Secret Fantasies
Princess Tara


My boyfriend and I have been together for a year next month. We have never had sex because we were both clear on the changes sex brings to a relationship.  And since we both live with our parents- well that's a
different story and that makes it harder for anything to happen and although we get frusterated because of it, maybe it is better that we haven't had sex yet.
    My parents were going on a vacation, and left my younger brothers with me at home. I am 18, and was able to drive them everywhere. And that's exactly what I did. When we walked in the door from the video store, the phone rang and guessing it was Brandon my boyfriend I raced  to the phone.
    "Hi Baby, miss me?"
    "Of course, what have you been up to?" 
    I listened to his answer and got an idea since my parents were home I could send my brothers to their friends house, so we could have a romantic evening. I was getting wet just thinking about it. 
    "Ya know, I said with a smile on my face I'm sure he could hear, my
parents are out of town, and if your willing you can come over in a couple of
    "Geez doll, that got me rock hard just thinking of being all alone with
you. You read my mind, I would love to, what time?"
    Nervously I told him around 6 and that I still had to get my brothers out
of the house.
    "Ok Tara doll, I will see you around 6?"   
    "That's fine, I love you!" 
    "I love you too, bye."
    I hung up the phone with shaking hands and wet panties. Just thinking
about all the things that could happen when he got here. Mmm yum!
    Now As my brothers were heading out the door I told them I would pick
them up tomorrow at noon, and not to be here any earlier.
    I still had an hour before he got here, and ran into the shower to rinse
away the sweat and stink of my previous running around. I stepped into the
shower having it as hot as I could stand. Feeling the hot water between my
pussy lips made my hands begin to explore my body. Now as we all know my body
isn't perfect, with my 34C breasts I am about 115lbs, and I do work out on my
campus gym.
    My hands then left my soapy hair and began to rub my breasts, feeling the
water massage them at the same time I was. One hand pulling and rubbing my
hard nipples, the other went down to play with my hot, wet pussy. I don't
want to cum yet so my hands hastily left my tits, and pussy, and returned to
washing my hair. Forgetting the time, I jumped out quickly and dryed myself
off, playing with my pussy once more, I was so hot at the time, I couldn't
contain myself, I wanted to cum so badly but I waited. Realizing I had about
20 minutes until he got here I quickly dryed my hair, and put on my make-up.
Wearing a tight skirt and no panties, and a tight white shirt, and no bra, I
went into the kitchen to make myself a drink. No alcohol, because I am under
age, so I went for a non-alcoholic glass of orange juice. I sat down and
heard the door bell ring, thinking he was a little early (very unlike him may
I add)
    I answered the door, and got a full check-over.
    "You look great baby, good enough to eat!"
    "Oh, please do."
    He saw the look in my eyes and he quickly came in closing the door and
pushing me against the wall, letting me feel how hard and ready for me he is.
Taking his arm I pulled him through the foyer and up the stairs to my
bedroom. Laying him down on the bed. Pulling his shirt off, and tugging at
his pants. Taking his boxers off and exposing his beautiful dick to my view
for the first time. Since I haven't seen a dick up-close before I took it in
my hand and explored his male package. Causing two drops of precum to form at
the tip. Using my tongue I licked them away and took the head all the way
into my mouth, causing him to moan very loudly. I was so wet at this point
and couldn't wait to feel is hard dick pumping in and out of my pussy. He
told me if I kept that up he was going to explode in my mouth, so he sat up
and pulled me toward my bed laying me down, exploring my pussy. Running his
hands over my inner thighs. I couldn't take it any longer and I pulled his
mouth toward me so I could feel his tongue wander over my pussy, causing me
to yelp and scream. He kept licking, taking my clit all the way into his
mouth, and then blowing causing me to shake vigorously.
    I wasn't ready to cum just yet, because for me I only have one good
orgasm, I can have 20, but none of them are like the first. So, I told him I
wanted his dick in my pussy NOW! I heard the soft sweet chuckle, the one that
drives me crazy. He leaned over me taking off my skirt and my shirt, exposing
my loucious breasts to his view taking one of my tit's into his mouth, making
me moan...
    I reached down and grabbed his dick with my soft fingers and guided it
toward my pussy, rubbing the head over my slit. Teasing him ever so slightly,
until he waited til I got it at the right spot and pushed it in hard. Causing
a single tear to fall from my eye, pain and pleasure, a great mixture. He
kissed it away, and began to pump in and out of me faster and faster.
    I began to scream, and the first orgasm washed over me like warm waves.
My pussy walls milking his dick, trying to make him cum, when I felt a warm
gush of hot cum enter me.
    When we were finished he moved over so he could lay on the side of me. I
moved down so I could clean the pussy juices, and cum off of his dick, he
moaned one last time, and I lay back, and we both went into a peaceful
sleep...saying our last words...I love you baby always and forever, giving
him a kiss  I fell asleep.
    By: Princess Tara

Copywrite 1999