Summer Rain


     The very sultry, romantic afternoon was beginning to change its chemistry.  For off in the far distance, the sound of thunder was beginning to become more and more apparent.  The once bright and robust afternoon sky was now becoming swallowed up by the dark of heavy cloud-cover. It matched the tension that had been building in me all afternoon.  I want you and the rain is threatening the scenario I had in my mind. "Come on or we're going to get wet" you say as you grab my hand and head in the direction of the house.  I make a decision then and there as I free myself from your hold and step back, very deliberately unbuttoning the metal button of your jeans.  Shaking my head I say,
"No, let's stay here." You laugh.  "It's raining,"you say, as a raindrop splatters onto your nose.  I hook my thumbs in the
elastic waist of my shorts and shimmy out of them.

They land at your feet, a pink puddle of cotton against the carpet of green.  Your breathing escalates at the sight of the ivory flesh of my stomach and the shadowy triangle beneath the mint-green lace of my bikini panties.  Your heart begins to beat faster. "Come on, we're going to get....drenched."you say. The last word was barely audible. Your voice stolen by my nimble fingers, dragging your zipper downward.   "What's the matter?" I taunt, looking up at you through the thicket of my lashes as I ease my hand inside.."Getting soft on me?"I ask, "Afraid you'll melt?" "Hardly," you gasp, as my questing hand breaches the final obstruction and closes gently around you. "Oh....ah....".

You bury your face in my damp hair and for long moments let the sweet sensations wash through you.  Then, when you can't distinguish the perspiration beading on your face from the rain, you catch my wrist in your strong fingers. "Enough," you rasp.   "It's raining" An understatement, you think.  The rain   escalates to a steady downpour.

You watch me with your eyes half closed against the rain...I shiver, whether from some emotion I see in your eyes or the chill in the air, I'm not sure.  My shirt clings wetly, transparently, the soft cotton cloth molding to my full breasts like a second skin.   Gooseflesh arises on my arms, and my nipples, are clearly visible through the wet fabric, puckered into
hard beads of desire.  You give a sigh of acquiescence.  We won't be going inside....not anytime soon.

Skillfully, you maneuver me backward until I feel the rough bark of a tree digging into the flesh of my back.  Your hand cupping one breast, lifting, kneading caressing me through the cloth of my shirt.  Lowering your head, you take the tip into your mouth, your tongue curling around it with gentle sucking movement. Flames of desire lick hotly at me. I arch my back and press my lower body against your leg, which is wedged between mine, offering you more, offering you all of me.  Abandoning my breast, you drag my panties downward. Your hand covering me, your fingers searching.....seeking.  My thighs contract, and I drag your head down until our lips meet.

The sweet pressure of your open mouth against mine effectively stops all thought and silences any further objections we might have.  As always, you can hardly believe the passion bottled up inside me.  My tongue meets yours with a thrust and parry that makes your blood run as thick and hot as maple syrup in springtime.  Your body is flushed with heat....the
same heat that rages inside of me, making me hot and melting to your touch, even though the chilling rain has drenched us both to the skin.  "Look at me," you whisper as you fingers find the very heart of my desire.

My eyelids, heavy with need, sweep slowly upward. The green of them softened by passion.   You watch the emotions you have aroused chase each other across my face as your fingers delve, circling my hardened clit. You watch as my eyes widen, as sensation gathers, building....building.....pushing aside everything but capturing that shimmering light of need.  Brighter, brighter....until my head is thrown back and I cry out in pure ecstasy as I surrender to the feelings
exploding like Fourth of July fireworks inside me.  "Easy, easy," you murmur softly, your clever fingers wringing every drop of feeling from me.  Eddies of desire still trembling through me when I feel the touch of your mouth against the side of   my neck.  Your hands slide over my bare bottom, lifting me high against the tree and angling my legs to accommodate
you. Driven by the desire to bury yourself inside my warmth, You thrust into me, swallowing my cry of pleasure with your mouth.  My legs close around you and, bracing your palms against the rough bark of the oak tree, you close your eyes and concentrate on capturing the feeling that is just out of  reach......a feeling that grows closer with every
stroke of your body.

Its swelling inside me again, too, growing like the strength of the storm.  My mouth scatters wild kisses over your chest and throat, and my hands clutch you nearer as your body strains against mine. Lightning cracks loudly, and harsh white light illuminates the gloom in a display of power and glory as you make one hard, final thrust.  You call my name as thunder booms and rumbles, rolling across the countryside, and the earth beneath us trembles like our racing hearts.  Your head drops forward onto my breast. Long moments later, you lift your head and take my lips in a gentle kiss, "Let's go home".

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