Surrendering to the Blade

  There was a time when I thought I would never yeild, beg, bend to any man. And then, he came into my life. Sigh.... what this man does to me! He invades my every thought, my every dream. The things he wills me to do... I do. Without hesitation. Without question. It truly amazes me and frightens me at the same time. I am a strong willed, stubborn woman. Demanding at times, yet generous in nature for the most part. But he brings out a side of me, merely by the spoken word, a special glance, a touch... ah yes.. a touch. The touch of his words, his gaze, his hands, his blade.

  I was in the kitchen, preparing dinner. It was late, as I had been busy writing all day at the computer and lost track of time. My music blaring, it took me awhile to hear the knocking on the door. I should say pounding, for by the time I realized what I was hearing, the sound was very persistant. I grabbed the blade which has been my constant companion since I moved into this old place, I tucked into my waist band and headed to see what the commotion was. Upon reaching the top of the stairs, I could see down into the foyer and thru the glass of the front door. It was him. None too happy, either. Releasing a sigh, I quickly ran my fingers thru my hair, tried to compose myself and practically ran to the front door.

  I had barely unlocked the latch, when the door was pushed opened! Almost tripping over my own feet, I stepped back. Face to face now, I could see I had been keeping him waiting awhile! LOL. Such a stern look for someone who I
know can the most gentle of souls! Grabbing me by the fore arms, he kissed me roughly as his foot kicked shut the door. Turning me around, he forced my back against that very door, his lips never leaving mine. His hands reached for mine and drew them above my head. Clasping both wrists in his one strong hand, his other began roaming possesively over my breasts. All the while his mouth was assaulting mine, his tongue forcing itself against my teeth, my tongue. Ah, what a strange and powerful dance it danced! Finding my nipples hard, he chuckled. That sound alone caused me to release the moan that had building inside of me since his loving assault started. That laugh, low and sexy... makes me weak. It is powerful and tender at the same time.

His mouth began its torment on my neck and my ears. Licking, nibbling, sucking. His free hand traveling all over my body now. Over my hip, between my legs, up and down my thighs. Upon reaching my other hip, he found my blade. Pulling away from the tender spot he had been making on my neck, he gazed into my eyes with a slightly amused look on his face and chuckled once more. Sighing and slightly bowing my head, I looked up coyly and shrugged. His eyes smilin, he kissed me once more. Lovingly this time. He was pleased. This blade had been one of the many gifts he had sent to me for my birthday.

He took the blade from my waistband and with just one hand, he unlatched the sheath and removed the blade. Quickly. One swift, graceful movement. The sheath landed on the floor with a thud, giving me a start and I gasped.
Biting on my lip, he sssssssssshed me. Taking the knife, he slowly began a trail up my thigh. My skirt catching on the point and it traveled up as well. A small red line appeared as the blade made its way to my stomach. All the while his mouth was on mine. Kissing, licking and biting at me. Rough, then gentle. Little nibbles, that caused me to moan. Taking his time, almost lazy like, the blade ploteds its course around each nipple. The fabric of my sheer blouse catching and ripping in places. I dared not protest. Leaving my mouth quite suddenly, his smile became mischevious, yet almost menancing at the same time. Maneuvering the blade with a deftness that amazes me still, my blouse was cut away in a blink of an eye. Hanging off my shoulders, my breasts were exposed to him. Gently, he traced each nipple with the point. His eyes never leaving mine. Gazing into them, almost daring me to speak. I did not. The coolness of the steel against my hot flesh was almost too much to bare. But yet, I said nothing. My eyes pleaded for release. He knew it.
Making the tiniest of marks on the underside of each nipple with the point, I groaned for the first time, truly groan with pleasure. His initials. Barely visible, yet I knew they were there. I belong to him now. I knew this. I have known this for the longest time now. I had surrendered... to the him and to the blade.


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