Give & Take

I knew you would come tonight. So, I head to the shower to wash away the days worries.  I remove my jewelry and place it in the dresser drawer, then undress and remove my makeup before stepping into the stall.  Luxuriating in the hot spray, I am not too surprised when a draft of cool air heralds your arrival.  Turning in the roomy stall, I push wet hair out of my eyes and smile.  "I know I locked the door, "I murmur. "I picked the lock." you say smilingly..while reaching for me.  You shut the stall door to enclose us within. 

Hot water streams over us as you pull me close, and your gaze fixes on my face.  My arms go around your neck and my mouth moves eagerly  beneath yours, hungry.  Your chest scrapes my breasts sensuously and my legs move to twine with yours.  I can feel your hands moving slowly over the slippery flesh of my back, spanning my waist, lowering to cup my hips.  My head falls back when your mouth leaves mine and moves to taste my throat, my shoulders.  You lift me against you, the slide of our bodies an electric caress, and your lips find the hard, throbbing tips of my breasts.  I taste sweet and clean from the soap and feel vibrantly alive.The steam within the shower encloses us in a hot, wet, intimate blanket of sensation.  You lower body sliding down the length of yours.  I take the soap and start to lather your chest. My hands roaming freely, circling smaller and smaller. My fingers brushing your erect hands stroking down the center of your chest....and slowly I lower.   My fingers explore your hips.  I look up at you and find your eyes closed  and your head is leaning back.  I smile softly to myself as my hands close around your hard cock.   Lathering it...stroking it from tip to base..and then sliding my soapy hands down your inner thigh. I reach around and cup your cheek softly.   I murmur, “Lean back.”  You oblige and lean back allowing the spray of water to rinse away the soap.   I lean forward and lick your cock.  You gasp softly as my lips surround the head and I suck softly...drinking the water from you.  My lips..slide slowly up and down your shaft...stopping only when my lips encounter your head...and then I suck you softly. My hands slide around behind and cup your butt drawing you farther into my mouth, sliding up and down...back and forth.  The water cascades over us. “Enough”, you say as you reach down and draw me up.  

Blindly, you reach for the faucet, turning the water off.  You open the stall and step out, bringing me with you, reaching for a towel as we immerge.   You watch as you dry me.  Sleek, shiny wetness becomes satin smoothness as you move the terry-cloth over my skin. My body rosy, my eyes darkened and aroused.  You kneel before me to dry my long legs, pressing a warm kiss on the silky skin beside my navel.  You rise to your feet, wrapping me in a towel and knotting one around your waist, then you lead me to the dressing table and begin drying my hair.  This, too, is lovemaking; the slow, sensuous movements of the brush through my hair keeping us both intent, absorbed.  When my long auburn hair is gleaming with a thousand highlights you shut off the dryer and set it and the brush aside. 

Towels are flung to the floor, and the bed covers are pulled back, cushioning us in cool softness.  My fingers lock in your still-damp hair, and I meet your mouth fiercely, glorying in the hard strength of your body against mine.  We are acutely  sensitive to every touch, every glance, every murmured endearment.  Desire coils and writhes, a starving, demanding thing existing only to be sated.  It takes control of us, drives us wildly to lose ourselves in its rich, potent texture.  I want you. I need you, the hard planes of your body intrigue me, obsess me.  My hands stroke your back, feathering lightly down your spine in a caress that makes you shudder.  I trace your shoulders and arms, explore your lean ribs and powerful chest, fascinated.  My mouth finds the tight hardness of your nipples, and heat moves strongly in my loins at the taste and feel of you.  I twine my legs about you, absorbed by the caress of your flesh, moved oddly when every touch shakes your powerful body with increasing need.  Your hoarse mutters of encouragement fuel my intense desire to touch you, explore you, and I become so engrossed in your wonderfully different from my own. 

Every breath you draw is fire in your lungs, and you feel as if I am tearing you apart with my soft hands and warm mouth, tearing you apart and then making you whole again, and again.  It is a sensual, sweet, mindless torture that you wouldn't stop even if death promised to follow.  You are no stranger to passion, but this goes beyond anything you've ever known before.  This is raw, essential need, profound in its power, and just this side of madness.

You are starving for me with a hunger that is voracious, shattering your control, and you pull me back up beside you with a hoarse cry, moving over me, sinking your body into mine with a power that strives to make us one, fused.  The inferno inside you burns out of control, and my equally wild response only feeds the flames, searing us both.   My body strains against yours, trembling, my soft cries pushing your need almost over the edge.  You feel the sharp sting of my nails in your back, feel the silken touch of my thighs about your hips.  My body sheathes yours in a velvet clasp that sends violent shivers of hot ecstasy along your spine, and still it isn't enough, you still don't have enough of me.  There is no time for gentleness, no desire for it.  In our shared desperation of need, we are matched, our bodies moving instantly into a pounding savage rhythm.   Tension builds strongly, winding tighter and tighter, hot and powerful.   I cry out wildly when the tension shatters in a hot explosion, feeling my body hold you tightly, pleasure washing over me in mindless waves.  I feel as well as hear your hoarse cry, feel you shudder in shock waves of release. Spurting your seed inside me as my muscles spasim around you.  You pull me close and kiss me softly.  Rolling off me, you pull me to your head nestled against your shoulder.   We say very little....our hands softly caressing, a touch here, a touch there....


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