through me, becoming a needy tingling.  I feel you, hard against soft.  I feel my own response, yielding and
simultaneously wanting.  I reach for you.

     You stand and hastily undo your belt and trousers..the rasp of the zipper brings a smile to my face.  My hands slide inside the waistband and slowly push them lower.  I tug the material down past your hips, down your thighs and to your knees.  You are amazingly hard.  You take your throbbing erection in your hand and rub it against my moist hot pussy....
teasing my lips apart..you rub the head against my clit.  You take your engorged member and slide just the head in my extremely wet pussy.  I cant resist....my legs wrap lovingly around you and I push you deeper.  You begin your movements --long, mind blowing, deliberate strokes, in and out of me.  Your fingers bite into my buttocks, pulling me to you, thrusting into me, time after time, Our combined passions, our hungry demands, all come together in a heart-stopping climax...flowing through our bodies in release until we are both  spent.

     "Mmmmmm," you sensuously chuckle,"I love the way you think.  This has been a very satisfying, if not filling lunch."  I chuckle, "You think I'd send you back to the office without feeding you first? There's a deli sandwich and some soda in the fridge for you."  We spend the remaining time feeding each other bites of sandwich. I lean forward and kiss you softly, "You know, you are such sweet inspiration"......

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