Secret Desires


 As I pass the vehicle on I-80 heading north, I glance over at its driver.  ”Wow,’ I think, ‘that looks like him.”  A mirage, I tell myself.   “Looked like him, at least, what I can remember about him.”  And, I’ve remembered a lot. God..I have seen him in my dreams night after night..He’s my one regret...We flirted around each other, sometimes one of us serious while the other thought we were joking ...but we never did make love together...I often think how stupid we were back then.  I smile as I pass.   You look over and are surprised..thinking to yourself, “could that that Kat?”  You watch as the black Camaro pulls in front of you and think about speeding up to catch me. You have got to see if its her.  You see my turn signal come on and you think to yourself..’what the heck, I'll just follow and see if it harm done if it isn’t.” So, you I exit the interstate. I pull into a gas follow suit...silently watching. You wait with anticipation as the door to the car opens, and  a nice pair of legs in high heels come out , followed by a very shapely figure...and you think to yourself...’Hmm, maybe I wont care if its not Kat’. You inhale sharply as I turn and face your direction....memories race thru your mind as my identity is confirmed.  As I finish filling up my car, you hear me ask the gas station attendant if there is a decent motel in the area...intently listening to the directions he is giving me. I open the door and slide into my car, heading for the nearest hotel. You discreetly continue to follow.

I’d spied you while filling up my car....and cautiously watched you,  hoping you’d speak...and disappointed when you didn’t.  I was encouraged by the fact that you were following me.  I  pull into the motel parking.  It looks pretty nice and the sign said vacancy.  I go  into register and get a room.  Meanwhile, you are parked at the other end of the parking lot, waiting to see which direction I head.  I emerge, key in hand, and head to my car.   You watch as I park in front of room 401.  You start laughing  to yourself, thinking how silly you feel...but you just cant help but've wondered for months, what it would be like.  You go in to the motel office to get a registration card is still lying there and you see my name and room number. The clerk tells you he hasn’t got any vacancies at the moment, you thank him and return to your car. Now you have to decide what to do...

Mean while, I’m stepping into the shower.   I’ve just finished washing my hair when I hear a knock at the door.  I grab my silk robe..and shove my damp arms into the sleeves... wrapping it around my wet body....groaning to the silk clings to every line and curve. I wonder who it could be as I grab a towel to hold in front of me.   I look out the room’s window to see who's there..I am only mildly surprised to see you.. I open the door and act casual saying “Can I help you!".  You say, "Kat, its me!” I smile as I pretend to suddenly recognize you. “Give me five minutes to get dressed.” I asked.   You say, “sure.” “I’ll be right back”, I tell you.  Ten minutes later I open the door...”sorry..took longer than I thought it would” I say apologetically as I invite you to come in and have a seat.  You say “No problem” as you sit down in one of the few chairs in the room...I set across from you on the bed.  We talk about different things....the gang, what’s going on in our lives, this, that and other things. I casually ask, “What are you doing in this neck of the woods?”  You respond with, “Just traveling thru.”  I laugh and say, "Me too!"  “Kat, Wanna come have dinner with me?”you ask.   “Yes, I think I’d like that.” I reply.

I think I’ve got to be nuts...but ...the chemistry between us is still there.  Dinner is totally enjoyable affair..but I feel this strange tension.  After dinner, we return to my motel room. I turn to say goodnight to you and walk strait into your arms.  “Oops!” I say, slightly embarrassed.  Your arms come up and encircle me.. I look into your eyes and I stop thinking.  The look on your face makes me forget what I am about to say. My hands against your chest...I whisper,"We shouldn't."  "Yes, I know," you say,"but are we going to listen?"  We are standing nose-to-nose, searching each other's eyes.  I smile sweetly and say at last, "I think,  your wearing to many clothes!"  You step back and undo your shirt, slowly releasing each button and finally removing it."  You're wearing to many clothes!" I repeat again. You unsnap your trousers.  Your throat working. Your mouth shaping words without sound except for one low, provocative, ardent ", brat." I smile and fly at you.  I have no breath, no thought, no intention, and no control.  All I have is an overpowering need to feel your arms around me, your mouth on my skin, my fingers in your hair as you come inside me, deep inside me, hot, fierce and strong.  "Can I do this?" I ask, flicking my tongue over your bottom lip, then catching it between my teeth.  Your mouth is fantastic. I press against the length of your warm, firm body.  (Definitely my privilege.) I skim my palm over your chest, relishing how so much warm flesh and smooth muscle and sinew and bone had meshed into one beautiful animal--a true thoroughbred.  The stretch of your arm, the flex of your shoulder, the tight bead of your nipple between my teeth, the clench of your abdomen as you catch your breath.

You half lift, half push me toward the bed.  We tumble onto it together, I find myself pinned beneath your lithe body. "Mmm," I say, sliding my thigh over yours, bending my knee so my foot grazes your legs  You move sinuously against me and I cry out, opening my legs so your erection can press hard against me with delicious friction, making my head swim and my fingernails sink into your bare back.  I reach down and touch you, prompting you to roll over on top of me, with your hands in my hair pinning me down, your thigh parting mine, so I can feel that I'd better be ready, now. 

I kiss you, framing your face with my hands.  "Make love to me?" I ask as I press myself against you...trying to get closer than kissing, closer than close.  "Temptress" you say, and I laugh and bite your shoulder.  You lever yourself off me and push up my skimpy t-shirt, unhooking my bra with a flick of your thumb.  Your eyes hot on mine, watching me all the time, while you scrape your tongue across my breasts. flicking one nipple at a time..sucking them to hardened peaks and then moving down my rib cage, trailing wet kisses all the way to my navel.  Once there, you swiftly unclasp my jeans, taking the tab of the zipper in your teeth and pulling it down with one quick twist of your head.  I hips jerking off the bed.  You strip off my jeans and my panties. Then, your eyes still hot on mine, you strip off the rest of your own clothing.  And somehow in doing so, you finally strip both of us of any lingering notion that what we are doing is just having sex.  It is sex...but it is also more.  You know it.  I know it.

But we speak of it only with our eyes, and lips, and eager searching hands. I loose my train of thought as your mouth fastens over my aching nipple and you are kissing and licking and sucking so hard my body tries to curl up, shivering with delight. You stop, raise your head and say, "Cold?" I groan as cool air washes over my damp breast.  Your mouth finds my breast while your hand goes between my legs and parts me with one probing fingertip, making you say, your tongue thick against my nipple, "Hot.  Definitely hot."

You touch me again, stroking inside me with a sweet, rough, driving rhythm until the heat rises to unbearable heights. Suffused with pleasure, I wrap myself around you, licking the pulse beating in the hollow of your neck as your head rears back and you plunge into me as fiercely and deeply as I had craved, except the reality of having you inside me is so electric, the shock of it goes through me like a lightning bolt.  When you withdraw almost all the way, I hate it, needing to be filled with you, but then you thrust back, sliding even deeper, and I love it, my body clenching around yours.   You keep going, though.  You don't even stop when I scream your name in desperation and desire.  You just do it over and over and over, with me arching into your thrusts until everything in them melts & flows and runs together, closer than close, closer than one.  My world is narrowed to only you, your thrust and the dizzying liquid heat that flows between us.  Time after time in the night we turn to each other.  And in the morning we’ll..... well...we’ll worry about morning when it gets here.....


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