Self Reflection


I was watching the Thursday night smut on HBO, which gave me an idea for something I want to try for you. 
I don't want to go into any detail about that here - suffice to say it involves a few props I'll need to get before I see you again.  But as I was practicing, watching myself in the mirror and trying to imagine your reaction, I found myself getting pretty turned on.  One thing led to another, and I decided that since you're so far away, I'd have to get out my vibrator and take care of myself. 

Then I got to thinking: I've never actually seen my own pussy when I cum.  Does it look like those photos I see in the ads for the adult sites on the 'net?  Hard to believe at my age that I still don't know my own body that well!  Oh sure, I know the mechanics; I mean, my degree's in a medical field so I took anatomy and physiology, and I know what feels good and what happens during orgasm.   I just wondered what you see, since you spend so much time with your face right there!  So I decided I needed to find out.  I have an old mirror which I placed on the bed, propped up with pillows.  Then I positioned myself, legs wide, where I could see my whole cunt and anus in the mirror.  My bed stand lamp reflected off the mirror and shined directly on me like a spotlight.  I looked, really looked at my vulva.  You always say it's pretty, so I tried to see what you find so attractive.  My hair is trimmed short, the way you like it, and my labia and clitoral hood were very prominent.  As a result of my state of semi-arousal, the lips were deep rose-pink, slightly glistening with moisture in the lamp light.  I like the way it looks, sort of like a rose-colored orchid.  I see now why Georgia O'Keefe's flower paintings are considered to be sexual in nature. 

I got out that little cheap vibrator, you know the one with the AA battery.  Not very powerful, but sufficient for my needs tonight.  I applied a bit of Astroglide to the tip, switched it on and went to work.  First I ran it around my pussy lips, spreading the lube over them, the plastic cool against my superheated flesh.  I teased it over my clit, varying the speed and pressure of my movement, finding a spot that felt good and lingering there before moving on.  I noticed my lips getting redder, more engorged; I tried flexing my muscles and saw my clit and lips contract.   

Then I started pushing the vibrator in and out and moving it around.  One of the things I wondered about was if my hole stayed enlarged for very long once the vibrator was removed.  I saw a picture on one of the adult sites where the woman's hole stayed gaping open - huge and not very attractive, at least to my feminine eyes.  Maybe it's different with your cock or several fingers, but I was glad to see mine shrink back down pretty quickly. I slowly moved the vibe in and out, watching my inner lips grasp it like a kiss. 

By now I was breathing harder,  the combination of the vibe action and the slightly naughty feeling I got from watching myself getting me pretty excited.  I fought the urge to close my eyes and throw my head back, and kept watching.  I pushed the vibrator in all the way, then contracted my muscles, forcing it back out.  Then I saw it.   You always seem amazed at how wet I get with you, but I don't think I really believed how much cum I could produce.  It came out in little white rivulets, running out of my pussy and down my crack to my ass.  I pushed the vibrator back in, then used my fingers to rub my juices over my clit, gently tugging.   I saw my fingertips, with my pink-polished nails, my red, swollen clit between them.  The white vibrator peeked out of my hole, and my anus was puckered and twitching.   That's when I came, and came pretty hard. I had to hold the vibe inside with my hand; the contractions of my pussy kept pushing it out. My thighs quivered and shook, and I ended up knocking over the mirror with my knee.    

I stopped with one orgasm; it's not as much fun to have multiples when you aren't there to encourage and enjoy.  But a big portion of my curiosity was satisfied, and the edge was taken off my libido, at least for now.   Maybe one day soon, I can do it again, and you can do the play-by-play!


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