Moonlight Dance


....We awaken later that afternoon.....I run my hand down your chest....nuzzling your neck as I do so. Your hand runs from my hip...up my sides and cups my body arches pressing into your pull me close and your lips brush mine....and you deepen the kiss...then sighing you say,"Kat, I promised a couple of the guys I'd meet for a few
beers."  I smile and say, "okay...but you better not leave me here alone all night." You give me a wounded look, "Kat, I'd never leave you out here wouldn't be fair to the animals." Laughingly I pounce on you..."You're gonna pay for that remark, mister!" "Oh, I am"I hear you murmur, just before your lips capture mine.  Our kiss deepens....and
put me from you and whisper huskily "quit making it so hard for me to leave".   I smile at you as I tell you..."Good..that's just how I want it....I know you'll be back then."  You groan...and tell me, "I'll be back in a couple of hours" "Go....I'll be fine.
Honest.  Could use some daydreaming time."I teasingly tell you.  You smile...and start to get ready to go......

......I watched you leave around seven that night.....I smiled...I have at least two hours to myself...and I was gonna enjoy them.  I started off by wading along the beach.....testing the feel of the sand squeezing between my toes...the feel of the water as it laps at my feet like a warm embrace......and the coolness as it is abandoned to the air.  I wade out a
little further and feel it caress my legs.....swirling around my knees....and climbing swiftly up my thighs ....the water lapping at my legs like a lovers tongue, slowly engulfing my hips in its soothing warmth.  Slowly I immerse myself in its heated
caress...luxuriating in its sultry embrace...and then...sighing I rise and wade back to the beach...deciding to shell hunt till I'm somewhat dry...and then I'll go to the tent...

......Entering the tent I quickly wash with some bottled water, removing my swim suit...I grab my backpack and pull out the black teddy I had stashed inside...I step into it...sliding the straps over my shoulders....the lace and satin hugging my full breasts...I smile as the satin caresses my smooth pussy....causing a wonderful friction.......creating a desire in me that matches the hot sultry night... I grab a velvet pouch from my backpack and decide to walk along the beach.  I sit down in a nice secluded spot and close my eyes to listen to the evening and let my mind wander. And like all of my daydreams, it wanders to thoughts of you. I smile as my hand slides up my inner thigh... brushing the edge of my
teddy..thinking about how I feel when your hand does that..and then slips under the edge and your finger brushes my clit....I slide one finger under the edge....slowly it slips between my moist lips a nd brushes and strokes my hardened clit.   As my eyes close and my head falls back, I start to think about your habit of brushing down the straps on my nighties
....imagining its your hands and mouth as my hand slides across my nipples jump as my fingers slide across them...I reach down to my breast ... gently squeezing it and rolling the nipple between my fingers, dreaming it is you making my skin catch fire. I squeeze harder and feel the sensation reach the pit of my stomach.  My other hand is busy, as well. Dipping my middle finger in my mouth, I trace a a path down along my skin, slowly going lower. I push
the teddy aside as I finally reach and open my slit with wet fingers. I moan hand stimulating my nipples as the other rubs my clit... again and again ...Eyes still closed the wet creamy texture drives me finger easily slips into my hot slit. Deeper still, until one finger is no longer enough to feed my hunger. I reach into the velvet pouch I'd carried out with me and pull out my vibrator. I turn it on and continue playing with my nipples. The vibrator is tempation and I am ready. I lower it to my wet pussy, my legs spread as far as I can possibly spread them. I lower it slowly. I close
my eyes and am engulfed by pictures of you entering me from every possible direction. You, filling me so completely.  I push the vibrator deep as it will go's thrusting motion tantalizing.and with my other hand I massage my hardened nub...Oh, God...I want you. I feel the tremors building in my pelvis...the pleasure of the long, toy pounding inside me, rocking back and forth against it. My hand rubbing clit, rolling it back and forth with my fingers as I
had my nipples. My slit wet, so very wet. I moan louder and began rocking faster and harder.  I feel the climax coming...wave upon wave of pleasure as I drive what I imagine to be your hard cock inside me...I cum with a moan that is almost a whimper, your cock inside body twisting, turning, my head tossing from side to side, my breathing erratic. I open my eyes...and suddenly you are there..I see you you have been watching me. I smile
invitingly as I see you are stroking yourself. Eyes intent.  Suddenly you are standing over me, larger than life, wearing only your jeans. Your chest and feet bare.   Silently, dropping to your knees over me, then leaning down and grasping my wrists, holding them over my head.  Your mouth comes down on mine and all coherency dissolves.  Willingly I open my mouth, your tongue dances with mine, probing deeply, drinking my sweet essence hungrily.  Your hands arouse me in
ceaseless hypnotic designs: your mouth enraptures me.... in a motion, at once,   leisurely and mind-spinning, you roll me over, and I am  lying on top of you.   Your hands slowly ease the soft black garment off my shoulder in a whisper of movement, you let it fall around my trail your lips down the exposed curve of my breast, drawing a low
moan from me.  From head to toe, I melt into you.  You pull me higher over you and your hot mouth finds the
tightened peak of my breast and sucks hungrily....Raw need explodes in my stomach.   You are swelled thick and hard against me, and I move instinctively over you.   Your hands slip along my thighs and under the edge of my teddy, unsnapping the crotch I had shoved out of the way.......your fingers dig into my buttocks and pull me roughly against you. Sensation follows dazzling sensation, until you groan and roll me over and I am once again lying on my back with you beside me.  It all seems so very familiar.  It all seems so very right. You begin dropping kisses along my jawline, and your hand is pushing my teddy farther down my body so that your fingers can find their way inside. You pick up the vibrator and hold it to my clit..turning it on slowly.    Placing it at the apex of my ease it past my moist
lips....sliding it and and out....

.....The full moon makes the silver-and-black night seem timeless. I feel drenched in a wild, incredible, fiery passion.  I kick aside my teddy, raising my hips against your long fingers as they rub so intimately and knowledgeably against my clit forcing the vibrator deeper.  At the same time your mouth is moving back to my breast, licking, caressing, biting, driving me exquisitely crazy.  A harsh shudder racks my body. I cry out..."God...I want and now"  "Are you sure?" you question hoarsely. "Yes...I'm extremely hot, wet, horny...." My graphic words and my pulsating body leave you in no doubt.

You toss the vibrator aside your jeans are quickly peeled off.  And then you are on me and in me.  You fill me, you surround me, you engulf me. ... pressing into me, harder and harder, the pounding rhythm of the waves lapping on shore an elemental background for our lovemaking.  Your cock thrusting in and out of my body.

My hands are clenched in your hair and my breath is coming in short gasps.  It is like nothing I have ever experienced before...your touch inflames my desires...we are incredibly hungry for each other, and take our fill.  Thrust after thrust my body arching into legs wrapping around you....pulling you deeper....matching your thrusts with one of my
own...our passion builds, rising until I cry out as the waves of sensation crests, blossoming among the evening stars and then bursting apart and spraying out bits of brilliance to the farthest reaches of the night, I cry out "Oh God...." as wave after orgasmic wave rocks my body......and you continue your long voluptuous hands caress your
fingers stroke your nipples....I whisper softly, "yes..fuck me" look into my eyes...then you thrust faster...I moan softly and you suddenly slow down...I murmur "'t stop.." but you tell me "shhhh" and then you thrust rapidly into me and my head falls back as I gasp at your exquisite torture......My hands caress your nipples.....twirling them between my thumb and finger.....plucking at them firmly....I manage to lean up and my mouth encircles it...tugging gently on it as you thrust deeply into my wet pussy.....gently tugging..and sucking....your thrusts become harder as I whisper, "yes...fuck
me" thrust your hips...faster, harder...."Yes baby, that's it....fuck me!"I whisper throatily... ....Your hips are pounding into me....I moan softly.."yeah baby, that's it....give it to me...." . You throw your head back...."Ahhh"you gasp.... I feel
your hot cum spurting into me as our bodies lock briefly together....joined completely.   You lower yourself against me...and our lips meet in a gentle kiss.  We lie there briefly holding each other.... suddenly you start to chuckle....."What are you finding so amusing?" I laughingly say..."It dawned on me as I was sitting there at the club...just
what kind of day dreams you have...and......I hurried back to take part in them. continue to surprise me...every time..." "Lets go back to the tent," I say....rising with my teddy in hand ...."last one back.....has to be on top" I call out as I dash down the beach........

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