Weekend at the Lake
Night Swimmer


It was early on a Saturday morning as I rounded a corner onto the street where my girlfriend, Jena, lived causing the wheels of my Jeep let out a slight squeal.  As I drove, I checked over in my mind one last time everything I needed for the weekend.   I pulled into the driveway of her house and beeped the horn.

It was a warm, sunny day so I was able to take off the soft-top.  The sun had been up for a while now and I noticed it was just starting to burn off the dew from everyone's lawns.  Jena waved out the window of her second story room as I sat waiting.  We had been going steady for almost 6 months and had been planning this special trip to celebrate.

Her parents owned a summer home only an hour or so away so we had made plans to drive up there for the weekend.  She lied to them when said we were going up there with some friends from school.  They were kind of the religious type, when it suited them, and wouldn't approve of us being alone together.  Because
neither of us cared about anything but each other, we decided this weekend would be special.

Jena emerged from the house a few moments later wearing her shoulder length blond hair up in a pony-tail and carrying a few things.  The sun shown on her pretty 17 year-old face.  She was a year younger than my 18 years but you would never have been able to tell from her well-developed body.  She had a top on that her firm breasts filled completely and that left her firm abs and navel exposed all the way down to her tight denim shorts.  Her shorts hugged closely to her hips, thighs, ass and every other wonderful part of her.  She threw her
things in the back and jumped in next to me.

I could instantly smell her perfume when she got in. "You're looking hot as ever today."  I leaned towards her and she met me in the middle with a french kiss.   I would have been happy sitting there doing that all weekend but she sat back in her seat and smiled.  "Let's get moving, Mark.  I can't wait to have you to myself all weekend!"  With that we set off on our journey not only to the camp but to a new level in our relationship.

As we embarked off for our wild weekend Jena turned on the radio which we listed to most of the way there.  We made conversation about how good it was to leave school and our parents behind and anything else to pass the time.  As we got closer to the camp some small mountain ranges began to breakup the radio signal.
Jena finally turned off the static and asked if I had brought along any CDs.  I motioned to the back as she unbuckled and went diving between ours seats to find them.   That left me with a perfect view of her round,
luscious ass inches from my face and filling my mirror.

She found the case of CDs and sat back down in her seat.   Even though the show was quick it awakened my dick as I thought of banging that sweat ass.  Jena's voice broke me out of my fantasy.  "Well?  Which one, Alice in Chains or Nine Inch Nails?".  I quickly acknowledged the latter and she inserted the CD into the player.  The angry voice of Trent Reznor singing  Fuck Me Like an Animal   now blasted through the speakers.  Images and fantasies raced through my mind   about Jena and I.  Fortunately, I snapped out of it long enough to realize we were approaching our turn.  I was glad I had taken a moment out of surfing for porn the other night to look at an online map of where we were going.

The road we turned onto was smaller then the one we were just on, and, if I remembered correctly, it meant we were only about 15 minutes away.  We entered a forest of pines which offered relief from the now brutal sun.  We finally made our way into a clearing in the pine forest and emerged next to a mid-sized two-story
summer home which sat on a crystal clear lake.  I pulled my Jeep up next to a stone walkway that led to the house.

"Isn t it beautiful here?"  Jena exclaimed as we both jumped out and looked around.  She giggled with enthusiasm.  "Help me carry this stuff inside."  I pulled her backpack and my small duffel bag from the back seat and carried them to the house.  Jena unlocked the door and I followed her inside.   She noticed me looking around for a place to put them down and instructed me where to place them.   You can put those
upstairs.   She paused as if to tease me.   In the bedroom.    Before I could respond she was off headed towards the back of thehouse.

I contemplated running after her to give her a good spanking but decided there would be plenty of time for that later.  I made my way through the elaborate floor plan of the house until I found the stairs leading to the second floor.  I went up and passed by a couple of empty spare bedrooms until I found my way to the master bedroom.  I plopped the stuff down on the floor and looked around the room.  There were double doors on the other end of the room that led out onto a terrace overlooking the lake.   I opened them, walked out and
looked around.

To my left I noticed a rose bush growing out of a pot on the deck.  The plant was in need of care but still contained a half dozen partly bedraggle flowers.  That gave me an idea.  I plucked a couple flowers from the plant and broke the petals off.  I then tossed the hand-full over the bed spread and pillows.  Perfect.  I admired my novel idea until I heard Jena call for me from downstairs.

I heard noise coming from the kitchen as I made my way down the stairs.  I headed that way and found Jena starting to mix together some iced tea. She saw me enter the kitchen and remarked.  "I was wondering what was keeping you.   She pulled out a spoon from the drawer for mixing.   I'm making some tea to quench our
thirsts.  I don t know about you, but I m hot." 

As I stared at her soft beauty I knew no matter how much tea I drank it wouldn't satisfy my thirst for her.   Oh ya, I m hot too .  I replied as I walked up behind Jena and slowly caressed her long, blond hair.  "You know what I'm thirsty for?"  She clanked the spoon in one of the glasses as she stirred.   "Hmm, what?"  I moved my head down closer to her neck and softly blew on it.  "I'm thirsty for you."  She giggled at my comment.

I continued blowing on her and then landed a soft kiss on her neck.  She instantly stopped stirring and cooed softly.  I continued by blanketing her neck with kisses and slowly massaged her shoulders.  I then moved down to her full, round breasts.   I squeezed them both with my large hands and rubbed around them until I reached the peaks and felt the hardness of her nipples.

My dick started to come alive as I became aroused.  It throbbed in my pants until it pressed up against her ass cheeks as it rose.  I moved my hands off of her breasts and back up to her shoulders.  I gently pulled her top off over her head and gazed down at her now exposed, luscious set.  She turned around and looked into my
eyes.  Without any words we both new what we wanted from each other.  I guided her over to the kitchen table as I kissed and suckled her tits.  I unbutton her shorts and put my hand down them and felt wetness startingto collect at the entrance of her hot crevice.  I continued on and pulled them all the way down to her ankles.

She stood there only in her lacy panties which were now soaked with her flowing juices.   I was amazed at how well she was lubricated.  I slid my hands down her sides, under her soaked panties, and slipped them to the floor.  There she stood in front of me completelynaked, with her inviting pussy lips exposed.  I quickly scooted her up onto the table where I would have the best access.

I kissed her hard on the lips and she returned it with a slightly painful love bite.   Jena then wrapped her arms around me and pulled my tank top off and threw it to the floor.  She rubbed my chest and nipples and then shoved her tongue into my mouth.   Our toughs danced around in a duet of passion until I broke away from
her.  She resisted but I pushed harder; I knew what I was going to do to her next would be much better.

I landed soft kisses down her stomach as I knelt down in front of her.  I kept going downuntil I reach her
snatch.  I moved my tough around her soft pussy lips and clit.  My toungue finally found her hot hole and I shoved it in while flicking it back and forth.  She took in a sudden, deep breath and arched her back.  "Oh, God, hmmm!"   I continued to probe every inch of her tunnel as I felt the heat starting to rise.   I now focused on her clit which sent shock waves of pleasure through her body.

She started moaning louder and I could feel her smooth muscle walls starting to contract. She wrapped her legs around my head and held me down close to her as I continued flicking her clit.  The stimulation was finally too much for her to stand any more and she let out a wild scream of passion. "God, ohhhh, God, I'm cummming, mmmnn, Mark, uuuuhhhah!!". She pulled my face into her hips even harder as her pussy contracted violently and her sweet juices splashed out onto me from the intensity of her orgasm.

After a few moments she came down from her sweet pleasures and ran her hand through my hair.  I licked some of her juices off of my lips and got up from my knees.   Jena drew me close and licked her juices from my chin and neck.  As she slid off the table her thigh rubbed up against my hard erection that was still contained in my khaki shorts.  She smiled. "Now it's my turn."

She wasted no time in assuming a kneeling position.  I looked down with longing as hermouth was only inches
away from my throbbing cock.  She unbuttoned my pants until they were free enough to remove.  With some gentle tugging she not only removed my shorts but also my boxers.   I stood there fully erect in front of her.  Her eyes widened as she took in the sight of my 6.5 inch upward-pointed hard member and two well-endowed dangling balls.

The added anticipation made a clear drop of precum appear at the slit as the entire length of it pulsated.  She saw it and stuck out her tough and licked it up.  The sensation of her licking the underside of my dick drove me wild.  I could wait no longer.  "Suck it, Jena.  Put it in your mouth."

Before I could say more the head of my swollen member was in her mouth.  I gasped and tilted my head back as I focused on the flood of sensations coming from my dick.  She swirled her tough around and around, back and forth, driving me wild.  She was sucking me like there was no tomorrow.  As she continued administering her wonderful oral pleasure she moved a hand up my right thigh until she reached my balls.  She fondled them gentle and played with the sack.

After a short while she had became more comfortable with sucking me off and took it all into her mouth.  This gave me even more stimulation then before.  The sensation of her deep-throating me started a tingling in my balls.  Jena must have been able to tell I was getting close because she pulled away from me before I could go over the edge.   The sudden withdraw of stimulation was almost painful at first.

I opened my eyes and looked down at her.  Before I could ask why she had stopped, she took my hand and started leading me out of the kitchen.  "I know a better place for you to put your cum."  With that she led me into the living room and then upstairs to the second floor and the master bedroom.  As Jena entered, with
me following close behind, she saw the rose petals I had laid out on the bed.  She picked one up and held it up to her nose to smell.  Without any hesitation she looked to me.  "Take me now.... I want you inside me."  This
was the moment I had been waiting for; what I had been dreaming about since I was 12 years old.

I took her in my arms and pushed her onto the bed.  My dick had gone partly soft on the way upstairs but our close contact sent the blood rushing back in.  I positioned myself between her legs and moved by dick over her slit.  I pushed down but was too high and it slid off her mound onto her stomach.  Jena reached down and took hold of the shaft to help me reposition myself. 

This time I could feel the wetness of her outer pussy lips against my dick head.  I slowly pushed down again and could feel it sliding in.  I was stopped this time by the tightness of her hymen.  I pulled out a little and pushed it back in a little further then before.  I did that a few times until I felt it was stretched enough.   I finally gave one long, forceful trust of my hips and my rod slid in all the way until our pelvises met and my balls rested on her ass.

I look in a deep breath from the amazing sensations I was feeling from my dick.  It was like nothing I had felt before and was better than even her mouth.  She was so warm and tightand yet so smooth. The sensation of me inside was equally pleasurable to Jena.  She wiggled back and forth when I entered and screamed for
me to fuck her.  I wasted no time and started a slow rhythm of thrusting.  My cock slid in and out of her as we both rocked on the bed.  I raised my hips until only the tip of my cock was inside her and thrust back down
into her depths until I rammed the back of her tunnel.

I pounded her over and over.  Thrusting my hips and sliding my cock up and down her velvety walls.  As our lovemaking continued, I quickened the pace and changed my technique.  I now moved my whole body with each thrust.  This deepened the penetration and made Jena s body move with me while she breathed more quickly.  I could feel a tickling in my balls again as the force of our movements made them slap against her round butt.

I told her I was close to cumming and she responded with a loud groan as the heat in her pussy continued to climb.  "Fill me with your cum,  Mark!  Shoot it in me!!"  The experience of our passionate lovemaking was finally
too much for me to handle.  I thrust harder and faster into her depths until the tickling in my balls grew and spread to my dick.

My muscles tensed as I made my final, wild thrusts into her pussy.  I felt the swelling head of my cock hit her cervix as a stream of cum raced from inside by body, through my cock,and spurt into the back of her tunnel.  I continued to push into her as my rod throbbed over and over forcing my cum to flow into her womb in large shots.   The pearly strands of thick cum arced out of my slit and ran down the back and sides of her pussy until it collected in a large pool.  The feeling of filling her with my seed was amazingly satisfying.

The sensation of me spraying my hot cum into her depths sent her over the edge, too.   She wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me  closer as she experienced her second orgasm of the day.  "Mmmmnnn, that s it, ohhh, God!"  Her hips bucked up against me as her vagina grabbed my dick over and over as if it was
trying to milk out every last drop of cum.  Her orgasm lasted a couple of minutes until the contractions finally subsided and she let out a satisfied groan.  I lay there in the pool of our combined juices inside her quivering pussy as my now spent dick started to go soft.

After a few minutes I withdrew and lay next to Jena, covered in sweat, while we both recovered from our tiring, but rewarding, activities. They say your first time should be special; in our case, it certainly was.