Rain drops pelt the window, rolling furiously down the glass. I am leaning against the wall watching the rain when you appear.  Wearing nothing but a bath towel.  You place your hands on my shoulders as you lean forward and lightly brush your lips across the back of my neck. I jump slightly, whispering questioningly your name. You chuckle teasingly pleading guilty. I smile as I turn around to face you. You pull me into your arms kissing me deeply.

Our kiss breaks as I step back and raise my hand to my night gown strap….slowly lowering it off my shoulder.  You watch as it drops down my arm.  Your hand reaches up and brushes aside the other strap.  As the straps slide down my arms the bodice of my gown falls to my waist.  You stare intently into my eyes.   "You hide from me," you murmur hoarsely, one hand slipping down over my quivering stomach.  "Except when you're like this…when you want me.   Then you let yourself go."

"I want you.."I whisper huskily.

You shudder as you continue, "Even your voice changes.....warm and soft and wanting.   And your incredible eyes lose that guarded brightness and go so dark, so deep."  Abruptly, you pull me back onto the bed, raising yourself beside nuzzle your face between my breasts.  "And you touch me then," you whisper as my hands rise to stroke your shoulders.  The slight rasp of your beard against my breasts drives me crazy, and I can't think of anything but your touch. It ignites me.   No matter how many times we make love, I am seduced again and again by desire, burning with need for you.

One of my legs is pinned by yours, and I move the other to tangle with your long, powerful ones, stroking my flesh against yours. The arch of my foot caresses your calf and I catch my breath, feeling the flames rise.  I shift restlessly, trying to draw you closer, frustrated when your resistence defeats me.

You breathe hotly on one yearning nipple, flicking it with your tongue maddeningly.   "I can make you forget everything but me and what we do to each other." you whisper.  "I can always do that can't I, Kat?"

"Oh--" I gasp, trying to pull your head down, desperate to feel your mouth on my throbbing flesh.

"Tell me, Kat!",you insist as your tongue moves teasingly, and one hand slips down over my stomach while your leg parts mine in a single strong, irresistible movement.   You face is hard, intent.  I move against your caressing hands, my own tangling in your hair, demanding an end to your sensual torture.  "Yes," I gasp, "You make me forget.  Nothing matters
but you."

"Tell me what you want," you command, your fingers probing with sure knowledge.   Your knowing fingers are stroking me intimately, insistently, and my hips lift   to the touch…pressing against your hand.  "You!" I gasp, my nails digging into your body writhing.  "I want you....all of you..." My voice is breathless and trembling.

The aching, burning tip of my breast is drawn into your hungry mouth, your tongue swirling.  You catch my wrists in one hand and hold them above my head in a painless inescapable grip, your other hand increases its erotic caresses, stroking and rubbing my clit.  One finger dipping into my wetness while the other circles round and round my clit….slowly stroking across the top of my clit.  When I convulse against you, my body arching, you lift your head and watch me.
  Again and again, you shatter my senses, catching my mindless cries in your mouth, denying yourself release. You hold me still when I would try to move violently, resist when I seek to free my arms and pull you closer. You feed my hunger, yet leave me empty and aching, needing you with an all-consuming craving that turns my nerves on fire.

And when you finally move between my thighs, I can only shiver wildly and cradle your body, my freed arms reach to enfold you, my strong legs lifting, twining about you.   You drive into me with a single rough thrust, your hard body filling the emptiness that aches for you until I can feel you throbbing deep within me, and my cry is a sound of exultation.

Your only conscious thought  is of me, my body sheathing yours so tightly, so softly, my voice uttering cries that drive you crazy, my nails digging into your back.  You still for a moment, holding yourself deep inside me, so close to exploding you can feel the feathery tremors along every taut nerve of your body.  I moan deeply, my inner muscles contracting around you in a sudden, ecstatic rhythm, and you bury your face in my throat, gritting your teeth, hanging on to control for the fierce pleasure of feeling me release so intimately.

But your body assumes a rhythm of its own. You catch my breathless cries with your mouth., hot and wild on mine, driving into me with the strength and power of lost control and mindless need.  I am taking you, all of you, and the satiny clasp of my body eagerly fuels the explosion we demand.   Your body shudders violently as you drive yourself into me, unbearable tension snapping and sending shock waves jolting through us in feeling beyond pleasure.  You spurt your hot seed inside as my muscles milk you.   You settle slowly on me, your chest moving with the deep ragged breaths your body demands, your face buried in my neck.  We hold each other close as we slowly drift off to sleep……

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