Next Day the Conclusion


There standing two feet from the shower door, was my wife!  My heart skipped and fluttered as I thought of castration as the least of what she had planned for me.  I stared into her eyes with fear in my heart and my dick in another woman’s ass and I knew that whatever I did in a future life, nothing would be as it was right now. 

I shook and shivered as she slowly began to smile.  I looked closer though the mist in the shower and I couldn’t believe my eyes, she had her hands buried in her bald snatch and was furiously frigging her clit with one hand and thrusting two fingers in and out with the other. My God, what was she doing here in the first place and could she possibly be turned on at the site of her husband screwing another woman?  My head swam and my vision blurred as I watched her getting hotter and hotter.  I had never dreamed that she would be like this when she caught me.   I would have let her catch me years before.  

I spluttered and gasped, ”arghhh”, as my cock came out of my neighbor’s ass with a soft plop!  I reached out my hand and cut off the water.  We both could hear her panting as she continued to work her fingers in and out of her dripping pussy.  I was staring right into her eyes when she began to cum for the first time and watched in awe as she sank three fingers into herself up to the last knuckle. 

She was cumming and moaning as she dropped down to her knees. Still fingering herself  frantically,  she rolled over on her back and her legs fell open displaying her wetness.  My neighbor and lover stared with hot lustful eyes at the woman she only knew as a dowdy housewife.  She pulled out of my arms abruptly and opened the door to the shower.  I watched as she too sank to her knees and pressed my wife’s legs further apart.   She slowly lowered her head and began to lap at my wife’s cunt with long slow licks of her pointy tongue. 

I knew from recent experience just how good that tongue could feel, so I can imagine what my wife was feeling, as her clit and holes were being licked by this hot-mouthed woman.

          I felt my cock regain its hardness as I watched my wife run her hands through our neighbors hair and pull her face in tighter to her crotch.  Her legs were up in the air and she was grunting as she bounced her hips up and down on the carpet.  Our neighbor was shaking her head and growling like a dog in heat as she ate my wife’s pussy and licked her asshole.  I moved out from the shower and grabbed a towel to dry off as I watched with hot eyes as my wife began to cum again!  She began to howl and groan deep in her throat and her tits flushed as she began to shake and cum deep down inside.   She panted, her breath coming in gasps and her nipples distended to three-quarters of an inch in length.  I wanted to grab them and pinch them till they turned bright red and she begged for my hard cock in her mouth.  I watched our neighbor lapping at her bald pussy and her juices running down her thighs.  My cock got harder and harder as I watched. 

          I moved over behind my lover and squatted down behind her, placing my hands on her round smooth ass.  I used my middle finger to rub slowly up and down her crack and around her tight little ring of flesh.  Each time I touched her asshole she would gasp and lick harder at the flaming pussy before her.  I couldn’t stand the pressure any longer and with a grunt eased my hard cock in past her tight sphincter muscle and up into her ass again!   Just as I began to slowly push in and out, my wife came yet again and then shoved my lover over onto her back! 

         “Oh no you don’t.” she cried.  “You aren’t fucking any ass except mine right now!”  When my lover had been pushed, my cock came loose and was waving out in the open, red and hard as steel.  This was all my wife could see as she quickly moved over the top of me and crouched on all fours.   She slowly ran her hands along her drooling slit and spread the lips of her cunt open.  Grabbing my cock with one hand she rubbed the head back and forth getting her cum juices and my lovers saliva all over it, making it slick and shiny.  I could only stare in wonder as she slowly positioned the head at her small crinkled hole and slowly settled down, engulfing my cock with her rectum and encircling it with a heat almost too much to stand.  I moaned deep in my chest as she came to rest with her ass cheeks on my middle  and  my entire length deep inside her. 

She began to move slowly up and down, posting like a rider on horseback, all the while frigging herself slowly.  Her clit was extended and wet from the licking she had received.  Now she began to lean back, exposing her pussy once again to my lover’s hot eyes.

“Come on, you like to eat pussy so much. Lick me again and suck my cum while my hubby fucks my ass!” 

With a wild animal cry, my lover dove face first in my wife’s cunt!  She began licking and sucking with lightning speed, causing my wife to jerk and jump on my cock.  She didn’t neglect me either as her tongue moved back and forth running down low and licking my balls and then back up and around where my cock was moving in and out of my wife’s ass.   She licked at our joining and the feeling was so intense that I almost shot my cum at that very moment.  I wanted to make it last as long as possible though and just gritted my teeth and waited for her to move back to the waiting pussy.

When her tongue slid off my cock, I began to move again, hunching my cock into the hot ass above it and pushing for my explosion to come.

Meanwhile my lover continued to lick faster and faster at my wife’s clit causing her to squeal with delight as her cum began again! “Aieeeee, Yesssss make me cum you slut, lick my pussy and asshole until I shoot my cum in your face!”

I felt her begin to tighten her anal muscles around my cock and that brought me to the brink and then over the edge.


“Unnngh, take it!  That’s it take all my cum!”  I shot a bucketful of cum out of my cock and into her steamy ass.  I went rigid as a board and then slowly relaxed as my final spurts sent her into another climax!

“Gawd, I love your cock you son-of-a-bitch! But I love to get my pussy licked even more!”  “That’s it keep licking my cunt! Aieeeee, here it comes again!” she screamed!  With that she sprayed my lovers face with her hot juices and her eyes rolled back as she slowly slid off my cock and back to reality.

I was totally spent and my softening cock slid out of its warm sheath with a small slurping sound.  A dribble of sperm slowly trickled from her ass as my wife rolled to her side and off of me.

My lover was now lying back with her legs spread and looking at my wife.  “Do you just receive or are you willing to give too?” she asked, as she stared into my wife’s eyes.

“Oh baby, I love to eat pussy and have my pussy eaten, and yours looks like it needs my attention right now!” she answered with a sly smile.  With that, my wife rolled onto all fours and moved straight towards my lover’s wide-open cunt!

She began to lick and tongue the wet cunt before her and then stuck her long fingers, first one then two, into my lovers slit, causing her hips to jump and jerk with passion.  As my wife shook her head from side to side and pushed her fingers in and out of the hot wet slit, my lover grunted “Ungh Ungh” and hunched her hips forward and upward, trying to push my wife’s face and hand further inside her.  She screamed out her cum as the tongue continued to send her into ecstasy.

I watched from my position as they crawled into a 69 and begin to lick and suck each other grunting and hunching their pussies against their hot tongues, both trying to make the other cum as hard she could.  As I watched them, my limp cock surged upward, and I felt it begin to harden at the site before me.   I knew that this would be the last cum for me and was determined to make it a good one.

I slowly fisted my hard cock and watched them lick and suck faster and faster as they built up to another tremendous orgasm.  They had their tongues buried as far as they could and I couldn’t decide which one I wanted more.  I eased forward and slowly ran my hand over first one and then the other as they moaned “Ahhhhhh,” I then slowly ran my tongue up from one ass over the back and down the other to the ass of the other one.  They both were shivering and shuddering as I teased them with my tongue and hands.  I licked my finger and slowly eased it into the ass of my lover causing her to push her ass back and then forward as my wife licked her clit from the front.  Not wanting to be left out, my wife moved her ass around so I could first lick her asshole and then insert a finger deep inside.  I gave her a minute to get used to it and then began moving it slowly in and out licking her rosebud as I fingered it. 

She lasted all of one whole minute before beginning to cum and her cum caused my lover to start hers.  They both were cumming as I frantically fingered and licked them.  “Aieee ,she screamed” as my wife gushed over my hand and face.

“Yessss, I’m cummmmming! cried my lover”.   They both finished their cum and then realized that I had not cum with them!

I lay back on the carpet as they crawled over me and first one then the other began to lick at my steel-like shaft.   I was in ecstasy,  I had never felt anything like this in my life.  Two hot tongues both trying to taste my cum first.  Licking up and   down my shaft first to the tip and around the small slit tasting my pre-cum and then down to lick at my balls.  I squirmed and lifted my hips straining  to get them to suck me into their mouth.  I felt the cum building in my balls and getting them larger and larger.   I ached to shoot my load into their hot mouths.  I was on the brink when I felt my wife’s warm tongue licking at my asshole and then slipping inside.   My cum shot from the head of my cock with such force that it soaked both of their faces.  They took turns licking it off each other and then smiled at me, but didn’t see it as I fell into a deep sleep.   I awoke the next morning to find both of them stretched out next to me, naked and snuggled up to my body.  I slowly woke up and then realized what had happened.

I lay there thinking about the previous evening and all that had happened and I knew that I was going to have to start taking a lot of vitamins again and soon!




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