Our meeting has been much as we envisioned it to be, Instantly we both felt as if we had known each other all of our lives. We walked hand in hand all afternoon chatting about everything and nothing at all. The hours seemed to pass by as they were merely moments. Allowing the brilliant hues of the sunset to dazzle our senses as we revel in the beauty of nature's quiet majesty. Still holding one another's hand as the glory of the sunset wanes we become increasingly aware that our spirits have been blending themselves into a single entity shared between us throughout the day.

Turning to face each other the undeniable truth of our single shared spirit washes over us as we each stand gazing into each others eyes.  Stunned by the revelation momentarily, we stand frozen while each becomes gloriously lost in the depths of the others eyes. 

Slowly you lower your eyes toward the ground and then bow your head.  "M'Lord may I speak freely?"  you ask as if almost afraid to utter the question. I reply "Of course you may M'Lady"in the most soothing tone I know. "If you would have me I wish to serve you Sir" speaking softly your head still bowed respectfully.   I tenderly urge you to lift your head wishing to see your face as I reply. Wishing you to witness the pure joy I feel from your request. Your eyes remain cast downward, you are requested to look at me, as you comply the tears in your eyes reflect light from an unknown
source. I stand motionless as your uncertanty grows, a single tear rolls down your cheek while your eyes still search for some sign of my decision.  Wiping the tears away as I pull your face toward my own I whisper in your ear "M'Lady it will be my honor to allow you to serve me. You swell my chest with pride by offering! I pray that I am worthy to fulfill your wish in the manner befitting your gift"

Your tears flowing freely now as you lower yourself to your knees asking to kiss the hand of the man you have chosen to give your most precious gift.  "M'Lord I also pray that I will prove worthy of your ownership." As we approach our rented cabin you rush forward to hold open the door. Your curtsy as I pass brings a smile to my face. After closing the door
carefully you turn toward me curtsying again asking "M'lord how may I best please you at this time?" You are told to kneel before me placing your forehead upon the floor, As I explain to you what is required from you as my servant. Once you are on your knees with your forehead on the floor you are commanded to remain as you are.  You hear my footsteps As I walk away from you, returning quickly to stand over your bent body.

You cannot control the trembling of your body not knowing what will be demanded of you next. "M'Lady you may now place your hands on the floor above your head palms down." As you stretch your body out the lash of a cat of nine stings the flesh of your back, not painfully but just enough to sting a bit. You begin to whimper, uncertain how many more will follow.

Speaking softly you are asked if truly wish to serve me as my subserviant. In a quivering voice you reply "Sire my greatest wish is that I be allowed to do your bidding, pleasing you in any way that you may wish." Again the lash stings your flesh,as you are commanded to rise to your knees and pay close attention to the ground rules. As you comply with the order to rise you are told that you are to repeat each rule as they are set forth. "Firstly you are required to be a LADY every Moment that you are in public view!" "Sire I will always be a LADY while in public"  the lash sting your flesh again.
"Secondly You must solomly vow to be completely honest with your master!" "Sire you have my solom promise that I will be brutally honest with you" again the lash emphasises the the rule, reminding you that these rules are not to be taken lightly.

"Thirdly you will swear your loyalty to your master & your master alone!" "M'lord I give you my loyalty freely, forsaking all others for your sake!" this time there is no whip across your flesh but the soft caress of my hand soothing the warmth from the cat. "The fourth rule you must swear while serving me you will refuse me nothing, eagerly fulfilling my desire with out reservation." "Sir you are my desire,I eagerly await pleasuring you any way you may wish" Again the caress soothing your pink flesh" Now  M'Lady You will return your forehead to the floor & contimplate the phrase I am about to tell you and you will remain in that position until I return, then you will look me directly in the eyes and speak the words directly from your heart":: resume the position now::  Leaning forward I whisper the phrase into your ar. "Sire may I speak?" barking out a resounding NO! I watch your body jerk with the sudden change of my demeanor.

Then I walk away, seating myself on a comfortible chair watching you as you contimplate.   Ten minutes pass before I return to stand before you and grant you permission to rise. As you straighten your upper body to the kneeling position, still with your eyes downcast you beg my permission to aproach me. "Have you contimplated the statement?"I ask.  "Yes Sire I have burned deeply into the fiber of my inner being and I wish to please be allowed to aproach  you pledging this to you with all of my heart." my permission is granted so rising to your feet you cross the distance between us. You stand in silence briefly before raising your eyes to meet mine. Tears freely running down your cheeks you reach out to gently cradle my hand in both of yours as you vow "Master, All Iam I bring and All I have I give! My only desire is to Serve your will without reservations." This having  been said you kneel before me stroking my hand across your tear stained cheek kissing it many times. "M'Lady you will please rise to your feet and listen carefully as I speak." You then rise to your feet casting your eyes toward the floor until directed otherwise. allowing you time enough to compose yourself before I begin. M'Lady you have made vows this day to serve, honor & be loyal to me." "Look into my eyes so that you will know in your heart what I am about to say is honest & sincere"   "My pledge to you is that I will always treat you with the dignity and respect that you so richly deserve" "I will protect you from harm with all my might" "I promise you that the sacred trust  you place in me will never be betrayed, and that the precious gift you have bestowed upon me as your master
will always be cherished in the manner that honors the magnitude of your gift." "I bring to you all of the skills of an old school Dominant master, as such I will always be proud to fulfill your every need beyond your wildest dreams" Never will I discrace you in public, the lifestyle we live is too precious to be showed or shared to any but ourselves"

The pride in your eyes shines brightly through the tears of joy streaming down your lovely face. As I reach out arms spread wide you eagerly recieve the embrace as our bodies meld into a single entity.  I am greatly pleased to feel your swollen nipples pressing into my chest as you press against my body.

But we have a training session to attend to so I release your body from our embrace. Taking one step back , and lowering your eyes , humbly you ask "M'Lord how may I best please you?" "I am yours to command as you wish" I simply Gaze at the vision of beauty before me  swelling with pride in the knowledge that you chose me to serve above many would be masters. Your nervousness brings my mind back to the moment, Softly I Tell you that you may now shower before me and as you do so you must put on a show designed to excite me as you do. "we must prepare you to accept your first training session" We soon find ourselves in the bathroom as you prepare to fan the flames of my desire into a burning need. You excuse yourself to retrieve a comfortible seat for the master of your own choice, after assuring yourself that I am quite at ease you press the play button on the stereo.  Your body begins to move it time to the music softly playing, each atricle of clothing is slowly removed  allowing glimpses of the body beneath, then playfully covering it back up temporarily before  finally removing the cloth cover only to begin anew with yet another cloth covering. Never once did you lose time to the music! As you taund the fire in my loins you notice that my slacks have become restrictive. Your question takes me by surprise "Sire may I help you get more comfortible?" with my eyes still riveted to the swaying of your body my permission was granted. Your hands begin to caress my chest as the buttons of my shirt become undone one at a time. Still your body sways as my shirt falls to the floor. You playfully pinch my nipples lightly, causing a sharp intake of breath, you delight in the reaction causing your eyes to glitter brightly. Your hands drop to the task of loosening my slacks deftly you loosen the slacks & lower the zipper. Still dancing as you retriet away just enough to give me a better view of your body your slacks are allowed to slide down the length of your legs. "M'lord, may i have this dance please?" "Granted" seems to burst out from my lips as I rise you becon me forward much like a hula dancer. Then you glide gracefully into my arms our bodies swaying to the music as my slacks drift down around my ankles. you kneel before me placing your forehead on the floor. Your voice drifts upward Cooing "Sire I have chosen you to utterly surrender to without reservations of any kind." "I am yours to do with as you please" Suddenly I found myself seated once again as you handed me a glass of wine to sip. You exclaim "Master have I pleased you to this point?" Already knowing the answer, the evidence of my passion standing out in plain sight. You cannot resist tasting the length of my passion, bending forward to place your warm moist mouth over my burning desire. You spread your legs slightly to keep your balance then as i stroke your thighs from behind your liquid passion coats my hand in confirmation
that your desire was burning as brightly as my own.  At that very moment you returned to the shower adjusting the water with one foot on the side of the tub bending forward just enough to reveal the your luscious lips parting ever
so slightly. The pinkness beyond glistening from the liquid desire within. You look briefly back over your shoulder, your face beaming from the knowledge of the effect you are having on me. You step into the shower and begin to gyrate once again to the rhythm of the music your hands begin to caress your own body as your eyes close.  Your feather light caress further building the raging fire within, your foot seems to float up to rest upon the side of the tub again. your hands pinch & tease your already swollen nipples into higher sensitivity still your body sways to the music. The caress you
are enjoying from your own hands flows lower & lower past the small mound of hair to easily slide between your honey dripping lips. Suddenly a glimpse of the now throbbing pink bud of desire just before two fingers slip easily out of sight, pushing deeply into your love tunnel. The sigh of satisfaction escapes your throat as you pull the lust coated fingers from inside. Your other hand begins to manipulate the swollen bud of desire driving you ever closer to the release your body now craves. As the music ended, distracting your attention from the maddening  need to send liquid love surging from your body. Your eyes open from the sudden lack of music, once you could focus again the sheen of your own juices on the hand before your face, your own musk cries out to your desire as you lick your fingers clean of the honey sweet liquid desire.

Suddenly I too realize the scent of your excitement still remains for my tastebuds to savor. Caught in the throws of blinding desire you seat yourself spreading tor legs wider yet as you feverishly drive yourself  into the erotic explosion wracking your entire body with spasms of pure extasy. Your orgasm was so intense that your love juices shot out from the luscious loins before my very eyes. Exhaustion from the intensity of your desire sets in as you slide into the tub too weak to move just yet. Taking the shower massage in my hand I turn the water on & set the showerhead to pulse. Directing the warm pulsing jet of water up each thigh in turn then directly on the still swollen flower of your desire sending you instantly into a second orgasm even more intense than the first. Your body shudders over & over again as your desire explodes once more from a third orgasm forcing you to beg for 'JUST A FEW MOMENTS" to catch your breath. You are granted a brief respite before you must take the shower originally intended.

I put on my robe, delighted in the memory we just made, savoring each moment of it. I busy myself in the bedroom after seeing that you are resting easily in the tub.

Soon you recover enough to stand rather weak kneed but well enough to clean your body thoroughly,after drying yourself off, you are directed to lay down at the foot of the bed, face up, with your knees over the end of the bed. 
"Sire may I---"YOU may do as you were told!"  "yes M'Lord" is your response.  "You may rest a moment longer" The voice of athority proclaims with a note of finality. Greatfully you reply "Thank You M'Lord." moments pass without a sound except that of your breathing.

My voice now breaks the silence, "You will now sit up & on your right you will find matches & a candle, Light the candle Then locate the other 5 candles in the room lighting each as you find them" "Sire I will do as you wish" Soon each of the candles were lit filling the bedroom with a flickering glow. "M'Lady, you will now find the clothing I have selected for you to wear tonight on the bed." "put this clothing on then you may aproach your master with the respect in accordance with his station!"

Silently you began to dressing , first there was a powder black lace pair of crotchless panties, then thigh high sheer nylons, A lovely black lace peek-a-boo bra, Then the sheer haren girl outfit, & shiny black flats rounded out you outfit. Once you finished dressing you make certian that everything  was just right wishing to please your new master. You spoke out asking permission to present yourself to your master.   "Yes M'lady you may aproach respectfully & present yourself to me."

You bowed your head and walked slowly into the living room, seeing that I was seated in a lounger you kneel respectfully before me asking if you might please me in any way. You are instructed to crawl to the side of my chair,
then you were to present your upper body to me. Eagerly you crawled to my side, Pulling back the sides of the sheer vest presenting yourself, I turned to face you & told you to close your eyes until I instruct you otherwise. "M'lord I wish only to please you"  I opened the jar of body glitter applying it to the front of your upper body, then you were instructed to bow your head in reverence, which you did without making a sound. The band of leather begins to close around your neck, your collar is being put in place and fastened, then the leash is connected to it. "Stand to your feet " is the next command. Once you are upright you allowed to open your eyes and led into another room, looking around you see a variety of whips hanging from the walls. I lead you over to what appears to be a large X attached to the wall and bind your arms and legs securely to it. You can plainly see the entire room and everything in it. I then begin selecting a variety of devices and arranging them on the table before you. Once I am satisfied with the arrangement on the table, I turn my attention to you admiring the body before me. Body glitter twinkling brightly with every breath you take. Your swollen nipples merely veiled by the sheer vest of your outfit, seem to scream out begging for attention. You begin to whimper in anticipation of what is yet to happen. Reaching out I begin to pinch each nipple lightly between my fingers, sending a shudder through your whole body. Turning back toward the table I now take the blind fold and place it over your eyes blocking out everything. Suddenly the sheer bottoms of your outfit are ripped from your body. Running my hands over your body caressing every lovely inch of you with a feather light touch causing a sigh to escape your lips. Then for a moment you feel no sensations at all, then the sting of the lash across your stomach. The lash delivers its sting over and over again, each time in on a different part of you delivering the warm glow you will soon grow to love. As I watch your body tremble uncontrollably I begin to caress your inner thighs, then the lips of your desire part just enough to slip a single finger into the slippery warmth of your deeper desire, then two fingers enter the pleasure cavern. The groans of your passion are now filling the air, you struggle against your restraints as I begin removing my fingers now dripping with your liquid desire. You are told to taste the pleasure you are feeling, after licking my hand clean of
your desire, sucking each finger sensually. Between ragged breaths you beg for more. While I release your bonds I whisper into your ear that we have only begun, the resonating pleasure in your voice while saying" Sire, thank
you, Sire" pleases me to the very marrow of my bones! After your blindfold is removed you are commanded to crawl over to the table and lay on your back. As you make your way toward the table you stop, momentarily, looking back at me
and wiggle your ass at me before continuing. After you position yourself on the table, your wrists are bound to your ankles exposing the pink tunnel of your desire, your throbbing clit peeking out invitingly. Spreading those luscious lips even further taking your love button between my thumb and forefinger gently pulling it further, your gutteral groan fills the air, as I slide a clitty clamp behind the swollen button of desire forcing it to stay completely exposed and vulnerable. Scratching your inner thighs as I back away sends shivers through your body as the whimpers of delight again fill
the air. Standing beside you now the electrodes of a tens unit are attached to your inner thighs, the light current alternately tenses and relaxes the muscles in your thighs. As this new stimulation continues I force your head to turn toward the rock hard evidence of my own desire. "Taste, But no deeper than the head " you eagerly engulf the head of my staff, stopping it from sinking any deeper with your tongue. Then the current increases slightly in your thighs just before a rhythmic tapping on your exposed bud like clit further fans the flames of passion. Reaching to the back of your head I slowly push myself deeper into your mouth, your tongue stroking rapidly over me. Your body tenses as you near the brink of exploding, suddenly everything stops! Your muffled cry of   desperation, That of being so close to explosive erotic delight but not allowed to proceed any further, accompanied by the tears welling up in your eyes. "Open your mouth " I command, reluctantly you do so. Pitifully, you ask permission to speak, once granted, you begin pleading . "Sire how have I displeased you?" 

"Silence!" I command before you can continue any further. "This is an object lesson for you." Teaching you that there are more kinds of punishment than pain. I remove all of the electrodes and release your bonds, before you are allowed to move from the table I reopen the entrance of your inner desires and insert a remote control vibrating egg making sure that it is securely inside and test it briefly. Before reattaching the leash to your collar. Leading you from the playroom as I instruct you to bring me a snack and a cold drink into the living room. While you prepare my snack I seat myself in a comfortable chair. As you enter the living room carrying a tray of food that you have prepared for my enjoyment, you cast your eyes toward the floor. Once you grow near to where I sit awaiting your service, you kneel before me asking permission feed me as I relax. "No M'lady you may not , instead you are to lean forward placing your arms around my waste and serve as a human table as you suckle on the fruit of my loins!"

The gleeful sparkle in your eyes lights showing the delight you feel at having the chance to satisfy my desire. As your arms wrap themselves around me, your mouth eagerly caresses the length of my throbbing desire, handcuffs close around your wrists behind me. The tray is placed upon your back as you begin to raise your head allowing you to again slide your mouth back down the length of my love muscle. You begin to hum happily as you proceed to fan the
flames of desire deep within my loins. As I reach out for the cold refreshing beer on the tray, I activate the vibrating egg resting deep within your dripping wet tunnel causing you to swallow me deeper yet and greedily proceed with your assigned task. Your hair tickles my stomach with each stroke you make over my lap. The movement of your head stops as your tongue continues to caress my rigid cock bringing me ever closer to that moment of erotic explosion. After removing the tray from your back, I lubricate your sphincter driving you to the brink of body spasms.

I feel myself unable to hold back much longer as I slide the plug deep into your back door forcing the egg inside your sweet pink pussy up against the G-spot, causing your body to wrench with uncontrollable spasms of ecstasy As my hot liquid loin juices pump into your throat time and time again.  Your body continues to jerk uncontrollably as I release your wrists and command you to turn around and present your other end to me. Once you do this I reach under you and pinch your love button again and again until you explode once more into the throws of yet another orgasmic explosion. With this you rested sitting at my feet looking up at me adoringly, awaiting the next command from your master.