Heavy Encounter
author unknown

It seems like every story is about someone that has a perfect body and is a knockout to look at. Well this isn't one of those stories. There is a gal at work that is not real heavy but is far from perfect. We work together from time to time and she is a real nice person. We tend to stare at each other in an inviting way when ever we work together and I guess have sent the right signals that if the time was right we would have sex. Well the other night the time was right.

We had been working on a project for some time and we needed to do some work after hours. I had her come over to my place to do some paper work. It was about a hour after work when she got there. I had already changed into my normal casual sweat clothes and slippers when she got there. I had a fire going in the fireplace to take the chill off when she arrived. I thought she would stop at home to change but she came straight from work. Like I said she was a bit heavy but a tastefully sexy dresser. She is about 5'8" 160lbs or so and has a inviting smile. Big tits too! We got about our business and I thought nothing more about what could have been. It was a cold night out so I kept the fire fueled up rather well. About three hours into our work Mary made a comment about how hot she was getting. I told her she was just working too hard and she should take a break.

She sat down on the couch and unbuttoned her dress down the front rather low. When she would move it gave a good shot of her ample cleavage. Now I was starting to get a little warm. I began to think about sucking and playing with those big tits of hers. My cock was starting to show signs of life and she must have picked up on it.

Mary got up and when over to the fireplace and said how the warm air felt good on her body. I didn't pay much attention to what she said because I had my head buried back into some paper work to take my mind off her big tits. I madesome comment like get comfortable because it looks like a long night. "Ya, Ithink I will." With that I heard her dress hit the floor and I looked up to see her standing there with nothing on but her bra, stockings and a garter belt. Her big black bush stood out like a forest waiting to be explored! She walked over to my chair and stuck her hands down my sweat pants and grabbed my stiffening cock. She worked me to a full erection and then pulled down my  pants to expose my cock. She wrapped her warm mouth around my cock and started to suck it like no woman has done before. Her cock sucking had me moaning with pleasure in no time at all. She took her hands from my cock and continued to suck. Her head bobbed up and down in a steady motion. Then she reached behind herself and undid her bra. Her bra fell forward and she took my cock out of her mouth just long enough to throw her bra to the side. Her cock sucking had me right on the edge by now and I was about to blow a rather large load when she stopped. "I want you to eat my pussy." So I stripped the rest of my clothes off and we got in to a 69 with me on top. When I planted my head between those big thighs of hers I could tell she was extremely wet and ready for a good tongue thrashing. I lapped at that hairy bush of hers with the same intensity as she had sucked on my cock. My tongue found its way through that dark forest of hers until I found that magical spot to turn her on. I held myself up the best I could and got my hands down there to pull those pussy lips apart to better get at that sweet pussy. She was moaning with pleasure and about to come when she put my cock back into her mouth and began to suck on it again. She came in a flood and I buried my face into her pussy. My face was totally wet with her juices when I came up for air. As I was getting my wind back I looked back at her as she sucked my cock and played with my balls. I was real close now. As I came she pulled my cock from her mouth and shot my load all over her tits and belly. She stroked my cock and played with my balls until there was no more. I got up and got a towel to wipe up the mess. I wiped up most of my come off her tits and belly then put the towel to the side. Then I massaged the rest into her tits and belly. Her large tits were soft. I got her nipples rock hard and then sucked on them oh so gently. By now my cock was ready to go again and I mounted her and we fucked like crazy.

Who ever said, "No fat chicks" is wrong. We are planning a repeat evening soon!