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My husband and I have had a certain fantasy for a while now.  It will probably sound strange to most of you but i’ll try my best to explain it.  To put it bluntly it started with my husband whose name is Jeff telling me one night while we were in the middle of foreplay that his fantasy has been for a long time to see me suck another mans cock.  Well to say the least I was a bit shocked. I wasnt sure it this was an “in the moment” statement or if it had been somthing he had seriously been contemplating.   After sex that night I brought up the subject.  I asked him if he was serious about seeing me suck another mans cock.  He looked at me with a smirk on his face and said as strange as it sounds I would love to see you on your knees in front of another man.  I can picture you taking his dick into your hand and slowly running your tongue over his shaft the way you do mine.  I can clearly see you taking his cock into your mouth. Slowly taking in all of it.  I asked him what he would be doing while I was sucking another man?  He said he would just like to sit in the corner and stroke himself while he watched another man shoot his cum into my face.  I told him I would think about it and rolled over and went to sleep.  The more I thought about having another mans hard shaft in my mouth the more it turned me on, It also got me thinking of what it would be like to watch Jeff fuck another woman.  At first I couldnt understand what the turn on would be but the more I thought about it the more it turned me on.  To see my husband ram his thick cock into another woman’s tight pussy.  Him having me just watch.  To hear her moaning beneath my husband.  I let him know of my fantasy and it became more and more part of our love making.  Often roleplaying that I was another woman or he another man.   I dont think we ever thought that our fantasy would ever come true. 

Well this is where it gets interesting.  Jeff and I chat alot online and have both experimented with cyber sex.  One day while playing cards on the computer I met a great girl.    She was funny, spontaneous and liked to flirt as much as I did.  We have a great time getting the men going while we are playing.  The funny thing is we have alot in common both of our husbands names are Jeff and we both got married in September just a few days apart, not the same year but still a coincendene.  I know I know you want me to get to the good part.  Well we would each joke with each other about our hubbys giving the other one kisses and that lead to us discussing the fact that we didnt mind if the other one flirted their hubby.  In fact we both encouraged it.  Just another thing that we have in common.  From flirting it quickly turned into a little more.  I confessed to Lisa that I would love to have cyber sex with her husband if it was ok with her and she said that he had never really done that but If I could get him in the mood to go for it.  One night the timing was perfect all of our kids were out of the house and both husbands were home.  It started by me flirting a little with her husband and then lead to me asking him if I could suck his cock.  Since this was his first experience I went a little slow.  I had Lisa do the things to him I wanted to be doing.  I was so jealous knowing that she was the one taking his cock into her mouth and not me.  He told me that she sat on him backwards and that he fucked her really hard.  Another thing we seem to have in common we both like it hard and fast.   After Lisa and Jeff came it was Lisa’s turn to get my hubby off and god did she know how.  While she was sliding her pussy over my husbands cock he bent me over in front of him and slid his thick rod inside me.  He even called me Lisa, saying how good her pussy felt to him.  I think it was a first experience we all enjoyed.  Needless to say we cyber together whenever possible and I have also confessed the fantasy that Jeff and I have.  Now I know this is getting spooky but Jeff and Lisa have a similar fantasy.  Lisa and I have also confided in each other that we have wondered how it would be to be with another woman, a fantasy both of our hubbys would like to see come true.  Lisa and I have played around a little on the computer, me running my fingers over her swollen clit, her sucking on my hard nipples. I have always wondered what it would be like to have a womans soft lips and hands on my pussy and it seems Lisa has had those same feelings. 

Well as luck would have it Lisa's sister was having a baby and she was traveling to Forida for the birth.  At the last moment her husband decided to make the trip with her.  Well since Lisa is my best friend online and she will only be about 3 hours away from us Jeff and I took a little vacation to meet them.  I'm sure none of us ever thought of anything coming of our cyber affairs I just wanted to meet my online friend.  We were able to get a room in the same hotel as Lisa and Jeff.  Lisa and I hit it off right away, we are so much alike.  I was more concerned about the men, they are both on the quiet side.   The first night we all had dinner at the hotel and went dancing.  We had a great time and even the men seemed to open up.  The next day Lisa and I went shopping for a baby gift and left the men to watch some football.  It was over lunch that Lisa and I decided we needed a woman’s night out.  But how would we ever get the men to agree.  Well how else, we gave them 100 bucks and sent them to the nearest strip club with are permission to “feel” free to have a good time. 

Lisa and I started our night by going to a local comedy club, and then to the bar for a couple of drinks.  You would not belive how many men hit on us in the hour we were there.  They didnt seem to get the hint that we wanted to be left alone.  So the next time a man came up to us I leaned over and kissed Lisa, she seemed a little shocked but I told her it was just so the men would stop coming around.  After laughing about it she put her hand on my thigh and ran it up my leg, I looked over at her and noticed the same look in her eyes as I probably had in mine, that maybe it wasnt just a show for the men.  After another drink we decided to meet up with our hubbys at the hotel.  Well to our surprise they weren't back yet and it was after midnight.  I guess 100 dollars goes farther than we thought.  Lisa and I decided to watch a movie and wait up for them.  We came across one of the “adult” movie channels we looked at each other with grins on our faces and said what the hell. Maybe it will be different watching porn without a horney man around.  Well you will never belive this but....when the movie came on what we saw was two women sitting in a bar and one had her leg on the others thigh.  We looked over at each other and burst out laughing.  “I think another drink might be in order” I said to Lisa and she quickly agreed.  We continued watching the movie, making jokes every now and again.  Well after a couple of drinks we were both loosening up some and I thought to myself I wonder if she would be open to a little expermenting.  It was akward at first but I slowly moved closer to her on the bed.   I reached over and rubbed her thigh never taking my eyes from the tv.  I was so afraid she would be upset with me.  As I was rubbing her leg I let myself inch further and further up wondering when she was going to stop me.   Well she didnt.  My fingers came to where her panties should have been and I notice we had another thing in common.  We dont wear panties.  It was then that I looked over at her and saw her eyes were slightly closed and that she was enjoying my touching her.  I took it upon myself to be the bold one and slowly lifted up and straddled her.  Her eyes were still closed when my lips met hers. I cant belive how soft those lips were.  I ran my tongue over her lips begging for her to open her mouth.  When she did I found the softest tongue you could ever imagine.  I never dreamed kissing a woman would feel so different, so good. 

I continued kissing Lisa’s neck slowly moving down.  I wasnt sure if and when she was going to stop me.  When I got to her the top of her shirt I slowly began unbuttoning her shirt, giving her plenty of time in between to stop me.  As I got to the third button I got a peek at what was instore for me.  I could see her firm tits buldging over her lace bra.  I slowly lowered myself so that I could taste those gourgeous breasts.   I could feel her move underneath me, like she wanted more of me.  I finished unbuttoning her shirt trying to go slowly.  I slipped her shirt off of her shoulders and both of her breasts were so close I could feel the heat coming off of them.  Her lace bra snapped in the front, thank god, I cant imagine being bold enough at that moment to lift her up to undo her bra.  As I undid the snap and her breasts fell out I was amazed at how drawn to them I was.  I could only think of taking her hard nipples between my lips.   I leaned over and ran my tongue around the areola, noticing how her nipples were tightening every time my lips touched her.  She arched her back letting me know that she wanted more.   I took her nipple between my teeth biting softly hoping she liked the same things as I.  I heard the moan escape from her and knew that she did.  It was all the encouragement I needed.  My pussy was getting so wet just thinking of licking her that it was hard to go slow.  I guess this is how a man feels.  I kissed down her stomach but never let my hand leave her breast.  She was so soft to the touch.  Since she wasnt wearing any panties I lifted her skirt and parted her legs.  Her pussy was shaved bare and her clit was so swollen.  I just wanted to look at her all night.  I slowly ran my fingers around her wet lips watching as her clit swelled even more.  I had never been with a woman before so I was just going on instinct and I knew if i was the one laying there I would want to feel her inside me.  So ever so gently I slid my middle finger inside her went cunt.  She smelled so good.   I let my finger push far inside her arching it up and sliding it in and out ever so slowly.  I couldnt believe I could make a woman squirm and moan like this.  I couldnt wait much longer to taste her sweet pussy.  I let my tongue slide over her lips before running over her clit.  If its possible her clit pulsated under my tongue.  I continued flicking my tongue over her clit the way I thought I would like it.  I slipped another finger inside her as she arched her back .  I could feel her tightening her legs and couldnt belive that I was about to make another woman cum.  I flicked my tongue faster over her clit and rammed my fingers inside her tight pussy.  I was about to cum myself just feeling her beneath me.   With more power than I have ever seen she arched her back and tightened her legs around me moaning and almost screaming as she came.   I could tell she couldn't take much more but I never let my tongue leave her.  I needed to taste another woman’s cum.  I needed to taste Lisa’s cum.   It took a few minutes for us to catch are breaths but as I did and as I started up to give Lisa a hug I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.  It was the two Jeffs standing there hard as rocks.  I couldn't belive we didnt hear them come in.  I nudged Lisa and told her to look who was here, as she did she said to me well do we really need them for this. I laughed and told her they might come in handy and that I would love to see my husband fuck her tight pussy, to taste her as I just had. Lisa said ok I guess we will let them stay but first I want them to strip naked and sit on the couch and watch as she showed them how to satisfy a woman.  As you can tell the story doesnt end there but I'll let your imgaination run wild for a little while before I tell you how it ends.  Until then may all your fantasys cum true.  

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