Winter Fire



I’ve planned our evening to start with a candle lit dinner. I picked up a nice red wine for dinner and a white for later on. The table is set, and music is playing in the background. I hear your car door shut and meet you at the door. "Hard day?" I ask as I kiss you hello. "Yeah, it was rough" you reply. A smile appears on your face as you ask,"Is that my favorite I
smell? I thought we were going out for dinner." "Mmm, change of plans, hope you dont mind" I say as I hand you a glass of wine.

"No, in fact, I would prefer a quiet evening" you reply. We have our dinner, occasionally feeding each other a bite of bread. Our conversation ranges from quiet to teasing. After dinner....I quickly clear the table and we retire to the living room, where a small stack of wood is laid ready and waiting in the fireplace, throw pillows and a quilt set beside the fireplace for us...I’ve rented several movies...and have various cd’s loaded......we sit down and just spend some time relaxing and cuddling....I have you light the fire while I turn off the overhead lights and put a movie in the vcr...we
snuggle up together and watch the show...occasionally commenting on something in the movie or exchanging a
brief kiss...

When the movie ends, I shut off the tv and turn on the cd player...I snuggle up beside you and lay watching the fire...enjoying your touch,  scent, and occasionally your taste....I smile as one of my favorite cd’s comes whisper into my ear,"Be right back". As you get up, you go over to the stereo and turn it off. As you return to me, you notice the look of question on my face.... wondering why you have altered the moment. Not waiting for me to ask the question, you responded, "Tonight, let’s just enjoy the natural sounds of our lovemaking.

We are both in the mood for some very romantic moments, and I would very much enjoy your soft moans, quiet
breathing, and the crackling of the recently stoked fire." These sounds, accompanied with my caresses and the streaks of light dancing across my body have aroused your senses. As the loosely fit, oversized shirt falls from my shoulders, you are awed at the sight of my breasts, voluptuous and full. The cool air is evident as my nipples become extremely hard and sensitive to the touch. You lift the hem and remove my your warm mouth touches my breast, you begin
to enjoy those soft moans you were looking so forward to. Laying on my back, I feel the fluffy comforter underneath me.

As you stroke my body with your tongue, I reach up and grab hold of the legs to the sofa. You begin to trace a path down the center of my body.......from the notch at the base of my neck to the round curve on the underneath side of my breast. Cupping my breast with one hand, you let the other begin to explore the depths of my aroused body. My
pleasure is noticed as your fingers become saturated with my excitement. Taking some of this from your fingers, you begin to encircle my erect nipple..... enjoying the slippery sensation as your fingers flip slowly over me. My moans become louder.

You can faintly hear me saying something, you think it’s.... "Please, take me". It’s hard to tell between my more
intense moans. You lean down and taste my breast, tasting what you are about to experience as you position your body over mine. My moans become louder as my back arches with pleasure. I can feel your hardness against my legs as you slide slowly down my body. Reaching my navel, you give me a clue as to the very slow and deliberate strokes I am about to enjoy from your tongue. I clutch the legs to the sofa as you reach my thighs. I feel you begin to penetrate my
aroused body with just the very tip of your tongue.

Moving deliberately to the upper most sensitive area of me, you start very slowly.......very, very slowly entice me with your circular motions around my hardened clit. I let go with one hand and clutch your other hand grabs yours and takes it to my breast. I squeeze my breast with your hand, then move my hand to my other breast....and begin to massage myself. My breathing quickens, hand clutches your hair tightly, you feel my thighs begin to contract, you roll my nipples with your hear me whisper,"oh...god." I moan louder body begins to quiver....and deep within me comes an overwhelming sensation that almost takes my breath away...both hands on your head now... pulling you feel me tremble as I climax and my legs squeeze you as I am racked by waves of intense pull the comforter up over us as we hold each other as my body begins to come down from the intensity of the moment...the crackling of the fire is so hands begin to caress your back..slowly sliding your shirt up...rubbing... raise up and stare into my eyes as you pull it off over your see the
hunger in my eyes, my hands can’t resist as they caress your chest...brushing against your nipple.... the comforter falls aside as I rise to my knees and my mouth comes to your chest...licking and kissing.... drawn to your nipple like a magnet...

"God, I want you",I gasp as my hands slowly work the buckle on your belt while my mouth teases and suckles you....I murmur my pleasure when I have your belt undone and the snap on your pants gives mouth trails kisses
down the flat plain of your the snap of your pants.....I tease your navel with the tip of my tongue...stroking it.....your stomach tenses as my hands ease down the zipper on your pants.......I caress your enormous erection through your jeans.... anxious for a taste. I straighten and look into your eyes...our lips meet....we share a kiss that has me
wanting so much...and loosing any inhibitions I had left. My lips start to travel downward ...taking a familiar yet exciting path....I ease your jeans down and you stand to assist me in taking them mouth caresses your thigh as you stand before me.....I am drawn to your erect a moth to a tongue licks each thigh...I can feel your anticipation as my mouth surrounds you...licking and excitement is increased by your mouth caresses the head of your cock... gently sucking... flicking it with my tongue.... slowly traveling its long length....Your fingers tangle in my hair and you urge me to take you deeper into my mouth. I slide the length of can feel the brush of my teeth against you as you are drawn deeper into my throat.... you throw your head back and in a throaty groan whisper "Yes....yes".

My hands caress you at the same time my mouth is paying homage to the very thing my body step
back from me and kneel..we are face to hand comes to your face and I draw your head to mine...
taking your lips in a deep kiss. As the fire continues to smoothly move behind me. I feel your lips on my neck as my head tilts to the side and my eyes close at the soft, sweet sensation of your warm mouth on me once again. Your hands reach around me, resting on my hips and then slowly moving up my midriff to cup my breasts. I lean back against you as you push them together and find my nipples between your fingers, pinching and pulling in sync as I softly moan. My hands reach around to rest on your thighs as one of your hands trails down my stomach and moves between my legs. My thighs part as you slip a finger between my lips to rub the swollen flesh there. My hips roll backwards just as you move to enter me. You hold me up as I feel you thrust upward and I arch with the force in which you enter me. You slowly withdraw and as I try to recover from the pleasurable shock of it, you again thrust into my swollen pussy with such
force that I feel your arms tighten around my chest to steady me. You slowly move in and out of me as one hand squeezes my breast and the other rubs my clit, making me groan in sheer ecstasy. Once again you feel the wetness of my juices as I sag against you when my body is racked with orgasims so intense they leave me weak. You move your hands to my shoulder blades and push me forward, wanting to move deeper inside of me.  I gasp as I feel your hands on my hips pulling me back onto you, driving your cock deep inside me, over and over again. The pleasure of it making me
bury my face in the quilt beneath me, biting it between my teeth to stifle the noises coming from my mouth. Your thumb slips between my cheeks and I feel the pressure of it against my ass as you continue to slide inside of me. Your fingers dig into my flesh as our lovemaking reaches a crescendo. My interior muscles tighten around you, hugging your cock and I feel it pulsating inside of me. You fuck me deeper and deeper, faster and faster ......until in final thrust I feel you explode deep within me, as once again I cum with you....our juices mixing and flowing out of me. You lay down with me as I fall to my stomach, staying within me. Kissing my back and savoring the salty taste of my sweat....... Our
bodies are spent as we lay there exhausted, but thoroughly satisfied......

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