I've pictured you in my mind so many times, the way you look clothed, the way you look naked.  Your eyes, your voice, your passion.  I remember each time we've made love, the wild frenzy and the aching tenderness.
The laughter, the teasing, the gravity, the quiet, and the sudden waking in the night to find myself being loved, the velvet darkness....then... the shattering intimacy.  I vividly picture a soapy exploration in the shower, a hasty, intense joining on the thick carpet before the fireplace, a intense joining over lunch, and  a primitive mating on sun-warmed grass, our clothing tumbled

I remember.....A night.... when I laughingly brandished a can of whipping cream.   Tipping back my head and squirting a foamy shot of it onto my extended tongue.   You watched, astonished, unmoving. Teasingly, I ran my fingertips up your side... sliding up your chest and over your shoulders.   With my hand on the back of
your neck, I drew you lower and kissed you, my tongue lathered with whipped cream.   You made a soft moaning sound and opened your mouth to mine, taking in both me and the cream in one long, sucking pull. The ensuing kiss is slow, sensuous, unbearably sweet.

As you suck the cream into your mouth, you swallow it slowly, sucking my tongue as the cream slides down
your throat.  Reluctantly, we part. I smile as I reach behind you, picking up a sleep mask...and carefully place it over your eyes.. I lean over pressing my lips against your ear whispering..."Mmmm, be a good peeking.  I think you're gonna love this." I squirt a small amount of the whip cream on your lips and sensuously lick it off with the tip of my tongue, stroke by little stroke...alternating between sucking your bottom lip softly and stroking the upper lip with just the tip of my tongue...little flicks each time....You murmur huskily...and I slide my tongue past your lips and stroke your tongue with taste the sweet cream in our kiss. 

I chuckle as I rub a little whipped cream down your neck..and lick you deeply...long steady strokes up your neck..nibbling at the little hollow just behind your ear...nipping   softly... sucking gently...  I place a dollop of whipped cream on your neck and teasingly run my finger thru it down to your right inhale sharply as my lips start lapping and sucking at the cream on your neck... You groan my tongue flicks at the hard nub of your nipple.  Encircling it with my lips...and tugging gently with my teeth while sucking at the
cream....listening to your deep breaths and soft sighs. 

You run your fingers through my hair, taking hold of my head, pulling me up to your lips and kissing me intimately.  Our tongues explore each other, amid a sweetness that is so delightful.  You suck on my lips
softly making sure to get every tasty tidbit. I kiss your lips softly and ask teasingly, "You're not peeking from under that mask are you?"  You laugh and tell me, "No, but it makes everything more....." "More what?"I ask you.    "More intense" you reply.   "Ah" I murmur.  

I place a little squirt of whipped cream on your left nipple and slowly proceed to clean it off with small deliberate flicks.  You gasp when I fill your navel with the fluffy cream.  My lips trailing kisses...nipping and licking my way down your chest...the very tip of my tongue slowly tracing the edge of your navel, lapping slowly at the sweet cream...and when I have that area total sensitized to fingers grasp the clasp on your pants and with a 'flick' it comes undone. 

I purr softly as I lean forward and grasp the tab of your zipper....slowly lowering it...and when I have it
completely hand slips inside.... the palm of my hand cupping your cock and stroking it..."Please stand up for me?" I whisper.  You slowly stand and my fingers grab the material at the thigh of your pants and tug them the waist passes your thighs, my lips connect with your skin.....your flesh warm to my lips..."Okay babe, you can sit now...I can take it from here", I tell you as I help you to sit back down on the bed. 

I kneel on the floor in front of you and slowly remove each shoe and sock.... massaging each foot briefly...then removing your pants.  You sit there on the bed totally naked except for the sleep mask.  I squirt some whipped cream onto my hand and I lovingly caress your erection with it.   Leaning forward I slowly start to lick away the sweet confection....deep, long deliberate slow the ones you use when eating an ice cream cone on a hot day.   Around and around the tip my tongue goes...finally I can't stand it anymore...and my lips surround the tip of your cock...slowly sliding down to the base of the head...and I suck softly.  You gasp slightly...and whisper "Yes..." lips slide farther down..slowly encasing the shaft of your cock...the head...rubbing against the back of my throat.  Your cock throbbing with each suck...each downward thrust. I lick and suck till you feel you are about to explode.  ."Enough", you suddenly you pull the sleep mask off.

"Your turn", you tell me as you quickly place the sleep mask over my eyes.   You take the can of whipping cream from the bed and spray a tiny amount on my neck, sucking it from my tender skin.  You hear "Mmmm" and see me smile . Then you spray a little on my chest and repeat the same sensual removal, sucking and kissing; teasing my breasts with your mouth... licking each peak to a hardened throbbing point...sucking
deeply..then gently tugging the nub with your teeth.  My back arches to get closer...your lips get bolder....your fingers caresses the other nipple rolling it...gently tugging. You repeat this action all the way down my body as you lay me back on the bed.  I am softly moaning and squirming.  When you finally arrive at my panty line, you spray the whipping cream down both edges.  Intently licking it from my skin.  The soft sweetness and shear pleasure of your tongue against my skin is driving both of us to the edge.....deliberately,  you edge my panties
down..... stroking them over my knees....down over the calves of my legs...and off of my feet. You smile to yourself  as you look at the evidence of your previous nights handy work... my silky smooth mound , (you remember how you'd enjoyed slowly stroking me, caressing me with one hand while you shaved me with the other...but that is another story).  I feel you place a small amount of whipped cream on my pussy....rubbing it around with the tip of your finger....parting my lips....stroking between them.  Just when I think I can't wait stop. Your head slowly lowers and I feel your tongue replace your fingers....licking away the sweetness....sucking softly on each smooth lip....first one and then the other.  I moan as I feel your tongue slip in and stroke me intimately. Your lips surround my hardened clit..and you suck..tugging softly.  My hips writhe beneath you, pressing against your mouth. You slip one finger into my moistness....then a second .... stroking with a passion that has me moaning...sucking as you thrust in...tugging as you pull out.  

I bury on hand in your hair...pulling your face deeper into my pussy, while the other is busy, tugging and teasing my nipples. You suck harder...stroke faster. My muscles start to clench....wave after wave of intense pleasure rocks my body as I feel my muscles clench around your fingers.    I cry out, "Fuck me!"    "No, not this way', you tell me, ‘Turn around!"  I smile as I turn around and you come at me from behind.  You tease my pussy with the head of your cock, sliding it back and forth across my clit, barely inserting the head.  I gasp and thrust back on to you. You gasp as you feel the head of your cock swell even more as my pelvic muscles clamp tightly around your shaft. Your balls slapping my clit with each thrust.  You reach around..and pluck my nipples.  I thrust harder.   Our bodies pounding together until you gasp as your cock shoots its warm sticky load into my body.

   I cum just as you stop body racked by wave after wave of release. You pulled me into your
arms and kissed me softly........  .....and lastly, I remember drifting off to sleep in
your arms.           

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