An Uplifting Encounter


My job takes me to Las Vegas quite often, and I watch my flying companions from my 1st-class seat with a mixture of envy and amusement. Tourists looking to strike it rich on the nickel slots are easy to pick out, the ladies decked out in their own versions of Vegas chic (polyester with sequins and gold lame' for the older ones, tiny tanks and mini-shorts for the rest,) while their men wear standard sports-bar wear. Their talk is loud and enthusiastic, they discuss what shows they'll see or tell about how Uncle Bob won $2000 at roulette.

Business folk are easy too: we're the ones in hose and jackets, boarding first to make sure we grab valuable overhead space for our laptops and briefcases.  We quickly sit and begin to sip our juice or water; I feel the eyes of the coach passengers scrutinize me as they pass. 

The cute couple in their 20's hold hands as they board; I'll bet he takes the middle seat so she can have the window.  They have "Vegas Wedding" written all over them; I wonder if they'll have as much fun as I plan to have tonight.

Usually while in Vegas, I wander around various casinos at night, the excellent food and wine a perk I feel I deserve after working all day while the rest of the town plays.  But tonight is different; J's flying up to meet me.  I doubt the craps table will see much of me tonight.

No mid-size cars are available, but my preferred status gets me a red Plymouth convertible.   I leave the top up to protect my hairstyle and head for my first account.  Midway through the morning, my pager goes off.  It's a text message from J, telling me in graphic detail where his mouth will be in a few hours.  I smile as I read it, feeling a little thrill where I know his mouth will be; my customer gives me a strange look as I resume our discussion without comment.  I get another message around lunchtime, and a third as I leave my last account and drive to the Las Vegas Hilton.  Each message is more erotic than the last; J is telling me he can't wait to taste me, to feel my mouth on his cock.

After a speedy check-in at the VIP desk, I find the elevator and press the button for the 24th floor.  The room is large, with a big king-size bed and floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the north end of the Strip and a city golf course.  I strip off my business suit, my pantyhose and undies, then jump in the shower for a quick rinse-off.  I loofah my skin to a rosy glow, and snip a few stray pussy hairs; J likes my head-hair messy and my cunt-hair neat.  I use the hair dryer to dry my body, then do my hair and makeup -- naked, of course.  My blouse needs pressing; I stand near the window with the curtains wide open, the warmth of the steam iron rising up to my nipples distracts me.

No other tall buildings are close, so there's not a big chance anyone will see me.  I stand nude in front of the window -- I can see the golfers as tiny specks below.  I've got a few minutes before I need to leave for the airport, so I lie back on the bed - the afternoon sunlight streaming in. I start to touch myself, thinking about how J's hands will feel on me, pulling at my nipples until they're nice and hard.  My hands stray lower, playing in my short hair, tugging at it.  My finger dips down, runs over my labia, into my pussy.  It's pretty wet, and I pause to smell my essence on my hand.  My musky scent excites me more, so I rub my finger over my upper lip.  I know J will recognize it when I kiss him hello.  I don't want to come now, I want to save that for J.  I just want to tease myself, heighten my anticipation.  I half-open my eyes, then they fly open!  I see a man on a scaffold, he's washing my window!  I don't know if he's seen anything - I toy with the idea of continuing my play and letting him watch, but I don't want to come...

So I get up and dressed - a loose blouse, ankle-length broomstick skirt, sandals - that's it!  No undies, no bra.   I feel slightly naughty as I head out of the room - the coolness of the air-conditioning chills my wet pussy as I get into the elevator - my nipples are hard against the soft fabric of my blouse.

I stand facing an old man and his wife - I notice he's looking at my chest, then he glances up at my face and I give him a little smile.  His wife pokes him in the ribs and glares at me, I smile sweetly back.

The valet brings car around; the air is cooler now so I put the top down and pull out onto Paradise; reveling in the breeze.  I pull up to the curb just as J is stepping out of the terminal; he tosses his bag in the back seat and gets in; he puts his hand behind my head to pull me close for his kiss.  I can taste the wine he had on the plane; he rubs his nose under mine.

"Someone couldn't wait!  Did you come already?"  His hand slides down to cup my breast, his thumb on my rigid nipple.

"Nope, but I did give the window-washer a show!"  He pulls back with a startled look; I laugh and put the car into gear.

Rush-hour traffic is heavy, but that doesn't stop J from putting his hand up my skirt as I drive.   I have to stop for a red light;  a trucker next to us honks his horn as he sees J's hand moving on me - he can see my thighs spread far apart, but my skirt shields J's fingers from his view as they plunge into my wet pussy. The light on Tropicana turns green and I head for the hotel, driving as fast as I dare.

I let the valet take the car and grab J's arm, tugging him across the casino to the elevator.  I can't wait to get him upstairs, to feel his mouth on my clit, his cock in my pussy.  His hand cups my ass as we wait for the elevator.  Several people get on with us; J pulls me with him to the back and drops his bag beside us.

"Twenty-four, please."  A young man presses the button for our floor; several other lights are lit.  J has one arm around me; I press back and feel his erection against my ass.  Every one is facing front; why don't people look at each other in elevators?  I feel J's hand working behind me, then feel his hot cock through the thin fabric of my skirt.  The elevator stops to let people out; 8th floor, 12th, 15th, 17th.  I feel J's cock rubbing against me.

On the 20th floor, the last couple exits.  We are alone; J reaches across and presses the buttons for 21 thru 23. He runs his hand up under my skirt to find my pussy soaking and ready. 

"I can't wait, I need to fuck you right now." His breath is hot on my ear as he bends me over his arm.  I stand on my tiptoes; his cock slips right in.  The elevator stops on 21; the doors open to an empty foyer.  J begins to move his cock in and out, holding me against him with one hand on my hip and the other clutching my breast. I reach around behind me and put my hand on his ass, pulling him close.

Twenty-two… no one.  J bends me forward more, I back into his thrusts.  His cock is hot and throbbing, matching the heat coming from my cunt.  Twenty-three comes and goes, then twenty-four, but we can't stop to get out now.  I fall forward and press the button for level 10; I feel the pressure at the top of my pussy as we start our descent.  J is pumping faster, when the elevator stops at 18!  I straighten up and let my skirt fall around us just as the door opens.  Two girls in swimsuits and T-shirts get on; J gives them a smile while I avoid their eyes, his cock twitching in my pussy.  As the elevator moves down, I clench my Kegel muscles, squeezing and milking his cock.  The girls are talking, so they don't hear him breathe into my ear, "Stop it, you'll make me cum!"  I squeeze again in response.  The door opens again at 14; J uses the stop to slide carefully out of me.  Everyone faces forward, the chattering of the girls hides the sound of J's zipper. 

I lean back and rub against him as we stop at 12, 11, then we stop at 10 and J picks up his bag and pushes me forward.  The corridor is empty; I see the ice room around the corner and pull him into it.   He drops his bag as I fumble at his zipper, pushes my hands away to unleash his penis.  I gather my long skirt up to my waist; he picks me up and slams me hard against the ice machine.  I wrap my legs around his waist and hang on for dear life as his cock rams into my dripping pussy, his hands clutching my ass.  I hear voices in the hall, but it's too late, I'm cumming.  I bite down into J's shoulder to muffle my screams, then lower my mouth to his as he groans and shudders in release.  His last powerful thrust jars the ice machine; it spits cubes onto the floor as J's cock pumps inside me.

I wait, still impaled on J's cock, as the voices pass us on their way to the elevator.  His tongue moves around my mouth as he sets me down, then he puts his cock away while I straighten my skirt.  I feel our juices running out of me, traveling down my thigh as we walk to the elevator and press the "up" arrow.  J kisses me thoroughly, and as the elevator car arrives he murmurs, "I still need to taste you."   I respond by rubbing against him as we travel to 24.  I still want that excellent food and wine, but tonight it will be delivered straight to our room!


Copyright 1999 by Neanderfem

All Rights Reserved

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